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13 Times When Plans Would’ve Been Better Left Unmade

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes life serves you more than lemons; every now and then we find ourselves in situations that can put us to the test, and most them we would like to forget about. Whether it is something awkward, shameful and inappropriate or just some random incident, unexpected things will always happen.

No matter how well we plan ahead or the precautions we take about a certain thing, life has the peculiar habit of showing us that not everything can be foreseen. These photos will show you examples of similar situations, proving that nothing is really under our power.

1. The Mystery Machine will not chase mysteries for a while

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Well, the gang will have to wait for a long time before hopping in their trusted van and driving off to some haunted destination. You can see that the scenery is snowy and it was probably cold during this incident, but still the van caught fire and was badly damaged.

2. The warm birthday feeling is a bit too much here

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Who knew that blowing the candles could result in disaster? This woman seems completely unaware of what happened, and she probably reacted at least five seconds after her hair caught fire. We hope that she was okay after that episode.

3. Think twice before leaving the laundry to someone inexperienced

Image Source: The Chive

Doing the laundry may seem as an easy task, but as you can see it can cause a lot of trouble if not done right. We must not underestimate the potential risks and either do the laundry ourselves or leave specific instructions to the one left in charge.

4. He is either showing off or just acting stupid

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Everyone does their best to be able to provide for the kids. However, things need to be well-calculated and there must be priorities. This young dad probably has no idea that his baby does not understand the value of money, yet he still decided to show off.

5. Checking the weather report is a good idea

Image Source: The Chive

Some people seem to neglect the need to follow the weather forecasts and reports, which is absolutely necessary during the winter or the raining season. This is especially important if you own an expensive convertible car, and if you fail to take precautions, you’ll end up with the consequences.

6. When the postman dislikes you

Image Source: Reddit

Wow, we probably all find this to be really funny, except for the person whose diploma is inside that envelope. There are a few possible explanations – the postman is angry at the recipient, the recipient is angry at the postman or he simply failed to read the warning written on top.

7. Commuting on a working day is like going to war

Image Source: Reddit

Most people who commute daily would probably agree immediately that it requires a lot of planning, skills and luck in order to be able to cope with the different obstacles involved in this activity. As you can see, there is even a potential risk for people’s lives.

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8. Shortcuts are not what they seem in some cases

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe you should think twice before taking a seemingly perfect shortcut. You can see the possible consequences on the photo above. What can save you a few minute has the potential to cost you a lot more than you could think.

9. If you learned to read the signs, you the whole day will be a disaster

Image Source: Imgur

Pouring yoghurt over the wrong side of the glass is not the best start of the day for sure. Most people tend to see a sign in such situations, and if the same thing happens to them, they would simply write off the whole day, which a bit too harsh.

10. This is more than a disaster for a woman – it’s a tragedy

Image Source: Reddit

We feel deeply sorry for this woman! You know how much care and effort goes into maintaining ladies’ looks and outfit, and accidently ripping off half of the eyelashes is something far worse than a disaster. Most women would classify this as a nightmare.

11. Seeking a job? Do not dress like him

Image Source: The Chive

Well, just when we thought we’ve seen it all, this guy appears out of the blue. He was photographed by a random person after he approached the cashier and asked for a career application form. You can imagine the facial expression of the cashier. This dude needs to reconsider his choice of clothes unless he wants a life of unemployment.

12. There is no logical explanation for this

Image Source: Instagram

When you order chicken nuggets, you would expect to receive meat, not half a tube of mayo in a box. This was hardly a mistake; there must have been another story behind this one, but we would never know.

13. Emergency situations occur quickly

Image Source: The Chive

You are always just one move away from a disaster, as you can see on the photo here. The unfortunate person just realized that all the plans for the night had to be cancelled, and nobody likes it when that happens.

Written by Nick Martin

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