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12 Products That Are Either Controversial Or Absolutely Ridiculous

Image Source: Twitter / benseys

We love seeing products and features that make us wonder who in their right mind would allow or approve such things to go in production in the first place. Sometimes people believe in a product so much that they lose a lot of the common sense they need to have when launching a product on the market.

The list you are about to see shows the kind of products that we referred to, and some of them will really make you cringe.

1. This thing takes mother’s love to new heights

Image Source: Instagram

This strange contraption is indisputably one of the grossest things we have ever seen, and we cannot believe that it is actually man-made. Maybe it could have been designed to use a pump or some other way to suck whatever may be in your baby’s nose, but the suggested way is a big no-no.

2. Here is a bad idea, if you haven’t seen one lately

Image Source: Imgur

The only more obvious way they could produce this item is to make custom orders and put the usernames, passwords and all confidential information directly on the cover of this document case. We guess that nobody actually though twice before approving this item to go into mass production, and they should have reconsidered it.

3. This toy should have a 16+ sign on the box

Image Source: Instagram

Olaf is usually a very cute character, but toys manufacturers seem to be able to ruin any kind of magic there is. This controversial ice-making machine may seem innocent to a 7-year-old, but as adults we find it to be fairly inappropriate for obvious reasons.

4. We understand what this is, but it is still funny

Image Source: Imgur

Buying something called Urinal which is meant for drinking will always make us fail to have a straight face on when we say it or when we see the package. The marketing team that came up with the trade name of the medicine probably had to pay a bit more attention to how it would look like in the end.

5. This is the most useless thing in history

Image Source: Instagram

Well, congratulations to the people who came up with this, designed it and launched it, because they were able to create the ultimate useless product! Making snowballs with your hands is the whole point of making them at all, and that is all the explanation needed in this case.

6. The people who use this should be ashamed

Image Source: Instagram

There is no way that we could defend someone who would actually use this item in order to be able to drink booze anytime and anywhere without getting caught. However, it would be very odd to drink from this bottle in a public place, but the teens will be happy to have it, because they cannot carry around half-empty vodka bottles.

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7. The best fanny pack ever has been made

Image Source: Instagram

This thing looks amazing, and we would definitely like to see one in person. However, wearing this is completely out of the question, because it may be cool in a certain way, but it is actually ridiculous! Nobody would like to wear that thing in public, because it is embarrassing as well.

8. Marketers are getting weirder over time

Image Source: Instagram

Seeing this add for lip gloss stopped us in our tracks. How could anyone decide that such a name was appropriate for any kind of product, especially something that you put on your mouth! The whole thing looks like a bad joke, but apparently it is quite real. Some products are destined to fail.

9. Body piercing got a whole new twist

Image Source: Instagram

We have all seen how body rings look like, and despite being a bit controversial, most of us would be willing to accept a person with a few of them. However, these rings designed to resemble huge pimples are simply too much! People would go extreme lengths to look different, but different appearance does not mean that it is a good thing.

10. Heating bum pads are crazy, but we might want to try them

Image Source: Twitter

It looks awkward, but the idea may actually be a good one in places with severe winter and cold weather. Just imagine wearing your favorite skinny jeans, and your butt is warm instead of frozen stiff. This could actually make some sense if it is effective at all.

11. Here is an unexpected privacy device

Image Source: Twitter

This thing is the definition of ‘awkward’, unless you would like to look like Bane in real life, of course. We can think of a lot of ways that can help keeping any conversation private, but wearing this thing on your face will directly attract all the attention on you, which makes the whole thing more or less go against the main purpose it was created for.

12. Getting your nails done will never be the same

Image Source: Reddit

This set will probably make anyone laugh upon seeing it. We cannot imagine someone actually using these things for nail care, because they are common tools, obviously. What actually happened is that the person responsible for the translation and the packaging really messed things up.

Written by Nick Martin

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