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12 Photos That Will Definitely Make You Say ‘OK Now….’

Image Source: Reddit

The huge variety of information, pictures and videos on the internet includes a lot of weird things! Whether they are intentional or not, they are always amusing to see! Sometimes you would find it hard to explain what exactly happened or why someone did what they did. This is perfectly normal and we are glad that people keep doing weird things! However, some weird situations have a perfectly good explanation, and the photo you see above is a nice example. All the delivery person did was follow the instructions. Well, he accepted this mission quite literally, which caused the weird end result of the delivery job!

Enjoy the following list!

1. Some things should not exist at all

Image Source: The Chive

Have you ever seen something that you wish never existed? We have seen such things, and we are about to show you one of them. As you can see, someone made an attempt to combine two ingredients that would never ever make a good combination! Yes, what you are looking at is a chocolate-cheese pizza. We have no clue who was the mastermind behind this creation. You can bet that they are proud of themselves; otherwise nobody would make the effort to take a photo. We guess that this is the weirdest pizza ever created and we never want to see a similar thing again

2. In some cases the effort you put in does not matter

Image Source: Acid Cow

We guess that having the right mindset is crucial when you are determined to solve a problem. However, in some cases you are bound to fail, regardless of how determined or energized you were initially! The case you see here is the perfect example. Trying to put in a huge sofa in a small Ford hatchback is obviously impossible. However, someone decided to give it a try anyway! As you probably imagined, the tasks was not completed, because it was physically impossible! Why would someone even make an attempt to put the sofa in the tiny car? They are about the same size!

3. This is the last thing you would expect to see while driving around town

Image Source: Dump A Day

It is funny how a single photo can have the power to trigger a lot of questions. This image was able to give some food for thought. First of all, why is there a person in a Batman costume standing next to an intersection? Why is he holding a sign that says ‘Flowers’, which is also shaped as a stop sign? Is he trying to lure Poison Ivy with this weird stunt? And last, but not least – what is Batman doing in the middle of the day? He never goes out before the sun goes down! There is something going on here for sure!

4. Here is one sinister-looking tree

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is definitely not something that you would expect to see! First of all, we wonder how this happened! It seems that a huge fire is burning inside the trunk of this tree! The raging inferno is almost unnoticeable. There is only some ash at the base of the trunk and almost no smoke at all. However, when you take a look inside through the opening in the upper part of the tree, you can see a real inferno! The tree looks really sinister! We guess that a lightning strike was the culprit here, because no man would light up the tree like that.

5. This is more than a cosplay costume

Image Source: The Chive

Cosplay costumes became really popular in the past couple of years. Even people who were not hardcore cosplay fans before showed interest in this trend. However, it seems that some individuals prefer to add a personal touch to their outfits. This photo reveals a rather disturbing costume that we cannot fully understand. It looks like a combination between Spiderman and a Lego version of Ned Flanders. The creepy look on that oversized Lego head is a bit disturbing, but the costume still appears to be made with attention to detail.

6. Here is one very unique Porsche

Image Source: Reddit

The modifications you can make to any vehicle are so many that it would be impossible to list them all. This is why a lot of different styles were developed decades ago. Each style requires certain parts to be fitted and this is understandable. Of course, you can probably guess that no style features wheels like those in the photo above! They look interesting, but we guess that they can be dangerous to the other cars during a heavy traffic jam when the cars are driving close in all lanes. Maybe the person tried to recreate the classic 50s style spoke wheels which had only one central lug nut.

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7. This is the best accidentally created face you’ll see today

Image Source: Bored Panda

We have all seen the photos of different pieces of toast that are supposed to show the faces of famous people. However, a burnt piece of toast is nothing more than a canvas for some skilled artist. Any face could easily be carved on the piece of toast and the sensation is guaranteed! However, this is not the case here. As the photo shows, someone attempted to boil some pasta, but something interesting happened even before the pasta was cooked. You can easily spot Cookie Monster’s image! We guess that it was really a coincidence and we like it a lot. It reminded us of the good old times when we didn’t have internet and YV shows like Sesame Street were our way to have fun.

8. Hairstyles always represent a person’s character

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we guess that the above saying is not always true. If we assume that it is valid for the photo you see, then this person probably has a dual personality or he would at least like to have an alter ego! We will never know the reasons for this decision, and we guess that it not the most important thing here. What actually matters is representing your own style without worrying what the others might say! This person obviously has no problem with other people’s opinion. This is the right attitude and even though we feel a bit confused about this particular hairstyle, we accept it! As long as the person you see is happy, then it’s all good!

9. Here is a banana like you have never seen before

Image Source: Dump A Day

Nature works in mysterious ways and we guess that it could always surprise us! Even if comes to something as trivial as a banana, you should still expect the unexpected. The photo above shows why! This is probably the biggest and widest banana we have ever seen! As much as the photo shows, we guess that we found out what happened here. When the fruits were still growing, a few of them literally bonded together and grew this way. The end result is rather unusual! We bet that it would be fun to watch someone eat it just like a regular banana!

10. Some weird things are not even real

Image Source: Acid Cow

Technology advances as we speak, and there is something new coming up every day! This is no exaggeration! We even have a hard time adapting sometimes, because our modern world is so digitalized that we always need to be up to date in order to function like the other active members of society. One of the things that technology gave us is the ability to edit images. This is an understatement, of course, because what technology really did was empower us to create virtually impossible things that look like the real deal. This photo is the best example! It seems very realistic and in the same time we know it is not real.

11. Some of us have seen this in person

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

Commuting to work and back by any means of public transport can be a really interesting experience. The busy subway cars are always ready to offer you another funny or weird episode day after day. Of course, the main factors that do the trick are the people! They come in all shapes, sizes and moods, for better or for worse. Some of them are positive and can make you laugh if they start a quick chat with you, while others would be ready to start a fight. The person you see is on a different level. He just wants to get some rest, but he chose the most unusual pose!

12. This is not a sight you want to see in your house

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone hates to do the laundry, despite the fact that it is not a big deal. After all, you don’t need to wash all the clothes by hand! However, most people would probably always consider it to be one of the most annoying house chores. When we saw this photo, we also came to that conclusion! Starting the washing machine is one thing, but cleaning a mess like this one is a completely different story! We guess that a pillow was torn to bits inside the machine, releasing all those feathers.

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