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14 Photos Proving That The World Is A Really Weird Place

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody needs a certain kind of proof in order to agree that the world we live in is a strange place filled with weird things, people and places, and we think that we do not want it to be any different; otherwise it would be really boring.

Whether you are browsing the internet or just walking somewhere, chances are that every few minutes you would encounter some really weird things and individuals, and some of them are really worth sharing with others, because in most cases ‘weird’ goes along with ‘funny’ pretty good and this is exactly the kind of content we would like to see.

If you need a break from your date or you just want to kill some time, the following list will definitely amuse you and make you laugh.

1. This must be a trap

Image Source: Instagram

This is just one of those moments in which you know you should avoid something, but you want it bad in the same time, which is a problem. The sign on that old shack was probably put there to lure the people passing by it, and who knows what might be hiding inside. Those of you who have a wild imagination could easily picture what the interior looks like, but we are sure that there is no sign that could get us inside that creepy place. Of course, the sign was probably put there just for fun and there is nothing creepy inside, but it is better to not take any chances.

2. There is no higher form of trolling than this

Image Source: Instagram

We need to say that we have a lot of appreciation for the best jokers among us, because it takes a lot of genius and effort in order to pull off the best pranks and jokes in the world, and we could not describe it better than these photos and the caption above them. Imagine how cool these people were in order to come up this idea and to actually do it! We are glad that the new owners decided to remodel the premises, otherwise this jokes would have never worked the way it did!

3. Check out this dedicated store employee

Image Source: Reddit

Now here is what the staff around all the stores should look like. There is nothing better than giving your cash to a trained good boy and receiving your goods from him! However, we must say that some stores would probably not be suitable for a staff team made entirely of dogs. The one you see here is a rather place, judging by the merchandise in the back, but the way this dog seats proudly actually has a soothing effect on us and we would give our money.

4. This person was obviously thrilled about the Luigi head

Image Source: Instagram

Finding something interesting is always nice, but in some cases people just overreact about it, and we cannot understand why. The example above is actually a good way to describe what we mean. There is nothing unusual about this find, although it is not like finding a coin, but it is still not a treasure. However, this person probably loved Mario Bros and this was the reason for the joyful reaction and the photo shoot of the Luigi head.

5. Some people’s brains apparently work in a different way

Image Source: Instagram

You all know what a wedge is, right? Can you say that lettuce comes in wedges? We guess not, but this man obviously had another idea. This ridiculous situation proves that something simple for most people could seem like a real struggle for others, and the reasons for this are unknown. Maybe some people just tend to process all incoming information in a different way.

6. Is that a meteor dog?

Image Source: Reddit

We need to admit that the photo you see here made us laugh out loud despite the fact that is probably more curious than funny, but we literally imagined how the dog was flying down fast, after which it scraped the road surface so hard that it left the trail you see on the photo. Of course, none of this happened, and the pooch is simply resting in the damaged part of the road, but the whole thing could really make a nice short comic.

7. We would love to know the story behind this sign

Image Source: Instagram

You have probably seen a lot of weird signs and ads, but this one has got to be one the weirdest, and there is actually a mystery involved, because we have no clue who Gary is and why he refuses to come home, not to mention the snail image. Is Gary a snail, of is he coming home much slower than expected? What were these people trying to say with the huge billboard? And last, but not least – who exactly came up with the idea for the poster? We would love to shake that person’s hand.

test ad

8. Here is a proof that gross things can be clever in at least one way

Image Source: Reddit

Human genius can be shown in literally countless ways, and a lot them are probably not what you would expect. It turns out that some people can be creative in the most unusual way, and while some crazy ideas are immediately applicable, others are better left on the drawing board. However, this dude could not care less about what people might have to say, and he simply chose to feel comfortable at all costs.

9. Irony can be found literally everywhere

Image Source: Reddit

Some slogans need to be developed carefully, because they are far more than just a few words; there are a lot of things to consider while coming up with a slogan, and one of them is the placement of the slogan. In order to evade any controversy, the slogan must have a clear message that everyone could get upon reading it the first time. What you see here is actually an example of how not to do it! It is hilarious!

10. Someone decided that technology needed a break

Image Source: We Know Memes

This is not what you would expect to find in the photographic equipment aisle. It seems that someone showed their sense of humor by placing this potato between the cameras, and it looks funny, but there could be another reason for that. Imagine if someone actually bought a camera from the store, but it turned out to be garbage? That person would have enough reasons to do such a thing, but we guess that it would have been a lemon instead of a potato.

11. Caring for your customers’ comfort means that you need to be creative

Image Source: Twitter

Everyone knows that the customer is always right, but in some cases you need to be a step ahead and about what your customers might want without even realizing it. The management of this hotel clearly thought about that, and you see the result pictured above. Some people might consider this to be just too weird, and it probably is, but we know that we would be among those who would pay for this extra service during their whole stay. We wish that more hotels had this type of service!

12. Is this a real thing or someone made up the story?

Image Source: Instagram

This is one of those photos that we simply cannot trust. It may be a setup, but it may be real. Some weirdo probably designed and built the strange little house inside the tree trunk. It looks like the scenery of a fairytale, and it was probably meant to resemble just that. However, we cannot believe that someone found money inside, and that detail was probably thrown in the story in order to make it a bit more interesting. The bottom line is that the whole thing is beyond weird.

13. This is a bad idea

Image Source: Instagram

Some things are more than weird, because they fall directly into the ‘stupid’ category. This situation here is no exception, and the calmness of the dude means that he has absolutely no idea what is happening. It may take you a while to realize what is wrong with the photo, but you will eventually figure it out. This guy is not going to be happy about it, either.

14. Have you ever heard of DuckDuckGo before?

Image Source: Instagram

Well, it seems that we might be some of the last people who did not know what that was all about, but it turned out to be truly epic! If you like spending a lot of your day amusing yourselves with random stuff on the internet, you simply must try this! It is a topic that would never fail you, as the caption on the photo above says. You could easily spend a few hours observing the crazy images that will appear before your eyes when you search for it. And yes, we also find the fire-breathing Elmo to be super cool, because it takes the character far from the usual good guy image. If you think that this is weird and you like it in the same time, you have no reason to worry, because most people would react the same way. As we mentioned earlier, the world is full of weird people, and we like it just the way it is.

Written by Nick Martin

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