10 Rich And Famous Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

7. Steve Jobs

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Most of you would directly link Steve Jobs to large amounts of money and massive success. It would be quite a surprise if we told you that the co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc. had been completely broke and homeless at one point of his life.

In the creator of the IPhone’s own words, throughout college he did not have a dorm room at his disposal and was forced to occupy the floors of his friends’ rooms. He even found himself returning empty bottles of Coca-Cola to be able to buy food. Occasionally, Jobs had to walk for seven miles through town to the Hare Krishna temple on Sundays to get at least one good meal for the week. It all sounds pretty harsh, but it is likely that these times helped shape his character and made him even more willing to succeed.

Steve Jobs was a pioneer and an influencer in a scale that few can replicate. His vision and determination were likely formed during the periods when he had nothing else but himself, his thoughts, and dreams. Later, he proved to the world that it does not matter where you start.

8. Jennifer Lopez

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J Lo is definitely one of the biggest sex symbols in show business. The Latin diva now has a net worth of over a quarter of a billion dollars and is happy to have millions of admirers and fans across the globe. But before fame and fortune, she struggled hard.

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Before reaching her icon status, and becoming a source of inspiration for many girls, Lopez had to sleep on a sofa in the dance studio she ran. She and her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, had different opinions about how her career should develop and the arguments that escalated were the reason J Lo had to occupy the place she worked in. The reason for those arguments was simple – her mom insisted that Jennifer should go to college, but the Latina was determined to follow her passion and become a famous dancer. As we consider her amazing success, it seems that mom is not always right.

9. Jim Carrey

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One of the most successful and well-known comedy actors of our time is Jim Carrey. His talent is out of this world. He is one of the richest people in show business with an estimated net worth of close to $150 million. His early years, however, were a whole different story, because things were rough for him.

Jim Carrey was the youngest in the family. One day, when he was fifteen, his father lost the job he had, and his family’s life went completely downhill after that. They even lost the apartment they were living in. The family had no other choice than to live in their van for a while. Eventually, they were able to rent a home, and Jim had to drop out of school in order to work and help with the bills. His first job was a janitor.

10. Harry Houdini

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Everyone knows who Harry Houdini is and what he is capable of, but only a few know his life story.
Being the youngest in a family with seven children, Harry ran away at a very early age and decided to leave by freight train. He reportedly found himself in Missouri, which was a long way from home. He left with the single intent of becoming a magician, because even then he knew that he wanted nothing else.
Several years later, Harry and his father went to live in New York City, but they were very poor, which forced he young wannabe magician to beg on the city streets. Not long after that, at the age of seventeen, Houdini achieved his dream and started his career as a professional magician.

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