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14 Pictures That Are Just Too Weird To Be Explained

Image Source: Reddit

Some people may say that there is nothing that couldn’t be explained, especially a photo. We beg to differ, and we are about to prove it. However, there is a slight catch here; being able to explain something does not mean that the explanation would be reasonable, and this is what actually matters here.

If you think that you are good at reasonable explanations, here are fourteen images that will put your skills to the test. Enjoy the list and choose your favorite!

1. Remember how cool LAN-parties were?

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that the kids born after the year 2000 would probably find hard to understand. There is something very nostalgic about these times, but they remain so far in the past that it feels kind of strange. However, we keep the memories alive because we enjoyed these events. The LAN-parties were not as boring as someone might think, and there was a lot of action and emotions, too. If you don’t believe it, just look at the dude who is playing despite someone taped him to the ceiling.

2. The architect of this house is surely a weird person

Image Source: Reddit

There is no way that the person responsible for this house’s design was not aware of how the windows on the roof would look like! The end result is nothing but creepy, and it leaves a rather negative feeling after you lay your eyes on it. When we first saw this image, we immediately noticed the eye-shaped windows and after staring at them for a minute, we began to expect that some of them might blink at any given moment.

3. Ads do not get any weirder than this one

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen some pretty controversial and weird ads, but this one is among the strangest of them. First we need to be sure that the second pair of hands was intentional, because it is a big mistake and we guess there was no chance for it to make it to the printing company. This leaves us with the hard task of explaining why someone decided that it was a good idea to send a message like the one they tried.

4. Here is the weirdest bathroom ever

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we thought that we have seen a lot of bathrooms with strange features inside, but this one just surpassed all of them. Either this is some kind of a joke, or these people really care about drying their guests’ hands for some reason. The whole setup looks very cramped, and it is visible that someone just kept adding drying devices all over the place. Seeing that there is still some place left on the walls, we would imagine that it will be filled with paper dispensers of air dryers.

5. Someone obviously reinvented hair extensions

Image Source: Reddit

Personal style is something very important, and that is especially true for the ladies. In today’s world appearance matters the most in a lot of situations, and you would probably want to look your best all the time. This is where things become complicated and even weird, because a good style for one person can be the complete opposite for another. The additional ponytail this woman decided to wear as an extension is a very controversial accessory, and we think that it is just too much. The whole point of wearing hair extensions is to attach them in a seamless way, and this is the complete opposite.

6. This one is easy to explain, but curious

Image Source: Reddit

We decided to include this one as well, although there is nothing unusual with it at first glance; all it shows is a man who purchased an electrically powered mini SUV for his kid. The curious part is that the toy is also a Range Rover like the real car, and they are the same color, making it look like the big one just gave birth to the small one. What really amazed us is that the boot of the Range Rover was actually big enough to fit the smaller version.

7. Here is a possum that definitely has something to say

Image Source: Reddit

This little guy definitely has a huge tribune, and it seems that the photo caught the middle of the speech when the little guy was really into it! We can definitely some very good body language skills, which are essential if you want to influence the public. However, keeping in mind that it is a possum and the animal could hardly say a word, we would be happy just seeing in front of a big crowd that would cheer him just like a real spokesperson.

test ad

8. Marketing done right

Image Source: Reddit

We have always admired the brilliant minds of some marketing specialists, and we have mentioned that each and every time when there was an appropriate occasion for that. However, some of the advertising attempts really stand out from the rest, and this is one of those good examples we would place on the top positions.

This brilliant display would be noticed by everyone who passes by, because it is so strange that you simply cannot look away, but the most important thing is that it is different than everything we have seen before, and we’ve seen a lot of stuff.

9. Encounters like this one do not happen very often

Image Source: Reddit

Russia is a gigantic country, and you would expect that all kinds of things happen there. However, it would not be much of a help even if you have a wild imagination; you could still be surprised by the events it has to offer. For starters, you can check out the photo above and try to find a reasonable explanation for that. Let’s start with the man on bicycle; a funny looking guy with angel wings and some sort of a face tattoo that could actually be a mask.

He is dressed casually and the shorts do not match the wings at all, but probably nothing else would, either. This dude is pointing at two other guys on a motorbike which look as normal as possible except for the fact that they have a bear riding with them. You just might fall in love with this country.

10. Here is tough photo to explain

Image Source: Instagram

Even the weirdest of photos have at least a tiny hint that could turn out to be the key to solving them, but this one really got us puzzled, and the only way to solve the mystery behind it is to do some quick thinking and start guessing. The first thing that we noticed is that we are not talking about an accident, because the person’s hair is dipped perfectly in those containers, which cannot be a random event. Keeping this in mind, we can assume that the liquid inside must be some kind of hair dye.

11. This one would be impossible to explain

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that probably a lot of alcohol was involved in making this photo, because these guys would probably lack the courage to pull it off. The photo features the most unusual setup – a frozen lake, a hole in the lake with a person inside and a desktop computer which seems to be displaying Solitaire. They probably wanted to create the world’s best desktop monitor stand, and we reckon they were able to create a unique way to solve that problem. However, the guy in the hole is probably not happy about the whole setup, but as we mentioned earlier, he probably had a few drinks to warm up before diving in.

12. The contemporary style has taken over

Image Source: Reddit

People nowadays pay a lot of money to have the best possible interior at home or at the office, and interior design grew into an enormous business. There are countless different styles, trends and ways to turn a boring space into a fancy and luxurious crib. Of course, you need a professional to do all of that, because it looks easy, but it is definitely not! Some folks try to make changes themselves, but the end result is often a complete disaster. However, sometimes you see an interior that you just know is bad, but there is still something about it that catches your eye, and you even find it hard to name the reason for that. This toilet is the perfect example – it is terrible, but there is just something about it that we cannot explain.

13. These people took the customer’s request way too serious

Image Source: Reddit

When you order a burger with extra pickles in it, you always expect just a few added pieces in it, and this is absolutely normal. However, the monstrosity in the photo above exceeds any reasonable request by far; it is basically just a pile of pickles with two buns on each side. We hope that this dish is not actually served somewhere because it would be totally absurd.

14. This tree had the tire from an early age, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is not that hard to explain. Actually, but it is still an interesting one for sure! There are only two possible explanations for the photo. One version is that the tree was still young when someone threw the tire around its small trunk, and the other option is that someone cut the tire and put to create the effect we see. Judging by the trashy surrounding we think that it must be the first option.

Written by Nick Martin

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