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13 Photos Showing That The Struggle Is Real

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We deal with all kinds of situations on a daily basis. Life often throws at us things that we simply do not expect. Sometimes this happens in the worst possible time, which makes the situation even harder to cope with, of course. When there is an obstacle or a problem of some sort, we must not give in to the situation. What we need to do is make the most of it or simply ignore the negative influence. It is easier said than done in most cases, but it is what it is. We can help by offering you to see that you are not alone in your daily struggle. Just scroll down and see the list we compiled and you will feel a lot better.

1. We hate it when this happens

Image Source: Reddit

Whether you believe it or not, the disaster from the photo above is not an isolated case. This happens much too often than it should, because a huge amount of pizza is wasted! We all love pizza end seeing it go to waste is a shame. When people are hungry they find it hard to think rationally. This is why things like this happen. Whether you decided to bake your own pizza or you simply intended to reheat one, you need to be careful not to put in the oven upside down. Double check it before turning the oven on! It is better to do this instead of feeling sorry later. The disappointment in such a situation is huge!

2. This is the kind of surprise we never want to have

Image Source: DumpaDay

W already mentioned how things happen in an unexpected way. This means that some of the surprising situations you would likely find yourself in are not particularly pleasant. In fact, they can be a horrible experience that can bring you nightmares for a long time! As you can see, someone was able to notice a big surprise before pulling down the toilet paper roll. The huge spider on top of the roll is definitely not the thing we would like to find while we are sitting in a locked public restroom.

3. Here is another disturbing public restroom situation

Image Source: Reddit

Since we are talking about public restrooms, you just need to see this photo. In today’s busy world there is hardly any privacy left, and we even consider it to be the kind of luxury we need! However, the designers of this bathroom probably had something else in mind! Visiting a toilet is definitely something you wouldn’t like to share with anyone else! Unfortunately, this restroom features doors with windows! This means that everything is visible from the other visitors. The disturbing interior solution is extremely controversial and we wonder why they did it.

4. Pranksters are always there to ruin your day

Image Source: The Chive

Most of us have probably been the victim of a savage prank! There are a lot of practical jokers who often know no limits! These people are able to go great lengths just to pull off a prank on someone! We need to admit that it is a lot of fun watching someone fall for a prank, but it is a whole different story when we are the victim! As the photo suggest, someone really made an effort to prank anyone who sits on that toilet seat! We bet that the horn is extremely loud and the unsuspecting victim would be really surprised.

5. This is a really unpleasant situation

Image Source: The Chive

This is something that we have seen before, and it happens when the subway car is jam-packed with people! Of course, it is not safe at all, but once the doors are closed you cannot do anything. We guess that the size of this suitcase may actually save it from damage inside the long tunnels, but it is still a frustrating thing to see. We hope that the person who suffered this unexpected situation was not carrying something valuable inside. This photo is definitely a reminder to watch our step when we get in a subway car.

6. Throwing Bert away is definitely a hard decision

Image Source: DumpaDay

We thought about this photo and we wanted to come up with a plausible reason why someone would throw away Bert from Sesame Street. We were unable to find such a reason, which means that the person who did it probably had a tough choice to make. While we are not sure what that might be, we could tell that Bert looks in mint condition, so the reason was probably related to something different. Regardless of this, it is sad to see Bert thrown away like a piece of trash and we hope someone rescued him!

7. Would you believe that this is a cheeseburger?

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

Well, apparently it is not, but it was surely supposed to be one! The weird order you see was made via a self-checkout touchscreen machine, which means that the customer really messed things up! We cannot believe that the only things marked were the cheese and the extra selection of salt and mustard! It looks ridiculous and we guess it is the weirdest thing related to fast food we have seen lately. Maybe it could be used as extra filling to a regular burger. The person who received the order probably returned and ordered the real thing.

8. This is what you call a huge mistake

Image Source: Twitter

Imagine how desperate you must be to take a selfie in order to go into the wrong restroom and not notice the difference! This person did exactly that! As you can see, she just made the typical duck face facial expression when a man appeared in the back! He looks stunned to find a woman in front of the mirror! She was probably really ashamed by the mistake. What is even more curious is the fact that she probably went inside with the sole intention to take a selfie, otherwise she would have noticed the urinals.

9. Here is one peculiar accident

Image Source: DumpaDay

If you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic every day, chances are that you have probably seen a lot of weird things until now. However, every new day is a new opportunity to see something different! Someone took this photo showing a weird accident involving a chicken spill! Yes, that is correct! It sounds weird and it looks that way, too! A van somehow spilled its precious cargo all over the road, and it is a strange sight to see! We are glad that the person who took the photo shared it for all of us to see.

10. This is not what we would call a ‘delight’

Image Source: DumpaDay

There are a lot of controversial products out there, but this one is probably one of the weirdest! Since it is already October, it is natural that a lot of people obsessed with pumpkins start sourcing all kinds of pumpkin-related items and products. This person was probably happy to find Pumpkin Delights, which were supposed to be biscuits shaped like a carved Halloween pumpkin. However, the reality proved to be totally different! The product has nothing to do with the package and the customer was surely disappointed by it.

11. This is one really bad way to destroy a smartphone

Image Source: Reddit

Most people’s lives are concentrated in their cellphones! It sounds weird and sad in the same time. However, it is the truth. We are literally hooked to these gadgets! All of our contacts and social media profiles mean that we spend most of the day on our phones. When we are not browsing the internet, we use the camera for selfies and other photos. This means that losing or destroying your phone would be comparable to deleting a vital part of your life! Nobody wants that, but it happens! As you can see, this person’s phone suffered some really horrible damage, which happens to a lot of people every day.

12. Sometimes faith makes fun of us

Image Source: The Chive

We are sure that in certain cases luck has everything to do with a situation we find ourselves to be in! Of course, this means that in other cases the lack of luck is all that matters! As you can see, someone was completely out of luck, but faith decided to add an ironic twist to the situation. The person’s lottery ticket features numbers that are the closest possible to the actual winning combination. This was probably really frustrating to see and we hope the person holding the ticket laughed about it!

13. Weird things can never seize to amaze us

Image Source: DumpaDay

Sometimes we see photos that are really hard to explain, despite the fact that they feature simple things. As you can clearly see, the photo shows only a mug and scissors. The curious part is that someone was able to blend them together in a way that is probably some kind of magic trick! We have no idea how that happened, but if someone did it as a prank, the person who owns the mug would struggle to drink their morning coffee!

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