10 Times People Nagged Online About Strange-Looking Leaves Found In Their Food

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When you place an order at Chipotle, you probably do not take the time to look at the food to check it out, because you are likely too busy for that—so you simply shove it into your system.

Surely you would just like to enjoy your delicious meal, and the last thing you should expect is to bite into something that should not be present in the food.

This is exactly what happened to a number of Chipotle customers, who all found the same type of surprising “ingredient” inside their orders—none of them could really explain what it was and how it got there.

Some of them sent pictures of the odd addition to their food to the company using Twitter. A portion of them actually wondered if it was a piece of lettuce—or it was perhaps just a leaf they found on the street.

Others thought that the incident may have been a joke addressed at vegan customers. One girl even stated that she would never eat there again.

If you are curious to find out what troubled so many hungry Chipotle fans, scroll down and see their complaints for yourself.

You’ll see that quite a few Chipotle fans were really rather shocked to find a strange ingredient in their food.

1. Possible Vegan Joke?

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This client was wondering if the leaf she found in her food was there to make fun of her being vegan.

2. Last Chipotle Meal For This Girl

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This girl was so furious when she found the leaf in her bowl of Chipotle food that she pledged to never eat there again. Sounds rather serious—so much fuss over a leaf?

3. Lettuce Or Not?

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A customer actually wondered if the leaf she found—and couldn’t identify—was lettuce or some other vegetable. She probably has no idea what lettuce looks like anyway.

4. Sarcasm After A Meal

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A man who found this leaf tried to be funny when he posted the picture and wrote that this is what he actually wanted to find in his food. Looks like we have a sarcasm fail here.

5. Oak Tree Leaf?

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One of the clients posted a photo of the leaf and wrote that it was from an oak tree. Looks like the guy is familiar with trees—or is he?

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6. Leaf? No Problem.

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This woman seems to be rather surprised to find a leaf in her food, but she is not bothered at all by it and stated that she would continue to visit the place. That’s the spirit!

7. Tree Branch In The Food?!

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A guy posted this picture, claiming that his sister recently found a “tree branch” inside the same meal. It must have been a rather big meal.

8. Just A Curious Client

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This girl is just curious how the leaf got there, and doesn’t seem interested in finding out what kind it is exactly.

9. Extra Large Basil?

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A woman who also found a leaf is wondering if it could be an oversized basil leaf, or some other kind of leaf. She definitely seems surprised to have found a leaf, though.

10. Leaf Or Poison, Doesn’t Matter

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This guy is pretty hardcore and apparently loves Chipotle, because he would still eat there even if they put poison in his food.

Literally moments later the mystery was solved and it turned out it was just a bay leaf:

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