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13 Inspirational Photos That Will Definitely Make You Escape For A While

Image Source: Reddit / callmelate4supper

We all love seeing how people act nice and show kindness towards others, even if they are complete strangers. Witnessing such situations is an empowering experience! The best thing about it is that the good vibes spread among the people, resulting in less jerks and more good people.

Everyone must do good deeds without expecting something in return, because this is the right way to act, regardless of the situation. In an attempt to inspire you and show examples of selfless acts of kindness, we selected the images you will see below. Enjoy them!

1. A little effort goes a long way

Image Source: Reddit

This is a simple thing to do, but not many people would do it. There was a blackout at this hotel, and someone decided to help the guests by cleverly placing some glow sticks along the hallway, enabling everyone to navigate to their rooms.

2. Small acts of generosity are more than welcome

Image Source: Reddit

How would you react if you found a prepaid parking ticket on the machine? Some person was kind enough to leave the ticket that was paid for a few hours more than that person needed. Instead of just ending up in the trash, it will serve someone else.

3. Protecting others is the right attitude

Image Source: Reddit

The city officials decided to secure this planter after a duck decided to use it as a nest. The people in charge of the city’s management wanted to make sure the duck family is safe and they even provided food and water for them, which is the sweetest thing they could do.

4. A small act of kindness could mean the world to someone else

Image Source: Reddit

We must remember that a little effort my lead to a big impact, because we all have different perspectives about the world, and a small thing for one person can actually be the biggest thing for somebody, and you can bet that all this kid cared for was his plant! We salute the policeman for making this possible.

5. Taking some time off to teach a kid something is a priceless experience

Image Source: Reddit

These road workers decided to give the kids observing their working process a quick crash-course on how they do their job. You can see that the kids are absolutely thrilled, and they even received vests to feel as part of the team.

6. What you see here is a big pile of joy

Image Source: Reddit

Some stranger decided to bring fun and good times to the dog park by dumping a load of tennis balls. You could imagine the canines’ reaction after seeing this! We love the fact that someone wanted to make all the dogs in the park happy.

7. Here is how you become a true member of society

Image Source: Reddit

Society is all about contributing to the comfort and safety of others, and more people need to realize that. This father of two five-month-old sons clearly understands the responsibility of being a true society member, so when he brought the babies on their first flight, he set up a note and a pair of earplugs to give to each passenger. How thoughtful!

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8. Kindness goes beyond religious believes

Image Source: Reddit

A Muslim family decided to give away small gifts and sweets to every other family in their apartment building. This is a generous and kind thing to do; they wanted to share the joy of their special holiday Ramadan with others, and we think it is very sweet of them!

9. It is all about helping others

Image Source: Reddit

People who are able to support others without expecting something in return are the best example for everyone else. This dude probably knew what it took to graduate and he decided to help someone who needed assistance with geometry. And the best thing is that the dude’s boss noticed this and was clearly proud of his employee.

10. It seems that Carter is in the best possible hands

Image Source: Reddit

This is how gratitude looks like! The original owner of the van was clearly a man of his word, so he kept the promise he gave to the first buyer that wanted to have Carter. After that buyer got the van, the original owner was compensated about the bigger price offers he got later, and probably had the biggest smile on his face!

11. This is the right way to do business

Image Source: Reddit

When you care for your customers, you do everything necessary to provide them with the best service possible. This gas station’s managers decided to give their clients premium fuel instead of the regular one while keeping the lower price, and they even apologized for the inconvenience.

12. The sweetest kind of relationship

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine how nice these people probably feel about making each other happy in such a sweet way! There are a lot of ways to show your attention to someone, and we admire the lady’s response to the gentleman’s beautiful act of admiration.

13. Humanity is all about joining forces for a good cause

Image Source: Facebook

Nothing feels better than being part of a rescue mission, and some volunteers from A Darrah Bull Bully Rescue felt what that was like when they had to drive Jake the dog all the way from Pennsylvania to Arizona, where his owners were anxious to have him back. Stories like this can really make everyone’s day!

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