10 Rich And Famous Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

4. Carmen Electra

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Tara Leigh Patrick, more commonly known as Carmen Electra, has always been a bit of a controversial person. when it comes to fame as She is known more for her way of life, style, and strange relationships, than for her success as an actress. Her most famous role was as Lani McKenzie in Baywatch. Some people predicted her to be the new Pamela Anderson, but she never really reached that ultimate sex symbol status. That probably decided her professional path.

The lavish lifestyle of Carmen Electra, however, was not a given circumstance throughout her whole life. Due to the fact that one of her early boyfriends was a thief, she reportedly spent about two years homeless and sleeping around LA shelters before she got the chance to become the new star of Baywatch.

5. Daniel Craig

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One of the most adored actors to play the role of James Bond earned more than $20 million for the Skyfall movie alone. That is more than enough to provide for him and his family throughout their lives. It must be a relief to know that you have all your expenses covered and you would not have to worry about surviving. In Daniel Craig’s case, things were a matter of survival at one point of his life. He admitted that he has done some really terrible things while struggling to push through and he even slept on a bench in the park while he was trying desperately to become a professional actor. His talent was evident and helped him find success before too long. He had been acting his entire life, with his first stage performance being the fragile age of six.

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Craig has portrayed the Bond character since the 2006 movie, Casino Royale, and was the first actor to play the role of Agent 007 that was born after the series was created and after the author Ian Fleming passed away. Casino Royale was also the most profitable Bond movie until Skyfall surpassed that record.

6. Sylvester Stallone

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Imagine how much money Sylvester Stallone made only from his Rocky and Rambo movie sequels! For the majority of people, that would be enough for a few lifespans without working or any other kind of activity. But for Stallone it was never for the money alone, he is in the movie business for more than just the cash. At one point in his life, he spent close to a month sleeping at a bus station, completely broke. One day he noticed an ad hiring actors to play in an adult film. The salary was a hundred dollars daily, so he decided to give it a go, and from that moment on his career began to rise. Once, in a moment of desperation he even had to sell his dog for a few dollars. He admitted that proved to be the lowest point of his entire life. When his big breakthrough finally happened. Sly was able to buy his dog back, and paid a few thousand dollars. Against the odds he managed to become one of the legendary action heroes of modern movie history and also a huge pop icon of a whole era.

A very inspiring story is the one about writing the whole script for the first Rocky movie in under 24 hours, and that was the movie that determined his career.

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