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14 Amazing Times People Made The Mistake Going Target Wearing Red Clothes

Image Source: Twitter

Dress code is something really important. You may think that you need to follow it when it is required, but you would be wrong. In fact, sometimes you need to avoid a certain style at all cost! As you are about to see, even the daily routines sometimes require certain rules to be followed. One of them is actually very simple. All you need to do is avoid wearing red when you go shopping at Target! The reason why is more than clear! Just scroll down and see for yourself.

1. Hoodies count as Target clothing as well

Image Source: Twitter

It might sound weird, but hoodies apparently can also be mistaken for official target uniforms as long as they are red! This person obviously did not expect to face any difficulties with their red hoodie while shopping at Target, but they realized that things were not what they seem. Customers approached this person with different questions and a real employee actually mistook them for a colleague and asked for assistance! We guess that this person felt awkward but had a lot of fun with these strange events. It was a fun situation and that is what matters.

2. This person also realized that wearing red at Target was a mistake

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes a bad decision is quickly realized even though it was completely unexpected. Wearing a red shirt at Target was a mistake that this person would never allow again. We don’t know what happened exactly, but we get the general idea from this photo. As you can see, the person is holding some coat hangers. Chances are that a real employee asked for assistance and handed them over for sorting or storage. The look on this man’s face says more than enough and we think that he has a really funny story to tell everyone.

3. The look of disappointment can be seen on this person’s face

Image Source: Twitter

Well, there is not much that could be said about this photo. The person’s facial expression speaks louder than a hundred words! It is obvious that his red polo shirt did the trick and everyone thought that he actually worked at Target. The caption below suggests that some random customer asked him where the press-on letters were located. The person obviously had no idea, and he probably felt a bit confused, which was the moment he realized the red polo was the reason for the awkward situation.

4. Here is a nice approach to a funny situation

Image Source: Twitter

This woman shared a funny story about her experience at Target. She wore red and realized her mistake soon enough. People started approaching her with different requests and she figured that it would be easier to just assist them than try to explain she wasn’t an employee. So, she leaped into action and actually started working at Target! She helped numerous people find what they need and provided others with important information. We guess she should have asked for a paycheck for her services but she was probably just happy to assist.

5. This person looks so proud

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that some of the people who experienced wearing red clothes when they were at Target accepted what happened with a smile and a positive vibe. This person accidently became a part of the team. Even more, he climbed the corporate ladder fast and immediately became assistant manager! It seems that the red coat he chose to wear that day did the magic! He appears to be happy with the new accidental job and we like his attitude.

6. Here is a person who probably asked for it

Image Source: Twitter

This person probably pushed things a bit too far by wearing the exact same outfit as a Target employee. If we understand the caption of the photo, he dressed like that intentionally and got what he asked for. A couple of customers wanted him to provide them with some kind of assistance and he did, because he had no choice. We guess that a social experiment like that would end the same way pretty much every time, because people at Target always look for the people dressed in red to help them with their purchase.

7. Now this is a funny story

Image Source: Twitter

This person had a really funny experience at Target. He also chose to wear the exact same colors as the staff which resulted in the short story he wrote as caption of the photo. Apparently he was put to do some work and even received a badge! Imagine going somewhere to buy stuff and ending up as part of the team! We are not sure if the whole thing was intentional of not, but one thing is for sure – this is definitely one of the funniest stories on this list! We like it when people are more than expressive when they talk about their experience.

8. This person found out the hard way that wearing red was a mistake

Image Source: Twitter

Some people are unaware of the fact that wearing red when going to target is definitely a mistake. They realize that mistake when it is too late! This person had a different shade of red on her, but apparently it was close enough for the shoppers to mistake her for a member of the staff team. One of them approached her and asked her if she could provide assistance. This is a lesson she would remember and we bet she would never go to Target again wearing red clothes.

9. Anjela’s face tells a story

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one more story that has the same moral as the ones above – you should never visit Target wearing red clothes. If you do go there in your new red shirt despite the warnings on this list, then you should be prepared to face the consequences. As you can see, this person’s face tells the whole story of the Target experience! At least she is completely aware of what she did and we guess this is the important thing here. People should learn their lessons even if it is the hard way.

10. This person was not aware what he was getting himself into

Image Source: Twitter

Walking inside Target with a red shirt combined with sand-colored pants is definitely a huge no-no. Unfortunately for this person, he realized that after it was already too late to do something about it. Once you go inside and you have a red piece of clothing on, there is no turning back. You are bound to explain to numerous people that you have nothing in common with the store staff and that your red clothes are not the official uniform.

11. Tan pants and a red shirt is not the best combo to wear at Target

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that a lot of people made the same mistake and this person is no exception. He realized that it can be a real problem and the situation he experienced proved that. Some lady approached him and asked a specific question. After the person who posted this was not able to answer, she demanded to complain and insisted to speak with the manager. Imagine getting yourself in trouble related to your job at a place you don’t actually work! It sounds like a joke but it apparently happened for real.

12. This person had a really tough experience at Target

Image Source: Twitter

When we saw this person’s post, we could tell that he regretted his decision to wear red when he went to Target. Apparently more than a dozen people stopped him and asked for assistance. As you can imagine, he was not prepared to answer to most question, which resulted in some serious situations. Four people actually reacted in a bad way and yelled at him for not knowing where certain products were located.

13. This person also experienced what it’s like to work at Target

Image Source: Twitter

This man also chose to share his experience with wearing a shirt at Target. He posted this photo on social media and decided to share in detail the experience he had. Apparently a lot of people turned to him for assistance but he was unable to help simply because he did not work there, of course. The look on his face suggests that he was more or less fed up and he will also never wear red again when he needs to visit Target.

14. Everyone wearing red at Target is bound to be mistaken for an employee

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that there is no escaping your fate when you enter Target wearing red clothes. This person also found out that sporting a red shirt or even a hoodie will automatically turn you into a staff member in the eyes of shoppers. The woman in the photo tried to play it smart and put her sunglasses on hoping that it would be enough to stop everyone from asking her for assistance. As you can see, it did not help at all and customers kept asking questions. We have never seen an employee with sunglasses on but it appears that the shoppers were not bothered at all by them.

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