14 Images That You Will Definitely Boggle Your Eyes

Image Source: Reddit

There are certain things that you will wish you never saw. There are certain images that you wish you could unsee as soon as you see them; they are just that disturbing.

Unfortunately, once you see certain images, you will never forget them. They are out there on the internet, though, just waiting to be seen.

Here are fifteen great examples of images that you will probably find quite disturbing and will want to forget as soon as possible.

1. The Pizza Getting Washed Off

Image Source: Reddit

On the surface, this image is not really so bad. However, when you really think about it, you will be disturbed.
Chances are, this pizza was about to be served in a restaurant. It was probably not a frozen pizza someone made for his or her own consumption.

If that happened to be the case, it would be fine. People can do whatever they want to food they are going to personally consume as far as I am concerned. It was probably served to an unsuspecting customer, though, and that is truly disturbing.

You would like to think that those who prepare your food are nice and hygienic, but sadly that is not always the case.

What is weird—at least I think so—is that this image disturbs me and also makes me kind of hungry. Pizza is just so delicious, isn’t it?

2. The Ninja Turtles

Image Source: Reddit

I would like to give the people in this image credit for trying, but I refuse to do so; they clearly did not try at all.

I have seen many “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” costumes over the years; some have been good, and others were not so good. The “costumes” in this image are, by far, the worst I have ever seen.

While the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were most popular in the 1980s and 1990s, they are still pretty popular today. Chances are, they will never stop being popular.

Video game fans have probably played at least one “TMNT” game; the first one came out in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was ridiculously difficult. Several games followed, and they were not nearly as difficult. A couple of them were actually really good.

Chances are, there will be another “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” game sometime in the future.

Seriously, though, there is no way anyone thinks these costumes look good, right? Were they designed as some sort of joke? If so, I do not get the joke.

3. The Can of Food

Image Source: Imgur

If the picture of the pizza getting washed off didn’t ruin your appetite, the picture of this can of food definitely will.

Why would anyone order this? Possum in a can? That is disgusting. Also, how does one make a possum “creamed” exactly? Does possum go well with sweet potatoes?

Everything about this product sounds disgusting. I can’t imagine anyone purchasing it. I can’t imagine a store even selling it. That’s a store I do not want to go to.

After a bit of internet research, I realized that this product is actually a gag gift. If you want to make family members or friends vomit, I highly recommend this purchase.

Really, the thought is enough to ruin your day, isn’t it? Also, the fact of the matter is that the animal was once hunted and regularly consumed in the United States. Jimmy Carter, the US President, used to hunt them.

Also, in certain parts of Mexico, their tails are eaten; they are believed to help with fertility issues.

4. This “Version” of Pikachu

Image Source: Reddit

Someone without a heart or a soul decided to draw this “version” of Pikachu. It is awful. Why was it necessary? I don’t even know how to describe this particular creation. I guess it kind of looks like Pikachu ate a person and is still digesting it.

Pikachu, of course, is one of the more recognizable characters in the world. The fictional character has starred in numerous video games, television shows, and movies. Pikachu is also one of Nintendo’s mascots, and the character is particularly popular in Japan.

Later this year, a game called “Pokémon Let’s Go” will be released for the Nintendo Switch, and Pikachu will be one of its stars. Pikachu is also well known to fans of the “Super Smash Bros.” games. Pikachu has appeared in every version of the fighting game, and will likely continue to appear for as long as new games are made. Pikachu is definitely here to stay.

The version of Pikachu in this image, though, needs to go away forever. It will be a hard image to forget.

5. The Doll Heads

Image Source: eBaum’s World

There is a lot to be disturbed by here. For one, who wants to buy a doll head? I can understand wanting to buy a doll if you have a kid, of course, but why just the head? Is there are legitimate market for them? Do people frequently lose heads from their dolls? What games, precisely, are being played that lead to the decapitation of a doll?

These appear to be heads from “Barbie” dolls; I can’t be sure, true, but it certainly appears to be the case.

Believe it or not, the character of Barbie has been entertaining children for almost 60 years. The first dolls were released in March of 1959. Since then, the character has become a cultural icon. Artist Andy Warhol actually made a painting of Barbie back in the 1980s. It sold for over $1 million.

While Barbie is certainly popular, the toy is somewhat controversial—and has been for a while now. In particular, people worry that little girls will try to look like Barbie, which simply is not possible. Her body proportions are not normal by any stretch of the imagination.

6. These Hands

Image Source: Instagram

I don’t really understand what is going on in this particular image. Someone was trying to make a joke. I get that. However, it is kind of a disgusting joke. Even if you like seafood, it is a truly disgusting joke.

