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13 Times Siblings Did Things That Will Definitely Not Be Forgotten

Image Source: Reddit

If you have siblings, then the following list might not seem as strange as the rest of the people would find it to be. Having a brother or a sister might be a blessing, but there are moments when it feels like it is the other way around. Needless to say, people do strange things all the time, but when these people are in your own house and you suffer the consequences of the things they do, then you need to complain about it, at least, as there is often nothing else that could be done. The list below is full of fine examples of that.

1. The careless sibling

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people learn the most important lessons the hard way, and the same almost happened here. Siblings often have a total disregard toward the items belonging to other family members, and they show how careless they are in moments like the one given for example here. This person needs to know that one seemingly simple action could be enough to prevent a disaster, but it takes some effort to do it!

2. The cable mess

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another brilliant example of how things should never be done! This person posted an image of what his brother did when he needed to handles some cables and extension cords. It is easy to see that sorting out this mess is close to impossible, and perhaps even the one who is responsible for it would not be able to deal with it. Such a level of neglect can be both infuriating and dangerous, as different cables tied into messy knots is a shortcut to house fire.

3. The toothpaste

Image Source: Reddit

It really seems that some people’s social skills are not that advanced, but there is another part of everyday life they are equally bad at. We have the household items in mind, of course. People often miss the simple point of doing something ordinary, just as the example here suggest. There is only one way to handle a tube of toothpaste, but it seems that one person either has trouble handling this kind of items or she simply does not care about it at all!

4. The snack

Image Source: Reddit

Some people need to learn a thing or two about sharing, but others need a lesson in respecting other people’s preferences. This image shows how one person’s brother had a sweet tooth for ham, so he opened all the Lunchables and ate only the ham, leaving the less tasty ingredients inside. This is definitely not the nicest thing one could do to their family, but some people have zero respect for them, it appears.

5. The chocolate layer

Image Source: Reddit

There are more than a few cases like the one we just described, and this example is even worse than the previous one. This treat is probably a favorite one for many among us, but it seems that some people only prefer to eat part of it. However, scraping the chocolate off every single container in the house would be nothing less than a sign of disrespect for your siblings and other family members.

6. The Easter egg

Image Source: Reddit

Sharing is caring, or at least this is what people think. Some individuals are not keen on sharing because they are not really into it or they don’t know that it is the right thing to do. In this case, the mom of two siblings wanted to teach the younger one a lesson about sharing. The kid definitely got the message but this was not what he wanted to do in the first place. We can all see the result: the shared piece of the chocolate Easter egg is almost microscopic!

7. The bizarre hole

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is something you have never seen before for sure! No, not the hole itself: we have all seen holes in desks carved by naughty kids. This hole is kind of special. It was made by the desk owner’s sister who did it with the intention of filling it with ramen noodles only to please her followers on Instagram! Can you imagine doing that only to impress a group of strangers? Times have really changed, and not for the better, too.

8. The maneuver

Image Source: Reddit

We all like welcoming guests from time to time, but not too often, right? Having guests means that you need to do a ton of things before they come and after they leave! It really seems that getting together with close ones at your home is nothing but good time. However, it is sometimes related to annoying moments, and one person experienced that. Her brother came to visit, and he managed to destroy her lawn upon leaving.

9. The lollipop holder

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is a sight that would probably infuriate most people, and imagine what it would feel like to personally experience this situation! It might not look like much, but most people’s lives today are dependent on their phones. The fact that this phone owner’s sister decided to simply leave her lollipop on the device’s screen is baffling and it definitely means she had no regard for her siblings’ personal belongings.

10. The lazy person

Image Source: Reddit

We know what it feels like to be too lazy to do something basic. There are many moments in which we feel we would not get out of bed even if the house was on fire, but that is just us. As you can see here, someone threw all the Monopoly bits in the trash bin simply because they were too lazy to put them back in the box. That someone was the brother of the board game’s owner, and that is just plain disrespectful.

11. The half-eaten apples

Image Source: Reddit

We are fully aware of the fact that people have different eating habits and we try to respect them regardless of just how weird these habits might be. However, in some cases there is nothing to respect. In fact, this image speaks of a behavior that needs to be changed as soon as possible: after all, it is quite disrespectful because there are other people living in that house, too!

12. The constant requests

Image Source: Reddit

Annoying things can happen all the time, but when it is the same thing, time and time again, it is even worse than the random infuriating moments one could experience. To top it all off, that thing’s culprit is your own sibling. The image shown here speaks for itself and we are sure that nobody could tolerate such a behavior for a long time. Some people really have the type of behavior that could get on your nerve.

13. The earbuds

Image Source: Reddit

Sharing is difficult, and we know it. We already showed you a good example of that, but this one is even better. And no, the problem here is not the fact that one of the siblings was not willing to share. The trouble is that the other had zero respect for the kindness and this is the result. Instead of thanking her brother for giving her his earbuds, she returned them as tangled as they could possibly be.

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