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13 Of The Funniest Celebrity Tweets We Have Seen In The Last Couple Of Weeks

Image Source: Twitter

There is something we all have in common: we love reading celebrity posts. It is an easy way to be close to our favorite stars and see how they think and feel. Social media platforms enable every fan to be as close to their idol as possible, and we are sure that we all have followed certain celebs, whether they are actors, athletes, or artists, for example. The following tweets have been posted by celebs recently and they are our favorite ones.

1. The funny remark

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one tweet that can make everyone chuckle. Kumail obviously wanted to demonstrate just how much he admired his colleague, the great Stanley Tucci. It seems that the actor wanted to show how something simple can help people overcome social distancing.

2. The push-up routine

Image Source: Twitter

We can admit that Nick Jonas is a lucky man, as he has an amazing partner to share his life with! Apart from his career and his talented brothers, Nick seems to enjoy being close to her and they even found a great way to work out together.

3. The great news

Image Source: Twitter

Many people love John Legend’s music but perhaps even more fans love seeing his wife’s posts on social media. Chrissy Teigen posted something amazing recently: she and John are about to have a third child and she found the best way to announce that.

4. The throwback

Image Source: Twitter

There is nothing like a good throwback and this is what the tweet you see is all about! Christy Carlson Romano, Kyle Massey, and Anneliese van der Pol decided to remember the good old times and posted a tweet that brought a lot of memories!

5. The second throwback

Image Source: Twitter

Seeing David Henrie and Selena Gomez in such a vine-style video is the second throwback reminding us of the Disney Channel. Needless to say, both of these beautiful young people have millions of fans who enjoyed the short tweet.

6. The beach photo

Image Source: Twitter

Halle Berry is one of Hollywood’s best actresses and we love all her roles. Of course, we love her personality as well. She is a great woman worthy of respect and you can see she takes good care of herself. She looks 30 years old despite being in her 50s!

7. The interesting tweet

Image Source: Twitter

Jenny Han is definitely one of the best young writers today and her work has hundreds of thousands of fans. It seems that even some of the highest-level politicians are also following her because of her work. It seems the Postal Service had a huge impact on her storyline!

8. The reaction

Image Source: Twitter

The Vampire Diaries saga is an all-time favorite of ours! We believe that the show had tens of millions of viewers worldwide and the most important moments of the series made all of them cry or laugh. This is one of those moments that we can relate to.

9. The reply

Image Source: Twitter

The video above inspired Paul Wesley to reply to his on-screen brother and have some fun. You can see how he managed to do that using a single sentence. We guess that what he said might actually be true which makes things even funnier.

10. The dress

Image Source: Twitter

There is no wonder that Kim K’s daughter likes to dress like a princess! Of course, her mother has nothing against it, as they are both princesses. Baby Chicago looks adorable dressed like that and we are sure the two ladies have a lot of fun together.

11. The invitation

Image Source: Twitter

Miley Cyrus has always been keen on getting close to her fans and this is one of the reasons she is loved by many. She was probably a bit bored when she tweeted this invitation. Can you imagine how many Zoom invites she must have received?

12. The joke

Image Source: Twitter

Well, we need to admit that some jokes are funny simply because they reflect reality. This is exactly the case here. With all these pandemic-related difficulties, we can hardly get enough human contact.

13. The better joke

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a brilliant way to finish off this list. Talking about jokes, Nick Jonas made a great one. Maybe he likes to joke when he is not doing push-ups with his girl on top of him. We really hope that mankind will forget about wearing masks in public by the year 3000.

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