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14 Of The Wittiest Practical Jokes And Ideas We Found Online

Image Source: Reddit

There is no telling how many different ideas you can find online when you are in search of the best practical jokes. The number of people who have pulled at least one is greater than we could all imagine and this is a good thing because the more individuals are busy thinking about it, the better the ideas will be. The list below suggests some witty practical jokes and ideas that others shared online and they might serve as a good source of inspiration.

1. The pants

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one thing that you don’t see every day. Someone thought that they should add a few details to their garden but the things they found were probably too mainstream for them so they decided to improvise. This is the result of their effort – the idea may seem odd to some but we actually love it and we guess that most people would, too.

2. The costume

Image Source: Reddit

Well, not all plans go according to the initial idea. The reasons for that may vary but it often comes down to someone not following the plan and this is exactly what happened here. This person and his colleagues thought that dressing themselves as smurfs for Halloween would be nice but they tricked him and only he showed up like this.

3. The Batman setup

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure how is this possible but it seems that someone really took their love for Batman too far and created an amazing setup including a full-size suit and a Batmobile that looks absolutely genuine. There is one thing about this we don’t like – we are not part of it. This person surely won Halloween.

4. The item

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one proven way you can scare someone and we believe it would work with most people. Someone used their knowledge and skills and created this design. They 3D-printed it and added some details. The scary object also features a glow-in-the-dark function that we would like to see.

5. The difference

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one sign that explains something we have been considering to be the source of all human problems. Most people want something but in reality, they need something completely different. It appears that the example given here is something we can all relate to as well.

6. The hanger

Image Source: Reddit

People who are creative and skilled at the same time are our kind of people. There is no telling how many among us have the kind of skills we love but they are unaware of them. In this case, one person was clever enough to put together a DIY sock hanger. It might not be pretty but it looks practical.

7. The sauce holder

Image Source: Reddit

Clever inventions are mostly simple contraptions that are easily used by many people and this amazing idea is exactly that kind of thing. We are certain that whoever came up with this sauce holder spends a lot of time in their car because they would not need it otherwise. We like it a lot!

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8. The sticker

Image Source: Reddit

For better or for worse, this father is single and needs to take care of a huge family. Still, there is something about his endeavor that we like – he obviously kept his sense of humor and this is a force that could keep him going even when times are tough. We hope he finds his partner eventually and be happy.

9. The team

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there you have it – a dream team that needs no introduction! These people thought about this kind of assembly and they were obviously paying a lot of attention to the details as well. We guess that this is the team we would like to see featured in an action-packed movie. That would be awesome to see!

10. The vending machine

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of vending machines and we know that they could be either easy or difficult to operate. In this case, there is nothing extraordinary about this machine but we still think that the curious part is the YOLO button that randomly gives you a drink.

11. The costume

Image Source: Reddit

Who doesn’t love a great outfit that is both, stylish and practical at the same time? We all like such clothing but this man took it to the extreme. Not many people would dare to put on this outfit but we need to admit that it looks extraordinary.

12. The decoration

Image Source: Reddit

House decorations become some people’s obsession around holidays such as Easter, Halloween, and Christmas. They give a lot of money only to have the best possible decoration and to impress their neighbors. In this case, someone used his skills to achieve this unique effect and we like it a lot!

13. The lifehack

Image Source: Imgur

Now, this is what practical jokes really aim for. You could easily trick people in millions of different ways but we have never seen someone do it with a bag of almonds. It seems this person had enough free time to pull off this plan but it looks awesome and we would totally buy it we were near them.

14. The gift

Image Source: Reddit

Many people follow a tradition of their own liking and these people were able to keep theirs. Two brothers competed about who would give the other the most hard-to-unwrap gift. In this case, one of the brothers won because they wrapped the gift in concrete.

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