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13 Weird And Creepy Findings People Stumbled Upon

Image Source: Reddit

The world is full of strange things! Not a day goes by without giving us another example of the weird stuff there is everywhere around us. People find the most unusual things in the least expected places. Such finds are always curious to see, which is why we decided to create this list. Check it out and have fun!

1. Strange items can be found even underwater

Image Source: Reddit

This is the best image to kick off the list with! As you can see, it shows something that nobody would expect to see while diving 30 meters below the surface! This huge teddy bear is sitting on a toilet, which is a ridiculous sight to see, especially on the bottom of the ocean! It was probably intended to be a funny art installation to amuse the divers, but it also looks creepy! We guess that some tourists who decided to take a dive would be bothered by this thing.

2. This is typical for most scary movies

Image Source: Reddit

We love horror movies and thrillers! There are some features typical for almost every film in those two genres. One of these features is the secret room, attic or basement that the characters eventually find in a creepy house. It seems that one Reddit user experienced the same thing in real life, but it was not that creepy, of course! As you can see, the secret room was hidden behind a bookshelf. It turned out that the room behind it was used to house the water heater, but it looks suspicious anyway.

3. Here is one angry little fish

Image Source: Imgur

Long walks on the beach are the best thing to do in your spare time! They are especially romantic off season when the beaches are empty. This is the time when you can find a lot of interesting things scattered across the beach! This photo shows something that is not only interesting but also disturbing! As you can see, this little fish looks so scary that we would never dare to touch it! It doesn’t matter that it is not alive anymore! It looks like a toy, but apparently it is real. Just at those teeth! We are positive that an encounter with that fish in the water would be a rather unpleasant experience! Maybe the person who found it and took the photo also kept is a souvenir.

4. This is one really weird insect

Image Source: Reddit

There are so many kinds of insects out there that most people only see a small part of them in their lifetime. This is why we often see something new, just like the person who took this photo. As you can see, it shows one really unusual looking species. You probably know this, but most grasshoppers are green, which gives them better protection against the animals that feed on them. Of course, a pink grasshopper would always stand out and this is why this pink specimen is so curious to see. We are not sure about this but pink grass probably does not exist.

5. Finding a game console on the beach is something really curious

Image Source: Imgur

As we already mentioned, people can find all sorts of curious stuff on the beach. The one you see here, however, is more than curious! It is probably one the last things you would expect to see on a beach. This is an old Nintendo Classic game console. It is obvious that it is in a poor shape but it is still in one piece, which is admirable. If the console was washed on the shore by the sea, it would probably never run again. However, if someone just threw it there as a piece of trash, there is a slight chance that it might actually be usable again. It would be nice if someone restored this item because of the interesting history of its discovery.

6. Here is a find that is probably the only one of its kind

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is the best way to continue the list after we mentioned the Nintendo Classic above. The item in the photo you see was found by a Reddit user on the side of the road. The odd part is that the game was wrapped in a soap wrapper. Even more peculiar, the soap was from one very interesting hotel! Having this in mind, we are convinced that there must be a story behind this! Someone probably threw this away by mistake, but we would never know the actual truth behind it.

7. This photo raises a few questions

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Image Source: Reddit

We need to clarify that we are not entirely convinced that this photo is genuine. Yes, there seems to be a plant growing from the back seat, but there is a slight possibility that someone made appear that way only to take some photos. If we assume that it is the real thing, then a few questions immediately pop out. First of all, how is this possible, anyway? A seed probably fell between the sections of the seats and remained stuck there, but it would require soil and moisture, right? Let’s say that it is possible and the plant was able to grow inside the car. This means that the vehicle was not cleaned properly for months, which is crazy!

8. Someone found this curious can of soda

Image Source: Metro

We know that it doesn’t seem like much when you take a quick look at this photo. However, you might notice that the can is unopened but it looks really different than the Coke cans we see today. The reason for that is that it is actually a vintage can! It was issued in 1991 and it remained unopened because someone dropped it and it rolled behind the staircase of a British home. Someone found the 27-year-old can and that same person reportedly drank it! We are sure that its expiration date was many years ago and we hope that the stuff inside was good enough to drink despite that fact.

9. Here is how nature can provide us with strange finds

Image Source: Reddit

Nature is able to surprise us in many different ways! One of the most common ones is the variety of natural landscapes which take our breath away with their raw beauty. However, there are some really unusual things that nature’s ways provide for us to see. When the circumstances are just right, things like this happen! The curious way the snow melted off the slide is mesmerizing to see! It melted slow enough to be folded like a long blanket, yet the snow remained in the right consistency and did not melt completely, which is awesome!

10. You don’t find things like this one every day

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what someone found when hiking through the woods! It is definitely something really curious! We are sure that there are a lot of similar structures yet to be discovered. Most of them have been completely hidden by the natural way the forest reclaims everything back! Such old structures and ruins look really creepy and curious at the same time. We wonder what this place used to be. It looks like it is at least a couple of centuries old.

11. We have never seen a creepier find in an abandoned house

Image Source: Reddit

Some people love to go exploring abandoned spaces! This is a dangerous hobby to have, and people need to be very careful when they do this! There are all kinds of ways these places can hurt anyone who dares to enter! As you can see, sometimes these locations are more than dangerous! This house features a detail that nobody would expect to see! The creepy addition to the wall in one of the rooms is all it takes for us to leave the place and never return!

12. Here is a bone someone found in their property

Image Source: Quora

This photo was uploaded on social media by someone who explained that they found it while digging for the construction of a new house. As you can see, the huge bone fragment is absolutely massive and it probably dates back ancient times and it could even be from the dinosaur age. The person who found it was probably puzzled by the discovery. Nobody expects to find a dinosaur bone in their land! This is not something creepy but it is definitely weird!

13. Now this is something we would definitely like to find

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of weird things that people find when they start remodeling their homes. You can be sure that if people lived there before, there is definitely a surprise somewhere just waiting to be found! As you can see, someone stumbled upon something that is equally strange and cool! After they removed the old carpet, this vintage looking Monopoly game showed its face! This is definitely the last thing anyone would expect to find under the floor carpet! We wonder who put it there in the first place. The reason is more than obvious – the previous owners had a lot of fun time with it for sure!

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