13 Facts That Will Definitely Make You Love ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Even More

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We have all been enjoying ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ for more than a decade now, which makes it the second longest running TV show of its kind after ER. The show has always been high-ranked and has a lot of fans.

Like every similar project, there are curious facts and secrets from the set of the show, and we are about to show you 13 of the most interesting ones about ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ that you probably haven’t heard of.

1. The medical drama requires real inspiration

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The creator of the show Shonda Rhimes loved medical-themed shows before creating this one, and she always searched for inspiration from the real life, because it was a medical drama after all. And when she heard from a doctor how hard it is to shave your legs in a typical hospital bathroom, she immediately included that into the show.

2. The original scenario suggested that all the action would take place in Chicago

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Chicago is Shonda Rhimes’ hometown and she wanted her show to take place there, but since ER’s storyline was also situated in the Windy City, she decided that she wanted to differentiate from the main competitor.

3. The original title was different

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The show was meant to be named ‘Complications’, but before the very first episode was aired, they had already changed the title. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was actually inspired by a real medical textbook entitled ‘Gray’s Anatomy’.

4. The main source of storylines come from medical readings and fan suggestions

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Every fan could email a storyline suggestion and if the writers like it enough, they could include it in the show.

The main way writers create the scenario for a certain episode is by reading a lot of medical journals and cases.

5. Kate Walsh was supposed to appear only for a couple of episodes

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However, she and the just clicked together and she remained in the show for a much longer time. Later she took part in ‘Private Practice’, which had seven successful seasons.

6. Shonda Rhimes singlehandedly stocked the characters’ lockers

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Rhimes had the complete vision for every character and knew them so well that she stocked their lockers herself. She deserves the credit for every shot of the lockers and the goodies inside.

7. Meredith is roughly based on the image of Carrie Bradshaw from ‘Sex And The City’

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If you have spotted similarities between them, you are just one of the many fans who did. And you are all correct, because Meredith was intended to resemble Carrie Bradshaw, but in a more grounded way. Still, the personality resemblance is huge.

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8. One of Debbie Allen’s friends saw her own symptoms in one of the episodes

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After seeing one of the show’s episodes, the actress’ friend realized she had the same symptoms as one of the cases portrayed, so she went to her doctor and was diagnosed. This is what you call a realistic show.

9. Actors sometimes turned out to be directors

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Some of the main actor actually made their debut as directors by stepping behind the other end of the camera for different episodes. This is a neat approach to the teamwork and it probably was a lot of fun.

10. Alex Karev was not on the original pitch of the series

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He was introduced in the pilot and it was later decided that he would remain in the show. This is a proof that sometimes you must improvise and make changes as you go along.

11. Shonda Rhimes convinced the ABC producers to approve the musical episode by throwing a concert

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The musical episode in season 7 happened after the ABC producers had a concert organized for them by Rhimes. Apparently she did a good job, because they voted yes!

12. A lot of the cast members’ pregnancies were hidden via the script

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The time when Meredith donated her liver, or Arizona’s trip to Africa, as well as Lexie’s binge eating were all cover-ups for the pregnancies of the actresses. This is some smart thinking.

13. The show turned out to be a matchmaker

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Henry Burton and Eliza Minnick are one of the couples that found love on the set. Denny Duquette and Lauren Boswell also got together while filming the series, proving that the show is all kinds of awesome even behind the scenes!

Written by Nick Martin

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