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11 facts about Blue Eyes that you NEVER knew

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When we’re born, we’ve got a chance of having blue eyes, depending on family history, and other factors. But how much does having blue eyes effect our daily lives? There are many misconceptions about that blue eyed people are more romantic. They may be more cruel. They may take things more seriously than those without blue eyes. The list is endless, but to say that these are actually true would be lying. It’s senseless to say that blue eyes give you those traits, but there are some things which really are true.

1. Happy families
A researcher in Denmark has said that everyone with blue eyes in this world is related in one way or another. It’s been said that around 6000-10000 years ago, you’d only see brown eyes, and a DNA mutation allowing blue eyes to crop up means that all of us with blue eyes really are from the same person!

2. Alcohol frenzy!
We all like a good night out down the pub, but there’s always one that has too much to drink. However, blue eyed friends, it’s less likely to be you than your other coloured eye counterparts! Studies show that blue eyed people are more tolerant of alcohol, which may be why shockingly, those with blue eyes tend to abuse alcohol more.

3. Melanin deficient
Blue eyes have less melanin in than darker coloured eyes do. What does this mean though? That our eyes are more sensitive to light, and so you need to protect them more, especially from the sun’s UV rays.

4. Brown dominates blue
You may think that if you have blue eyes, and you have a child with someone who has blue eyes, then your child will have blue eyes. Wrong. Because the brown allele is the dominant allele. This also means that although blue eyed people came into the world thousands of years ago, we could just as easily leave if this were to happen enough.

5. Different coloured eyes
You can list the different eye colours out there: blue, green, brown and hazel, but it’s not very often you see someone with different coloured eyes. Well, Waardenburg syndrome makes it possible. Whilst this can mean you have different coloured eyes, it also could be the reason for having very pale blue eyes.

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6. White skin
If you’ve got areas of white skin on your body, then you might be able to blame your blue eyes. There’s a skin condition called vitiligo which causes some of your skin to lose its pigmentation, making it appear white. This can happen anywhere on your body, including your face.

7. Blue eyed mutant
It’s the mutation which happened thousands of years ago which means millions of us have blue eyes. However, some places in the world seem to be less likely to get these mutants. Around the Balkans, it’s said that 99% of the population have blue eyes, and this is also the place where it’s believed the first blue eyed person was born.

8. Blue eyed baby
You may have heard about babies being born with blue eyes, and then getting darker shortly after, but this doesn’t always happen. The eyes get darker because of the levels of melanin in the eyes, and the stage at which the melanin kicks in is different for all babies. For some, it kicks in whilst still in the womb, and for others, it’s after they’ve been born.

9. Blue eye boogie
Blue eyes are a very popular song topic. Some of these include ‘Pale Blue Eyes’ by R.E.M. and ‘Blue Eyes’ by Elton John.

10. Disorders
Blue eyes are also a symptom of ocular albinism. This affects just the eyes, and means they become very pale, as well as giving you an increased risk of developing other visionary problems. If you’ve got this disorder, you need to be really careful to ensure you aren’t too exposed to the sun’s UV rays.

11. Ethnic origins
If you’re from a line of Africans or Asians, then you’re more than likely going to have brown eyes, but it is still possible to have blue eyes. This is possible because of the way that blue is the recessive gene, and so you could go generations with brown eyes, and then out of nowhere, a blue eyed baby comes along!

Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

I love writing about all kind of different and interesting facts. It's not only exciting, but I learn something new every day. What I learn I share it with you guys. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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