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14 Pics Showing What Customers Do Proving That Retails Workers Need A Raise

Image Source: Reddit

There are many ways in which people can be annoying to others, but some of these ways are definitely worth mentioning, as they are more or less a problem for modern society! What we means is that certain types of behavior are incompatible with the way we live today. Instead of being conscious and careful about how they act, they could not care less about what other people think about their sometimes outrageous lack of manners or integrity. One look at a retail store at the end of the day would make you believe in that! Instead of respecting the effort the staff makes and behaving like normal people, certain individuals act like savages because they think the fact they would spend money in a store justifies them for trashing the place! Retail workers are forced to deal with incredibly unpleasant situations all the time and some of them are listed below!

1. Here is one really graphic image to begin the list with

Image Source: Reddit

If you thought that we exaggerated these situations in the intro to this list, this image would be more than enough to convince you that we actually meant what we stated! We know that it is the truth, but even seeing such a situation is still not enough! You actually need to relive this more than a few times in order to really feel what these people go through daily.

2. This is not a shop, but the mess is equal, if not worse

Image Source: Reddit

If you are among the people who cannot help it but go to the movies at least a few times a month, then you would probably recall at least one time you were puzzled by just how messy some people can be. Well, we can assure you that you haven’t seen the worst kind of mess people are capable of! This photo is just a relatively mild example of what a mess in the movie theater could look like. Workers need to clean it each day and it is part of their duties, of course, but this does not mean that visitors should trash the place like that.

3. This is a classic example of inappropriate behavior

Image Source: Reddit

This is the kind of thing that you cannot find an excuse for! It appears that people do this knowing perfectly well that it is wrong to do it! This is actually what is wrong about this situation. Such an attitude should not be tolerated under any circumstances and the main goal for society should be to develop a high level of intolerance towards these acts. People need to be ashamed if they do such things and there probably should be consequences, too.

4. This is another example of what we mentioned above

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe the key to avoiding such situations would be to prohibit shoppers from entering stores with snacks and drinks. Nobody would like to see what we see in this photo, because it is just wrong! Making a mess is inevitable if you allow hundreds of people to go inside carrying large cups of coffee and soda! The easiest way for retail workers to have fewer things like this one is to make sure they are impossible to happen!

5. Here is another classic example of what store clerks need to put up with

Image Source: Reddit

Most big stores have an express lane checkout and this is an absolute must have, of course, but the trouble is that some shoppers do not comply with the signs! They simply do what is best for them and demonstrate complete disregard for everyone else!

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, someone literally dumped a fully loaded shopping cart at the express line checkout, and if this is not enough to infuriate every possible member of the staff there, then nothing is! other customers would be pissed, too!

6. Some people seem to act like this on purpose

Image Source: Reddit

You probably know that most big stores have employees whose job is to collect all the shopping carts scattered around the parking lot. It is not an easy job but someone’s got to do it, right? Well, instead of making these people’s job easier, some shoppers prefer to do things like the one you see in the photo above! As you can see, someone flipped the cart for seemingly no reason, and such a behavior is unacceptable!

7. Here is another typical example of shoppers behaving bad

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, there are some individuals who seem to love trashing different places! Instead of throwing all of this into a trash can, some unknown shopper left their shopping cart looking like this, which is not just a random case, unfortunately. People do that all the time and it seems that they simply do not care who will have to clean after them. Sure enough, the store staff will do it, but if shopper could make their lives easier, then why not do that instead of trashing the place?

8. This kind of people could annoy everyone

Image Source: Imgur

Putting up with rude customers is one thing, but having to deal with individuals like these is no easy task! They were the last ones in the restaurant, and the photo was taken hours after the regular closing time!

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody seems to care that the staff even flipped some chairs over the surrounding tables, giving them a clear sign that they must leave, but as we already mentioned, this is something more than just a rude behavior.

9. Counting these would take a while

Image Source: Reddit

All of us have seen people pay with huge stacks of one dollar bills or jars of coins! This is a nightmare to every retail worker, because they need to abandon all other duties and start counting. Of course, these situations cannot be avoided as small bills and change are a legit payment method and customers know this too well. Sometimes they even buy expensive things with stacks like the one pictured above! We guess they could just exchange them at a bank but they prefer this way because it is easier for them, of course!

10. Here is how some customers pay for whatever they buy

Image Source: Reddit

This might not look like much, but we assure you that each and every retail worker would be pissed off beyond the point we could explain with words! Some shoppers are just not capable of showing the slightest bit of respect towards the person at the other side of the counter! This would cost then absolutely nothing but it would mean the world to that employee! It would be nice if people thought more about these seemingly insignificant things.

11. Leaving a negative review like this is preposterous

Image Source: Imgur

Some people feel like each and every one single wish they might have needs to be satisfied to the fullest, otherwise they have the right to slam down the place or the person offering the service they wanted to use. In this case, some person left a negative review simply because she went there after closing time. As funny as this is, you can still see it happened! And it is more than just funny, too; it is kind of absurd! Nobody should expect that a certain place should be opened 24/7 just in case someone would feel like going there at a strange hour of the day.

12. This looks like the aftermath of a tornado

Image Source: Reddit

Well, you might say that it was a number of small tornadoes called shoppers! The mess in this store is absolutely unnecessary and we are convinced that people do such things simply because they think they could do whatever they please because they are the ones who leave money there! But buying something or enjoying a service does not mean that the customer should push things as far as they went here! We actually feel sorry for the staff when we see such situations!

13. This looks more like a dumpster instead of a diner

Image Source: Reddit

Even if you know that there is someone who would come and clean after you, leaving the place like this is a huge no-no. We get that some people make a mess after having a meal, but this looks as if someone trashed the whole place on purpose in order to make it look bad! We are not sure just how many people ate there, but we can imagine the faces of the staff when they saw the mountain of garbage they had to clean! It definitely took some time to do it!

14. This is the best image we could end the list with

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there is not much we could say about this one. We mentioned different cases in which customers show disrespect towards the people who did their best to be of assistance to them, and doing this instead of leaving the tip is the crown jewel of the list of disrespectful things one could do.

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