13 People Who Have No Regrets At All

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We all have moments when we feel regrets about the things we’ve said or done. People with guilty conscience tend to feel bad about such things, even if they are relatively minor or insignificant.

However, there is a different type of people; they seem to live in harmony with themselves and they are perfectly comfortable with everything they do. The lack of guilt is not a good sign, but still we sometimes envy these people, because they always feel good.

Enjoy these 13 photos of situations when people did something wrong or inappropriate but they had zero regrets afterwards.

1. It looks awkward but it may be useful

Image Source: Twitter

Some may find this to be a bit awkward, but it’s actually not. There are probably a lot of people close to a burnout, and this may be an escape for them. The idea is good and neither the people who put it there, nor the ones that will use it should have regrets.

2. We hope this doesn’t become a new trend

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This girl would probably have absolutely no regrets about the strange decision to squirt body lotion inside her mouth. She likely lost a bet or someone dared her, because no rational person would do this without at least one small reason.

3. This pooch has some nerve

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We really feel what the owner of this dog felt! The pose clearly implies that the canine feels no guilt or shame about the mess; therefore there are no regrets whatsoever. It looks like in some cases animals can be even bigger jerks than humans, and this is the perfect example.

4. This is just wrong

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Things have limits and the situation here is definitely way beyond them. This could be a huge shock for the girl, whose hair was cut off, and the attitude of the bully is more than inappropriate, not the mention the pathetic reason for her actions! A simple conversation could have easily fixed this.

5. This dude was probably a bigger attraction than the movie

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We salute this man for having the courage to put on this suit and casually sit in his seat. Despite the fact that the people behind him could hardly see anything, he probably had absolutely no regrets about his choice, and for him it was surely a night to remember.

6. Renting a van to move a house is obviously an option

Image Source: Reddit

The person who rented this van probably failed to mention that he was going to tow a whole house with it. Needless to say, it was probably a hard task for the old vehicle, but the only ones that would have regrets are the people from the rental company.

7. Nobody will regret this, not even the sleeping guy

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Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this dude was the main star of the game. The fact that someone could sleep with all the noise from the crowd is one thing, but the way that everyone took advantage of it is another. You can bet that nobody claimed the responsibility for this, and judging by the smiles, nobody had regrets.

8. Money well spent

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Some of the accessories for smartphones are ridiculous, and this one is no exception. However, the girl was probably happy that her money was not wasted, but she couldn’t be happier than her dad – just look at that facial expression – he loves the case!

9. Instead of buying an expensive display, the staff did this

Image Source: Reddit

Why spend money when you have creative people working at your store? They surely did not regret their decision to make a giant robot out of boxes, because it looks stunning and is probably a big attraction for customers.

10. We have to be honest – one of these people might regret this later

Image Source: Reddit

The strange stunt these guys attempted must be done for a reason, but that’s not really the point. While it looks harmless, one of them might actually get hurt when that string knot eventually breaks and the laws of gravity start working immediately.

11. This is Gru in real life and we cannot believe it

Image Source: Reddit

Most animated characters probably have doppelgangers in real life, but this one is exactly the same as the prototype. He looks like he might actually be aware of this, and he obviously has no regrets. The only thing that’s missing are some minions to run around an create some kind of a mess.

12. This boy bought a giant doll and he wants everyone to know this

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure why this kid did not get a bigger shopping cart, but that’s another question. The point is that he obviously has no regrets about his purchase and proudly wears it around the store for everyone to see. Maybe it’s meant to be a present for some special girl, who knows?

13. Having a good time

Image Source: Reddit

Here is the perfect example of how you could turn something negative into a completely positive experience, and not having any regrets while doing it. It may seem a bit unhygienic, but it’s still a nice way to cool down in the heat and defeat the system in the same time.

Written by Nick Martin

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