13 People Who Couldn’t Do It More Wrong

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There are people that fail all the time despite their efforts. It seems like some individuals are destined to never get anything done without hitting a snag – and they accept their fate.

However, there is another kind of people who think they are doing a good job, but they actually could not be more wrong; the following list contains such examples.

1. Sometimes doing things the wrong way could cost you a lot of money

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The consequences of this failed attempt to launch a boat are not going to be cheap for sure. What kind of person would do such a thing? After all, it’s simply a truck, not a submarine.

2. Acting like a bad girl would take a bit more effort than this

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This is wrong in so many ways. Why on Earth would you want your buddies to think that you were under house arrest? We guess it was just a desperate attempt to draw some attention. Did this girl actually think that someone was going to believe it after seeing that watch pretending to be an ankle monitor?

3. Lost in translation

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There are many cases of signs which were mistaken due to translation difficulties; most of them are hilarious to read, and some of them are even a bit ironic, just like this one.

4. This license plate would suit a Prius better

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The message on this license plate is really important to follow in today’s world, but the vehicle it is mounted on sparks a bit of controversy. Driving a Hummer is the complete opposite of ‘going green’.

5. What you see here is probably one of the worst anti-theft solutions possible

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The owner of this bike made an effort to secure his bicycle from stealing, but failed miserably. Anybody could snatch it in a few second because the owner did not notice that it wasn’t an secured where it should be.

6. Online flirting gone wrong

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Perhaps this guy thought that he could keep up a parallel conversation with a few girls and wait until he hooks up with one of them, but it looks like he missed a few little details.

7. This one was intentional

test ad
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These guys obviously did this just to have some fun with the sign that suggests three wrong types of bathroom behavior. We think that there should probably be a sign that shows the ‘right’ way to urinate with your buddy next to you.

8. This SUV must be oven-powered

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This obviously is not a case of an SUV crashing into an oven; it is not some crazy engine swap, either. It is just some random guy transporting a damaged vehicle and an oven in the worst possible way – without taking any safety precautions.

9. Here a person that is never going to win a spelling contest

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You might blame this hilarious fail on autocorrect, but the words are too different and it probably really is a mistake. Whatever the case is, you will surely remember this next time you order a salad. If you happen to choose a Caesar salad, be careful not to faint.

10. This may even be considered as a ‘win’ instead of a ‘fail’

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Climbing up the corporate ladder must have a rather literal meaning to these guys, but they still managed to make things work with two computers and only one desk. It should be probably considered as a ‘win’, despite the potential back pain the guy on the upper level will have.

11. This is kind of sad, but it’s still a fail

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This girl missed the most important rule when taking a selfie – you must always check the background and the surroundings, or you could end up pretty embarrassed, just like she probably felt.

12. We wonder how this girl is doing at school

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The question here is if Jaiden was actually wondering the same thing, too, or he decided to troll her; we hope it’s the second option.

13. Read that again, but slowly

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These pretty girls obviously do not have the slightest suspicion about how epic they failed with this sign. They should read a few books before designing the next sign.

Written by Nick Martin

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