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12 Ryan Reynolds Tweets Proving That He Is Always Right

Image Source: Nerdist

Whatever you say about Ryan Reynolds, it would be an understatement! He is one the most popular actors of our time, not to mention that he is also one of the most handsome men you’ll ever see. But what’s best about him is his personality – Reynolds has the most admirable sense of humor ever, and he is a generous and open-minded guy, so there are no reasons to dislike him. Of course, there will be haters, but let them be.

Ryan Reynolds is very active on social media, which pleases all of his fans, and it is only natural that we agree with everything he has to say, because the man is always right, and these pictures will prove it to you.

1. You cannot argue with that, can you?

Image Source: Twitter

Most fathers would agree that they feel weird about their kids, because they love them more than anything else, but they also had better days before the kids were born. It sounds inappropriate but that’s the truth in most cases, and it is perfectly normal, because there are no regrets about having kids.

2. TED Talks are fun only when they are done right

Image Source: Twtter

However, sibling relationship can sometimes resemble a brutal domestic version of a classic TED Talk, and there is a major twist in such cases – at least one of the participants does not want to be there at all. Maybe it should be qualified as a hostage situation instead of a TED Talk.

3. We certainly imagined that!

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes we wonder how Reynolds comes up with this stuff! As funny as this sounds, it is also correct, because much too often the relationship and meetings between a father and his son feel kind of awkward.

4. All parents need a safe-word

Image Source: Twitter

He nailed this one as well, mocking the harsh reality of real life. When you have kids, you will want to be intimate with your partner, but you cannot talk about it directly, so you need to develop a system of innocent words and phrases to avoid suspicion.

5. Sarcasm done right

Image Source: Twitter

The actor is right – we all hate it when people hit the Caps Lock before they start typing on social media, because it means they are literally screaming at everyone. Communication via digital means has rules and everyone should behave just like in a real conversation.

6. Reynolds is such a goofball

Image Source: Twitter

He always comes up with stuff like that; once he said he is about to create a clay sculpture of his serious side, which does not exist. Maybe he tried to show in his own style how fake things on social media can actually get.

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7. This is quite relatable, don’t you think?

Image Source: Twitter

It is important to remember that when you have kids, your world does not need to be engulfed entirely by caring for them. It is essential that you keep doing the things you love and have some alone time every now and then.

8. The actor is brutally honest here

Image Source: Twitter

What he is trying to say is that parenting is a trap. You need to be prepared for it and to understand what you are getting yourself into, but in the same time you realize that this is impossible. So you end up stuck thinking about the thing Reynolds mentioned in this post.

9. Colleagues can be annoying

Image Source: Twitter

Oh, boy! We can definitely relate to this one! Some people believe that someone actually cares how they got to work that day and which route they chose this time to avoid traffic. This is one of those pieces of useless information that we are bombed with on a daily basis.

10. Every parent knows how this feels

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that Reynolds’ idea of parenthood is one of the most relatable ways you can describe it, and the fact that most of the freedom you were used to experience before becoming a parent would remain in the past.

11. Another of the perks of being a parent

Image Source: Twitter

Not many people have the luxury of someone taking care of the kids. If you have such a person available, consider yourself blessed. Otherwise you are stuck with the need to take your offspring anywhere you decide to go, and that includes places which are rather inappropriate for a toddler.

12. Mocking those gluten-obsessed people is also relatable

Image Source: Twitter

Don’t you think that some people tend to overreact when it comes to consuming foods containing gluten? It seems that the craze has affected a lot of people around the world, but we are slowly becoming fed up with it, because unless you are physically incapable of processing gluten, then you need to stop repeating the mantra about the gluten-free menu we should all adopt.

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