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13 Images Of Cats Crashing Nativity Scenes ‘Like A Boss’

Image Source: Reddit

Since the holiday season is already here and Christmas is just around the corner, we thought that we should address that topic in a slightly different manner. And best of all, our way of doing things includes cats! You simply cannot go wrong with cats, at least in terms of creating funny content. We all know that cats are not to be left alone near Christmas decorations, because they could easily destroy any setup. But when it comes to felines exploring native scenes, it is a whole different story! Because we understand that an image is worth a thousand words, we will just proceed with the list. It is well worth seeing!

1. The cat and Jesus

Image Source: Instagram

When it comes to these works of art, they are often detailed to an incredible level, and accuracy is everything! However, it also seems that cats have some disregard for correct scaling, and this particular feline has no idea that it is too big to fit in, not to mention that these tiny figurines could easily be damaged. We hope that didn’t happen.

2. The Brooklyn setup

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is what we call putting in the maximum effort to create such a scene! It appears that the people behind this idea knew what they were doing, because it looks incredible! Needless to say, the neighborhood strays were immediately attracted by it, but the owners had no problem with that. They even left a bowl of water for the felines. The one in the photo is perfectly blended in, which is really cool!

3. The napping kitty

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes animals and pets are nothing but rascals and they do things they shouldn’t, but nobody could be mad at them, of course! It seems that even when they are on the verge of breaking something, their cuteness could get them out of trouble. This is exactly the case here! This cute cat probably bothered nobody, despite the chosen place to have a nap!

4. The manger occupant

Image Source: Twitter

Well, cats are notorious for getting everything they want, regardless of what it might cost them! As you can see, this feline even managed to push the baby doll out of the manger only to get inside and feel comfy! The church probably tolerated that kind of behavior, as it turned out that it was their resident cat.

5. The absence of space

Image Source: Flickr

Here is another situation in which a cat decided to have a nap right where baby Jesus was supposed to be! Needless to say, the people who arranged the scene probably didn’t mind it at all, but they also put all the figurines as shown in the picture. Now it looks as if everyone realized the cat took all the free space in the manger and there is nowhere to put baby Jesus in.

6. The perfect scene

Image Source: Flickr

Cats are usually the ones that wreck any kind of decoration or scene that people set up, but it is not always like that! As you can see, sometimes felines are able to just blend in and contribute to the whole scene. This black beauty really seems to be enjoying its role in this nativity scene, and we hope that all the figurines were okay after it joined.

7. The best fit

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Image Source: Instagram

Well, it is not actually the best fit, but it is the best if you ask the cat! You have probably heard the catchy phrase ‘If it fits, I sits’ – it is like a slogan for all cats out there. Felines simply love sitting where they think it would feel comfortable despite the fact that more than often their chosen spaces are far too tiny for them to actually fit.

8. The lighting

Image Source: Flickr

Sometimes the things that happen for no reason are the best. In this case, one feline took over the nativity scene and positioned itself right in the middle of it, creating a rather interesting end result due to the lighting. It almost looks as if it was intended to look that way in the first place.

9. The cat house

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, cats have little to no respect for one’s effort to create something beautiful. Of course, nativity scenes are meant to serve as decoration, but felines always find a practical way of using them. As you can see, this example is a rather interesting one, because the setup was just about the right size for the cat to use it as a house, and it looks like nobody is going to chase it away, too.

10. The complete setup

Image Source: Reddit

The more we look at setups like this one, the more we think cats should be a part of them initially. It makes sense, too, as we all know that cats will eventually take over the scene and either destroy it or add to it! Despite the fact that cats are usually the culprit when the Christmas decoration is ruined, they seem to have more respect when it comes to native scenes.

11. The cat named Baby

Image Source: Imgur

Here’s how things sometimes work in mysterious ways. This cat took over the manger, which is only natural for a feline to do. But in this case, it seems that it belongs there, because it is named Baby, and the manger was intended to have a baby in it! Bottom line is, this scene is just as it is supposed to be.

12. The intruder

Image Source: Flickr

Well, the cat is the intruder here for sure, but we need to admit that it is just another case in which it looks like it belongs there! Maybe the manufacturers of these figurines should design models that are meant to house cats.

13. The nativity scene invaded by Loki

Image Source: Reddit

We know this sounds, but it is not the Loki you are probably thinking of. This is Loki the cat, and he appears to be kind of puzzled about the scenery around him, despite the fact that he was the one who invaded it.

Written by Sven Miller

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