13 Amazing Photos That Prove The Future Is Already Here

Image Source: Reddit

People seem to be too busy with their daily schedules to notice how life is changing. It is happening pretty fast and we need to stop for a moment and take a look around. The technology and innovations surrounding us are fascinating and what seemed impossible has already been invented, and you could easily state that we are living in the future.

1. It looks like a weapon, but it’s actually a photo lens

Image Source: Reddit

This amazing device is a 24 mm f14 macro lens. It has a whopping two feet length and is also waterproof. It’s the ideal tool to photograph tiny objects.

2. The sleeping chambers at the Mexico City airport look surreal

Image Source: Reddit

This looks like the set for a sci-fi movie, but it’s a real thing. The sleeping compartments at the Mexico City airport have a unique design that makes them look out of this planet.

3. Shaving your head by yourself? It would get a lot easier from now on

Image Source: Reddit

This guy is a genius. Everyone who shave their head occasionally know that it’s actually not that easy to do, and you are always concerned about leaving a tiny bit unshaved. Well, this guy is already in the future and he brought all of us his clever idea.

4. Would you believe that bionic pants exist?

Image Source: Reddit

The mind-blowing invention is actually a simple concept, but it required the best technology to create. This device allows you to sit anywhere, as it takes the load of your body weight off your feet. It looks incredible and it will be of great use for a lot of different areas and activities.

5. The Terminator lives

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, this dude has a camera in his prosthetic eye! He is able to see everything with his own eye and record it with his other one without pressing a button or doing anything at all, which is a nice way to turn the defect into an effect.

6. Technology is all over the planet

Image Source: Reddit

This herder is living in a remote area, but that does not mean he has to be off the grid. He has a smartphone that he keeps charged with the compact solar panels strapped on his donkey. This is pretty impressive, actually.

7. A prosthetic leg created via a 3D printer

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Image Source: Reddit

The fact that we have 3D printers alone is something amazing, but this prosthetic leg looks simply fascinating and very futuristic. It must be very rigid and light at the same time.

8. An exoskeleton for working purposes

Image Source: Reddit

Check out this South Korean worker and his amazing exoskeleton! This man works in a shipyard and presumably has a lot of heavy physical activity throughout the day, but his device makes it look like a piece of cake.

9. This will blow your mind

Image Source: Reddit

No, it’s not just a computer chip. It’s an actual computer! The right picture shows it compared to some salt grains. The microscopic size of it is amazing, but what’s even more astounding is that it has the same power as a desktop computer from the 90s. Told you we were already living in the future.

10. Even the kitchen drawers are now looking futuristic

Image Source: Reddit

This amazing drawer not only looks good, but it also helps maximize the space. We all know how important is to utilize the kitchen in the best possible way, and this idea helps to achieve that, and it would impress your guests for sure.

11. Want to have a meal in another location instantly? Done

Image Source: Reddit

The VR glasses are probably one of the best things that were invented in recent years and they are also just another proof that the future is here. You could literally choose your dining place on Earth and even your company and enjoy the sensation.

12. This is all about the idea, not the technology

Image Source: Reddit

It was created for marketing purposes, but still Samsung’s idea could be a real game changer and it could help lower the crash rate on public roads. It’s a simple concept and yet it is a brilliant idea. We hope that it will be widely used soon.

13. Just a woman charging up her cyborg prosthetic arm

Image Source: Reddit

It looks almost a natural process as this woman is patiently waiting for her arm to charge. She was attending the SXSW conference but nobody wanted to give her their power outlet as their smartphones needed juice, so she found this one at the back of the room and is waiting to get fully charged.

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