Even the names are sort of gross, really. Why would anyone go by “sweaty leather pants”? I have never worn leather pants, personally, but if I ever do, I can’t imagine I will want them to be sweaty.

Also, “RagingInfection” isn’t much better, is it? If you have a raging infection, you should go to a doctor immediately and get yourself some decent antibiotics.

7. The One With Pooh Bear

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Image Source: Instagram

This one is definitely weird, and I have no idea what I am supposed to be thinking here, exactly.

Winnie-the-Pooh is pretty cool, though. He has been entertaining us since 1926, and will probably continue to do so for decades to come.

Pooh Bear has starred in numerous films, including this year’s “Christopher Robin”. He has also starred in numerous television shows, including “Welcome to Pooh Corner”. There have even been Winnie-the-Pooh video games.

8. The Face In the Food

Image Source: Reddit

This is apparently a bowl of ice cream. However, it also appears to be some sort of portal to a demonic dimension. An evil creature is clearly trying to enter our realm, and I can only hope that someone put a stop to the thing’s nefarious plans. I would not want to see this face in my ice cream.

It is sort of weird when you see faces in unexpected places, but it happens a lot more often than you would think.

There is a proper name for the phenomenon—it is called pareidolia; technically, it refers to the human mind’s perception that there is a pattern where there is not actually one. There are several notable examples; the most famous example of the phenomenon may be the “Man in the Moon”.

9. The Person Who Apparently Wanted To Look Like This

Image Source: Reddit

Someone apparently wanted to look like this. I have no idea why. This is very creepy, and I want to unsee it immediately.

I suppose it isn’t the weirdest thing ever, though. Fashion has gone through dark periods before. For example, bell-bottoms were once extremely popular. In the 1970s, almost everyone wore them. In general, clothing from the 1970s was hideous. There were a lot of great television shows made during the 1970s—“The Mary Tyler Moore Show” was particularly good—but the fashion was rotten. Hairstyles in the 1970s were also pretty terrible. Hairstyles were not much better in the 1980s, frankly.

If you wore bell-bottoms—or your parents or grandparents did—back in the 1970s, you have Sonny and Cher to thank.

They popularized them on their television show.

10. The Picture Where You Do Not Know What You Are Looking At, Precisely

Image Source: Reddit

This is another one of those images where I am not sure what I am looking at, exactly. I thought it was a head at first, of course, but that simply can’t be the case. There is no away that can be a neck, right? Therefore, the only reasonable conclusion is that we are looking at a thumb. If that just happens to be a neck, I certainly do not want to see the face attached to it.

Why would anyone put a wig on their thumb, though? People do a lot of weird stuff, I know, but dressing up your thumb? You have got to be really bored to do that.

11. The Curious Drawing

Image Source: Instagram

Technically, this is not a bad drawing. I couldn’t do any better, honestly. The subject matter is just sort of weird, though, and apparently I am not the only one who finds it a bit uncomfortable.

I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if the kid who drew this eventually went on to become a famous artist. There is talent here, and I acknowledge that. I just wish the kid would draw a landscape or something. A nice bowl of fruit would be pleasant to look at. Almost everyone loves to look at drawings of flowers, puppies, and kittens.

This particular image really is not anything that anyone needs to see.

12. The Unappealing Footwear

Image Source: Reddit

This is a pretty ugly combination. It is my understanding that one generally loses the ability to be stylish as one ages, and that is clearly what happened here.

If this person has children, those children must be mortified.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, bell-bottoms used to be considered the height of fashion; let’s face it, sometimes people just design really ugly clothing and embrace terrible styles. That can’t be helped.

I actually know several people who routinely wear socks with their sandals, and I kind of understand why. Sandals really are very comfortable; however, sometimes it is too cold outside to wear them. You can’t exactly get mad at people who don’t want their toes to freeze off, right?

Anyway, I don’t know what is going on this image, but I definitely want to unsee it. That is not a good look.

13. The Drink In the Shoes

Image Source: The Chive

What is going on in this particular image? Was the store out of cups? Even if that happened to be the case, why would anyone want to drink out of a shoe?

While the image is definitely strange, it does seem like an effective—albeit extremely unusual way—of keeping one’s feet cool.

Nike, Inc. is an interesting brand. It is headquartered in Oregon, near the Portland area, and supplies more athletic shoes and apparel than any other company in the world. For that reason, the brand is worth almost $30 billion.

14. The Bear With No Face

Image Source: Reddit

Why on Earth would anyone intentionally make a bear with no face? That is just creepy.

I am assuming, of course, that this particular bear exists due to some sort of manufacturing defect. That is a true shame, of course, but why would any responsible store sell such a product? It is bound to disturb small children who see it. Toy bears should have faces.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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