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13 Celebs That Bought Some Of The Weirdest And Meaningless Things Ever

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It seems that everyone wants to be a celebrity these days. The fame and fortune are attractive, but not everyone is destined to become a famous face and to benefit from the perks that come with that. Of course, the main thing that immediately happens when you become a celebrity is the increase in your income! However, this means that you will have the chance to finally buy the things you dreamed of, and this is not going to be good for your wallet! Many celebs turn out to be big spenders and they buy stuff just for the sake of showing off or when they are under the influence of a certain emotion or an impulse. The list below consists of famous people and stories about some of their most ridiculous shopping experiences. Daniel Radcliffe’s purchase of a $20,000 mattress definitely fits this list!

1. The Terminator bought a real tank

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You have probably heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s obsession about big boy toys! It seem like a natural hobby for him, because a big man like him will look silly if he collected small town cars, for example. He has some Humvees and G-Wagons, but one of the craziest things he bought was a real tank! The M47 Patton is a real beast! The actor’s model is a vintage one, but everything apart from weapons on it is functional. Modern tanks cost about a million dollars!

2. Nick Cage acquired a real dinosaur skull

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We have said it before, but we will say it again! Nicolas Cage is one of our all-time favorite actors! There is just some kind of a specific charismatic radiance that he possesses, not to mention that he is talented. However, like most celebs, he has a lot of money and he buys whatever he wants! One time he probably felt inspired by something and bought a real dinosaur skull! We have no idea why he did it, be we know that he paid a whopping $276,000 for it! This is some artifact to have!

3. The Carter family seems to spoil Blue Ivy from time to time

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If you think that you tend to spoil your children, you need to think again, because you are probably not even close if you compare the things you do to the things Beyoncé and Jay-Z do for their precious daughter. Once the Carters spent $50,000 on a single Barbie doll! It must have been a special item because the price tag seems a bit excessive but, then again, if they cannot afford it, then who else would? We wonder if Blue Ivy appreciated the doll more than the rest she probably already had.

4. Lil’ Wayne bought himself diamond teeth

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Well, this is definitely part of the rap culture! The new generation of rappers likes to have all kinds of accessories in their arsenal! Setting trends is easy when you have a lot of stuff to choose from. It seems that Lil’ Wayne spares no expense when it comes to his distinctive style. Once he spent $150,000 on a set of diamond teeth! He was probably happy with his new purchase but we believe that it is a bit too excessive!

5. Elon Musk turned out to be a James Bond fan

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In fact, the tech visionary is one of the biggest fans of the legendary fictional character! He proved that by making a purchase that most people would never do. He paid just $3,000 short of a million dollars. He bought one of the most iconic vehicles 007 ever had – the submarine Lotus! The incredible car is actually not as functional as we have seen it in one of the movies, but the Tesla founder has plans to make it work just like it did on the big screen!

6. This is Paris Hilton’s $325,000 dog house

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When you are one of the most famous and extravagant celebrities in the world, you need to show off your lavish lifestyle every time you have the chance to! Paris Hilton definitely does that on a regular basis simply because she can do it! And we need to add that it suits her really well! However, sometimes even she could do something that is just too much. Buying an ultra-expensive dog house is definitely not something the dog would appreciate as much as Hilton’s fans.

7. Shaq spent close to a million dollars because he was annoyed

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Rich people show off all the time and we are used to that. However, sometimes they do things that are clearly not a good idea. Of course, most of these decisions are under the influence of a certain emotion. Once Shaq visited a Bentley showroom where one of the traders was able to taunt the NBA legend that he looked like he could not afford to buy a Bentley. Shaq proved him wrong and immediately order not one, but three cars! However, he was not able to fit inside! We hope he fits in the Rolls-Royce in the image above.

8. Tinie Tempah also turned out to be a huge movie fan

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It appears that famous people are also fans of different things, just like we all are! We already mentioned about Elon Musk’s expensive purchase, and TInie Tempah’s one is nowhere near that extravagant. However, paying $37,500 for a pair of sneakers is not something people do every day! They are not ordinary shoes, though! Marty McFly actually wore them in Back to the Future, which is a really fact!

9. Elton John is also a big spender


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We believe that nobody should judge the rich and famous about the things they buy and the money they spend on them! Of course, everyone could have an opinion about it – there is nothing wrong with that! We guess that everyone would make a surprised face upon learning that Elton John once spent $382,000 on flowers! Yes, that’s right! When asked about his spending habits, he simply replied that he spends his money as he pleases, and he has every right to!

10. Lady Gaga once bought something weird and expensive

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She is definitely one of the most extravagant performers of the decade and she is well-known for her intriguing personality! At one point she decided to buy something that the majority of people would find to be a weird purchase! She spent $47,000 on a device that can measure the electromagnetic field on every location. She claims that a ghost named Ryan is following her all the time when she is on tour and she probably wants to detect his presence when she wants.

11. Sometimes celebs spend crazy amounts of money without even buying something

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This example is the perfect proof that celebs spent money like they have an infinite amount of cash hidden at home! No matter how rich a famous person is, unnecessary expenses are never a good idea. It seems that Bono from U2 could not care less about spending, because once he paid a whopping $1,300 for a plane ticket. The odd part is that it was not for him or another person. It was for his favorite hat which he forgot in London upon taking off to Italy. He demanded for his hat to fly in first class and he paid the money! We know that he is an iconic name when it comes to charity campaigns and events, but such expenses are definitely not necessary!

12. It appears that Kesha is literally addicted to glitter

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Many of the celebrities have different preferences for certain things and some of these things could be really weird! One of the best examples is probably Kesha and the fact that she spends a few thousand dollars monthly on glitter! It sounds weird but it is a fact! And this is not just a random event – she orders such amounts of glitter regularly! We have no idea what she actually does with that much glitter! Maybe every party would be a lot more fun with such amounts if glitter!

13. The best way to end the list is with Floyd Mayweather’s purchase last Christmas

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If there is one celebrity that is known for his big spending habits, it is the Floyd Mayweather! He is one of the wealthiest athletes in the history of sport and he worked hard to get where he currently is! He is notorious for spending millions of dollars on whatever he likes and the word ‘lavish’ does not even begin to describe his lifestyle! However, he was able to do something that casts a shadow even on his most extravagant purchases before that. He actually got himself a tiger for Christmas! It was actually a gift and he did not technically buy it himself, but it was surely what he wanted the most! This is what we call a very special purchase, but we are not sure if most people would approve it!

Written by Nick Martin

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