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13 Pics Showing The Real Definition Of A True Friendship

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People say that one of the biggest treasures everyone could possess is the friend circle around them! Our friends are the ones who support us through hard times and they are always there when we need them. There are moments in life when you struggle and find it hard to go through something. This is when your buddies pick you up and carry you through your struggles! The close bond between friends may be shown in a lot of different ways! Sometimes there are frequent feuds between them, but the love is always there! Check out the following list to see things that are typical for a lot of true friendships!

1. Here is one amazing way to show someone they mean the world to you

Image Source: Twitter

As we mentioned above, having a tough period is something that you can overcome a lot easier with the support of your friend circle. This is when you realize who your true friends really are, actually! As you can see, this person realized how happy she was to have such amazing friends! They surprised her with something so adorable that she was probably speechless when she received it! This sweet gift is all she needed to feel better and feel loved!

2. Now this is a special thing to do

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Best buddies always share everything! They have basically the same interests and hobbies, too. However, sometimes the circumstances don’t allow for the friends to hang out together and do what they both love. This means that a different approach is needed. A change in the daily routine of a friend doesn’t mean that they need to be left behind! After this person’s friend went to boot camp again, he decided to make sure that his buddy will still see the latest memes. These printed meme sheets look very cool, indeed!

3. Best friends always got you covered

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It is always nice to know that there is someone out there who got you covered in all kinds of situations! This is the kind of loyalty that is typical only for the type of friendship where the bond between the people involved is unbreakable. As you can see, this strange request was accepted perfectly normal by the friend who received it! The quick reaction and the amazing photo are perfect! It all looks exactly as planned and we guess that true friends prove their loyalty by doing similar things.

4. Caring for your friends is a must

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When you have a friend you know you care about, you must prove it on a daily basis by doing everything you can to support them. The example shown here explains it in the best possible way! Preparing someone’s belongings for the trip that you planned together is a sweet thing to do! As you can see, this person did it for their best friend, which is admirable!

5. True friends never leave your side

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Some people say that the best thing anyone could do is to marry their best friend! If you remember the TV show Friends, this is exactly what Monica and Chandler did, and it turned out to be a really good decision! Of course, ‘marrying’ your friend could have a different meaning. This woman obviously made the decision to show how much she cared for her friends by sharing the post-divorce period with them. They were probably equally thrilled to show their support, because true friends are always by each other’s side no matter what happens! We guess that getting divorced is not necessarily a bad thing, because in a lot of cases marriage proves to be a burden if you chose the wrong person to marry.

6. Some friends have special needs

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We think that all friend circles have at least one member who is constantly hungry or lazy! Sometimes the person features both of these personality perks! In most cases this leads to a lot of funny or ridiculous situations. This funny text conversation is a nice example which helps illustrate what we mean. Of course, it was probably a joke, but we bet that the person with the strange food request would be delighted to actually have the hotdog delivered. We know we would!

7. Distance cannot stand in the way of true friendship

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Remember the good old times when we used to have pen friends? It was really intriguing to have someone to exchange letters and photos with via traditional mail. When technology provided us with numerous ways to keep in touch no matter how far apart we might be, things really changed. You can be thousands of miles away and still hear and see each other. Of course, there are other ways to get in touch and share the important things that happen daily. We guess that a PowerPoint presentation is one of the best and also the funniest ways to do this!

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8. Here is something only your closest friends could do

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You probably know the old saying that your best friend will laugh or take a photo before picking you up after you fell down. This is absolutely true and it seems that those have the closest friendship are also the ones who can make each other’s lives really difficult by pulling all kinds of crazy jokes on them. The screenshot from a social media post you see above shows exactly that kind of behavior. This is a lesson to never trust anyone to pick your first tattoo, even if this is your closest friend!

9. Now this is something special

Image Source: Instagram

We know that close friends share everything, but this short story captured in four images is something more. It is not about sharing, it is about the willingness to help your buddy in a time of need. Even if that need comes down to some milk for the bowl of cereal! It sounds absurd, but these friends actually did it! The main question here is why did the one who needed the milk bother to drive to their friend’s house instead of going to a non-stop shop and just buy a carton of milk? We guess that meeting their friend was the important thing here.

10. Pranking your pals never gets old

Image Source: Reddit

One of the most common perks of true friendship is the constant line of jokes and pranks buddies pull on each other. Those hilarious moments are always worth sharing and we are glad that people always use social media to show the rest of their friends what they did! As you can see, someone came up with an extremely funny prank which is also very simple to do! Some Tootsie Rolls were more than enough to replace all the batteries in the remote controls. You can bet that the roommate who was absent would be really surprised upon arrival!

11. Some things never change

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that one the main characteristics of a true friendship is its longevity. If you and your best friend are together since childhood, chances are that you are going to be together for your entire lives! As you can see from these photos, some things never change! They have obviously been together for a number of years! Only the choice of drinks has changed, but that is perfectly normal. What matters is that these two can still goof off just like the good old days!

12. Sometimes the relationship between two people is truly special

Image Source: Twitter

It is true that sometimes a strong bond between two people can start with a simple and shared love for a particular thing. The photos above show exactly that! One of the favorite toys every man owns is the game console! It takes a special place at home and the time spent playing is something sacred! This was probably the reason why these grown men had a touching meeting after playing together for seven years. It was probably a special feeling and we are sure that it was more than emotional to see it in person! This is one true friendship!

13. Here is one really unusual and funny sign

Image Source: Twitter

As we already mentioned, best friends often pull off the best pranks! Sometimes they require a bit of an effort, but we are sure that it is worth it every time! The example you see here can serve as the best proof of that. That huge sign probably brought a lot of smiles and laughter to everyone who saw it, especially to the person who the sign was made for! This is the kind of thing that shows how special someone is to their friends.

Written by Nick Martin

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