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13 Things Which Were Prone To Failure By Design

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The point of creating a design is to create the most suitable and convenient features possible, and sometimes combine them with good looks. However, it seems that the end result could be way off the initial blueprint, and some designs fail miserably. The only good thing about a design fail of a product, service or even an ad is that we could all laugh at the consequences, as long as nobody gets hurt.
The list below contains design fails and ideas that have already gone wrong to the point when they can become ridiculous.

1. This is an engineering marvel

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It is hard to believe that this thing exists, but if the sign is accurate, it does. We have no idea why someone thought that it was a good idea, and even though it may be just a temporary solution, they could probably still think of something more convenient.

2. Texting would be easier if the device could actually support this function

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This hilarious photo has been circulating around the Internet for quite some time and it never seizes to amaze us just how wrong it actually is. While the original article it was part of suggested some actual reasons why a guy doesn’t text a girl, the photo is very specific about one particular reason as well – this old telephone cannot receive text messages.

3. Here is one billboard that has difficulties functioning

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Wow, this is one of the biggest fails here for sure! By the looks of this construction we can assume that it was rather expensive to put it there in the first place, but maybe they should have calculated its exact position more accurately.

4. Why would anyone put such a window there?

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Seriously, the person who decided to put this window there has absolutely no excuse for such a ridiculous decision. The point of such narrow window’s existence is not clear, but even more shockingly, there are blinds installed as well.

5. This company needs to be proactive

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Would you order sliding doors for your home or office from this company? The fact that they did not install their products in their own office building is strange. It would be the best possible advertising to demonstrate the quality of the products to all office visitors.

6. The perfect socks if you want to get laughed at

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We get the clever attempt to make this product – The Walking Dead implies walking, of course, and people usually walk using their feet. However, the socks seem to be quite stretchy, and this totally ruins the initial effect. They look goofy!

test ad

7. What were they thinking?

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It seems that people sometimes focus more on the looks rather than the proper functionality of the project. The perfect example can be seen in this short video. This rotating sign looks like it was made to confuse the potential customers rather than guide them.

8. Floating flamingo fail

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What you see here is just one of the many products that don’t match their description. The idea behind this was rather cute and it seems to be convenient, but the reality is apparently a lot different than the expectations.

9. The advertising company should be ashamed

Image Source: eBaum’s World

We do not questions the quality of the product; in fact, we even support it, because the broken wine glasses in our history are countless, not to mention the wasted wine. What bothers us here is that someone decided to put a little girl holding a wine glass on the package, which is inappropriate.

10. Mounting the hand dryer proved to be harder than expected


The problem with most design fails is that those who create, design and build random things are often wrong to think that a certain job is fairly easy. Sure, mounting a hand dryer on the wall is an easy task, but you would have to consider the exact placement before drilling even one hole.

11. This shop display can give you the chills

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We guess that this must be some kind of a joke; otherwise it would be nothing less than creepy. There is absolutely no way that someone could approve this idea, because it’s insane.

12. Contact info done wrong

Image Source: Imgur

Can you imagine the creativity of this company’s owner? Too bad it’s rather inappropriate, because it actually makes it difficult for any potential customer to contact the company, which makes it totally pointless.

13. These jeans apparently sell good

Image Source: Reddit

As strange as this seems, these jeans are a success despite the crazy price of $168 per piece. We also have to mention that there is not much left of the denim fabric on these, actually, and putting them on wouldn’t make too much of a difference.

Written by Nick Martin

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