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12 People Proudly Demonstrating What Is Like To Be ‘Bold’

Image Source: Reddit

You probably know many people, right? We all do! This is why we can tell when someone is different! Yes, there are people who are really a different kind of breed! No matter if we are talking about a driven professional, an athlete with superhuman strength or just someone who is weird and lives in a fantasy world, we can always say that such an individual is extra! These people are really living their best lives and they set an example. We all need to look deep in ourselves and realize what makes us happy. If it involves being different or even misunderstood, we should not settle for less and we should just be what we want to be and do what we want to do regardless of everything and everyone.

1. Putting all your effort in something you want is the way to go

Image Source: The Chive

There are a lot of people who desperately desire something! Whether it is a change in lifestyle or losing twenty pounds of bodyweight, it would always require some effort. This is where we draw a line, because this is where the difference between the regular people and the individuals who are extra is! You see, most people would quit when they realize they cannot reach a goal or achieve something, but those who are really determined will give all they have! This person obviously had some really weird ideas about new Guinness world records, but it seems that the people working there were also special! If you read the entire reply they sent, you will see that it is absolutely brilliant.

2. There is a bright side to every situation

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

It takes a really special person to see the positive side in a disaster. It even sounds strange when you use the words ‘positive’ and ‘disaster’ in the same sentence! However, it is all about the mindset and the perception we have of the surround world. If you see only the negative side of things, you will probably never experience real happiness. This is really sad, because the majority of people are like that! Of course, those who see the positive side of the worst thing imaginable are the ones who we can refer to as ‘extra’. The image you see shows a couple of people who decided to laugh in the face of the disaster in an inflatable unicorn, which is hilarious!

3. Sometimes being extra has its downsides

Image Source: eBaum’s Wolrd

People who push things too far are exceptional in most cases. Of course, we don’t mean that in a good way! There are many ways to prove this, but one of the best is the photo you see here. This person looks extremely proud of his appearance, but that does not mean it is something we all want to see. In some bars there used to be a rule that people without shoes or shirts will not receive any kind of service. We support that and we wish it was still applicable. This man is the last thing you would like to see when you walk inside a bar! Maybe he was a participant in a weird competition or he lost a bet.

4. The best costumes are made when you think outside the box

Image Source: Imgur

Conventional thinking may get you places, but it will never get you as far as thinking out of the box will! As you can see, someone came up with the best Halloween costume we have seen in a long time! It really bends your mind when you first see this creation! We are sure that it is definitely one of a kind and it will spark a lot of interest! If you like this as much as we do, then you are in luck! There is still plenty of time before Halloween for you to make one for yourself! We believe that it would not be that hard to create a similar costume using DIY materials.

5. This is definitely a superb vacation photo

Image Source: The Chive

You have probably seen a ton of vacation photos before. No matter where people go, there are always hundreds of photos to see. Unfortunately for us, most of these images are really boring. Most of the content includes landmarks or trivial views. Even the selfies are not that catchy in most cases. Of course, if you have the chance to see the photos of someone who is definitely extra, you are probably in for a treat! Just look at this hilarious image! The person pretended to be slapped by that statue! We absolutely love the creativity behind this one.

6. This outfit is definitely not what you would expect to see in April

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Image Source: Imgur

Let’s face it. There is no way that you could walk around with a giant pumpkin mask on your head no matter what time of the year it is. Sure enough, it would be okay to wear it around the neighborhood on Halloween, but it will definitely not be suitable for a daily commute in April. Apparently this person could not care less about what is normal and what is not! This outfit probably scared a lot people on the subway, but we are sure that a lot of individuals would like it. Some of them would probably even wear such thing if they had the chance.

7. Some individuals have a different definition for ‘luxury’

Image Source: The Chive

Everyone would love to have a lavish home! Most people we know spend hours and hours of browsing for photos of dreamy homes! This is actually a nice habit to have because if they win the lottery or receive a significant amount of money as inheritance, they will be ready with the idea about their dream home. Of course, the chance for one of these scenarios to happen for real is slim, but there is still something to be done about it! Some creativity can get you in a situation when you would feel as if you had all the extras of an expensive home. This person, for example, created a homemade hot tub, which is amazing!

8. Age is just a number when it comes to fashion

Image Source: The Chive

You can make a fashion statement regardless of your age! We have always believed that when you need to demonstrate you own personal style, you need to go out there and do it! Of course, people will say all kinds of things, but if it is your thing and you feel good, then everything is okay. As you can see, this elderly woman decided to show off her fashion preferences and she has the most determined look on her face! She is a real inspiration and we like such attitude when we see it!

9. This image is a bit controversial

Image Source: The Chive

The image itself is not something special. It shows a dad and his little girl. They were probably out for a walk, which is why the girl took her little bicycle and put on her helmet. Things become interesting when we try to figure out why her dad is riding the bike instead of her. Some people would say that it is cruel to make you daughter walk while you ride her bike, but there is definitely more to this image than meets the eye. Maybe she was scared to ride it and her dad thought that if he shows her how it’s done, she would give it a try. This means that her father was really determined to teach her how to ride and we applaud such an extra effort.

10. A good idea for a photo would really get you nice results if you nail the perfect moment

Image Source: The Chive

Photography is rapidly becoming everyone’s favorite hobby! A lot of individuals bought semi-professional gear and set up Facebook pages with their names and the word ‘photography’ added to them. However, having the right camera does not make you a pro. You need to have the right vision and the patience to wait for the perfect moment. Someone saw an opportunity for a funny photo and this is the end result! As you can see, the photo turned about to be extra special and quite realistic, too.

11. We have never seen someone put in that much effort into chopping wood

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

There are a lot of ways to chop wood. Some people use specialized equipment and others just pay to someone to do the job. Of course, those individuals who are always up for a challenge would never miss an opportunity to show off! This person was able to do exactly that! As you can see, this is some new and extreme way to chop wood! It looks really intense, too.

12. Some artists are really exceptional

Image Source: Acid Cow

Everyone knows that artists are a special group of people. Most of them are exceptional, eccentric and sometimes even weird. Of course, this is part of who they are and maybe being artistic means that you are different by default. This person in a Darth Vader costume playing the violin is definitely extra! The violin is also black, creating a perfect match with the costume.

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