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13 Of The Most Hilarious And Popular Christmas Tweets Of 2019

Image Source: Twitter

Since it is mid-December and Christmas is just around the corner, it is only natural that people are going to start discussing this and that about the holidays. Of course, all social media platforms and forums are full of things to see and read that are Christmas-related. However, the ones we always turn our attention to are the funniest and probably awkward pieces of content! What better place to look for such content other than Twitter, right? You have probably guessed that the tweet is the fastest way to share some witty thoughts and jokes! Some of the best ones posted recently are listed below, and there will probably more from where that came from throughout the holiday season.

1. The real meaning

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes trying to accept something is really hard, and this is the case with the tweet you see here. If you are a fan of this song, you are either aware of what the tweet suggests, or you will never be able to forget the true meaning revealed here! Of course, some people would disagree with what this person tweeted, but it seems nobody could argue with the obvious, right? We will let you be the judge here and you can decide for yourself.

2. The gift

Image Source: Twitter

Well, here is one short story that sounds like it was taken straight out of a soap opera, but it happened for real, apparently. The tweet suggests that if you give your significant other a special gift, you better remember what it stands for. In this case, the girl’s boyfriend probably forgot about the gift altogether, because it gave him away, but the whole thing was in favor of the girl, as she realized who she was dating in reality.

3. The weird tweet

Image Source: Twitter

When it comes to Christmas tweets, this one must be the most awkward of them all! We had to read it again and again a couple of times before we got it! It would be an understatement to call this an abstract interpretation of a famous song, but it is more or less exactly that. Maybe even George Michael himself would laugh at this grim version if he had the chance to see it.

4. The relatable tweet

Image Source: Twitter

If you think that this tweet is kind of sad, you are not wrong, but it is not something that could not be turned around. It is just how life goes sometimes, and most of us have been there more than once. These bad periods can be cured with loads of sarcasm, and this is what actually the quoted tweet suggests. Even when we are feeling down and unhappy, we need to find something to laugh about, right?

5. The review

Image Source: Twitter

Now here is one tweet that could actually change your perception about something iconic for good! As you have probably guessed, it definitely changed ours! This is one of our favorite movies, and we consider it to be a classic that has to be seen every Christmas! However, this point of view really changed the way we will look at the film from now on, and it makes so much sense that we cannot believe we never thought about it like this before.

6. The dark humor

Image Source: Twitter

Here is another fine example of extreme sarcasm and dark humor combined! As you can see, this person decided to tweet just how she imagines the remaining time until the holiday seasons starts. Of course, this is super relatable, and we guess that it is something we need to accept, for it is only normal for a person to have darker periods. The holidays are a time that could brighten up everyone’s mood!

7. The modern tree

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Image Source: Twitter

It seems that some people try really hard to change things that don’t have the slightest need for change. There probably isn’t a better example to portray what we mean than these photos. It appears that some artist tried to show off by reimagining the traditional Christmas tree. Of course, there is nothing wrong with trying to show something different but it better not be like the thing this art installation resembles.

8. The exams

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is something that every college student would approve in a heartbeat! We mean, what would be better to cancel all exams! It sounds like an endless party with no exams to study for, and that means all fun and games with zero stress! You can bet that every college student would become an instant bundle of joy in case such a scenario happens for real, and they would spread it around them for sure.

9. The story

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is one of those stories that we have either heard of or seen in a movie. It sounds like a part of a scenario but we are more than certain that it happened for real at least once! It would be kind of fun to witness such a thing happen. Of course, no kid should learn that Santa is not real, at least not before adulthood, but some children learn that in situations similar to the one described here.

10. The epic song

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is something that we simply can’t go without – not on this list and not on Christmas, for that matter! This song is probably one the first things that come to one’s mind after the holiday season is discussed. Of course, some people accept the song as too boring but others simply love it, regardless of the fact that they had listened to it a million times before! This tweet shows the typical excitement and hype of the people who love the song. We need to admit we are not such huge fans but we tolerate it for the sake of the holiday spirit.

11. The funny realization

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one entirely new way to look at the weeks prior to the holidays! We mean, everyone loves presents and some people know what they will buy for their loved ones, but all of those gifts are still at the various stores and shops. This brings out an important part of the holidays – the anticipation for gifts that takes the better of us!

12. The question

Image Source: Twitter

This is one seemingly innocent tweet because the question in it is simple. Of course, this changes the very moment you look at the account that tweeted it! Now it sounds different, right? It appears that this is one question that nobody could answer willingly. The witty person behind this account shows everyone how you put huge doses of sarcasm into anything. We like that a lot.

13. The switch

Image Source: Twitter

This was one intended pun and we think we nailed it! Someone switched the Nintendo Switch with an actual switch! It appears that it has the potential to become the best prank gift the holiday season has ever seen! Just imagine the looks on people’s faces when they expect the actual thing and receive this instead! It would be well worth it for these moments to be captured.

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