10 Curious Images Of Celebs When They Were The Same Age As Their Offspring

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You know the old saying that the apple does not fall far from the tree, right? It is a curious way to put things but when it comes to comparing parents and their offspring, it could not be more accurate. Chances are that you know at least one family where the kids look exactly like their parents. In fact, sometimes the resemblance is so uncanny that things appear to be more or less creepy. This is valid for celebrities as well, because they are people just like us! The curious list below shows some celebs photographed when and they were the same age as their children are in the other photo, just like Dennis and Jack Quaid’s pictures above. They were 27 years-old each when the photos were taken.

1. Ava Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon (19)

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Reese is definitely one of our favorite Hollywood faces, and we simply adore her! Her beautiful daughter is just as cute, and seeing them in comparison photos where there were photographed when they were 19 years old is actually cool!

2. Rumer Willis and Demi Moore (29)

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This comparison is even more curious than the previous one, and we can all see way! Rumer Willis is the perfect mix between Demi Moore and Bruce Willis! It is actually kind of interesting to see her next to her mother when she was 29.

3. Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas (74)

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The legendary Kirk Douglas was blessed to live a long life, and he is one remarkable human being, too! His talent was inherited my Michael Douglas, who happens to have a charisma like no other actor. They look alike, don’t they?

4. Brooklyn Beckham and David Beckham (19)

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Here is yet another super interesting comparison. David Beckham needs no introduction, as he is a living football legend. His son is proud to wear the family name, but he also inherited his father’s good looks, too, and he looks even better at 19 than his dad used to!

5. Dylan Penn and Robin Wright (24)

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What is better than a gorgeous woman whose appearance could easily take your breath away? Well, two of them, of course! When we are talking about a mother and her daughter, things get even better, because chances are that they would look equally pretty, just like in this case!

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6. Stellan Skarsgård and Alexander Skarsgård (30)

Image Source: Pinterest

Now this is what we call an uncanny resemblance. Stellan looks exactly like his father used to when he was the same age, and this is definitely one of the strongest examples on the list! This is a definite proof of the old saying we mentioned in the beginning of this article.

7. Josh Brolin and James Brolin (48)

Image Source: Business Insider

Josh Brolin is a hunk and his female fans are probably hard to count. You could not blame them, of course, because on look the at the actor would be enough to join them! As you can see, he inherited both his talent and good looks from his dad James

8. Scott Eastwood and Clint Eastwood (31)

Image Source: Business Insider

Whatever we say or write about Clint Eastwood, it would be a huge understatement for sure! The legend is definitely among the top distinctive actors Hollywood has ever since, and he will remain there for a long time, if not forever! His son is trying to walk in his steps and he is kind of good at it!

9. Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (53)

Image Source: Pressa

These are some really powerful photos! The women in them are everyone’s favorites, and we adore them and we feel humble when we think of their talent and their legacy. They also look like each other quite a lot!

10. Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller (52)

Image Source: CDS

These two have much more in common than their looks or their family names! Both father and son have an amazing ability to bring fun our way and they do it in their own distinctive style! We cannot get enough of the movies that feature at least one of the Stiller family.

Written by Sven Miller

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