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14 Things Unknown To Nowadays Kids That Will Make You Feel Old

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We believe that everyone who is around or above 30 years of age now often feels nostalgic about certain things from the past that are obsolete now or they are simply not around anymore for some kind of reason. It is kind of strange, really, and we are not sure why this happens, because many of the things we were used to would totally fly today, but we guess life changes and so do most of its ways. Sometimes the sheer fact that people refer to the 90’s as it was a really long time ago could make you feel old! All the differences between the things we have now and the ones we used to have back then often lead to confusion and funny situations, which are mostly due to the fact that some people have never lived in the 90’s so they are now aware of what life was back then. The examples below show exactly that kind of situations!

1. Here is a tweet that really gives an idea about how today’s kids accept the 90’s

Image Source: Twitter

We know that it has been a really long time since we were kids, but we still remember that time well and, to be honest, it doesn’t feel like it has been long since there! Of course, those born after year 2000 have a different outlook on that era and they often refer to it as if it was a century ago! This tweet proves it and we cannot believe how old this makes us feel! Most of the people who remember those times still have the feeling that it was no more than a decade ago!

2. This is just too funny to be true

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We initially thought that such a thing is impossible but then we decided to think about it from these kids’ point of view. They were born after audio cassettes became obsolete, so there was a good chance that they had never seen such a thing before. The other reason was the condition of this cassette, no doubt about it. It really looks like an ancient artefact and we guess even we haven’t used one in years!

3. Here is another kid that had no idea about the item he was looking at

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This is as typical as many 90’s things but it pretty much stayed in the 90’s, too! There was no Netflix back then, at least not in the way we are used to it today, and all we could do in terms of home entertainment is to buy a VCR and rent videotapes! Of course, modern kids never got the chance to use them so they are something entirely new to them. It must be a weird feeling for them, because it was not that long ago when we last used these.

4. This is not what portable devices look like now

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If you compare this device to the modern day gadgets, they really don’t have anything in common. The fact that this was actually the smallest possible radio you could carry around may be considered to be absurd from kids today, but it was something we used all the time. The batteries did not last for long, too, but it was okay. We can only imagine how this person felt when the kid reacted like that!

5. Everyone should know what this is

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It appears that the way technology changed our lives affected some ordinary activities in a really interesting way. For instance, we practice handwriting a lot less than we used to do before, and we are all aware of the reasons behind this. This is kind of sad, really, because nothing could replace the feeling you get when you write something, because it is always unique! But not writing anything on a regular basis means that you would not need to sharpen a pencil again,. so this is why a student had no idea what a sharpener looked like!

6. This brings back memories

Image Source: Twitter

This is actually a funny story, but we also felt nostalgic after seeing it. As a matter of fact, we completely forgot about that TV series, and this tweet reminded us of all the good times we had watching it! The barista was probably born after the show ended, so there was no way for them to know anything about it at all! The coincidence with the bathroom code was a nice one and it would have been even better if the barista was able to play it out, too!

7. We used to love these back in the day

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There are many things that symbolize the beginning of an era and we guess that floppy disks are among those things. They were something that everyone had back then, and they had stacks of them at home! Their really small capacity meant that if you wanted to download a single song, for example, you had to use software to divide it into several pieces and upload each of them on a separate floppy disk! Kids today will never know the struggle, but it was kind of cool to do it, to be honest!

8. This is something we have never wondered about until now

Image Source: Twitter

If you are 25 years old or more, the lower 20-dollar bill would probably be something absolutely ordinary, but today’s kids have never seen one, so they cannot be sure whether if it is real or not! This is what someone found out after showing the bill to a kid! We guess that the feeling he he probably got was a mix of confusion and nostalgia, or at least this is what we would feel in such a situation!

9. Technology really develops with a rapid pace

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There is probably no need for us to say this, but the past couple of decades were pretty wild in terms of technological advance, and this can only be seen when you stop and think about it. When you remember about the things we used to have fifteen years ago and the things we have now, you will immediately realize that we are actually living in the future! This short story proves that even a decade-old gadget could be accepted as something much older than¬† a today’s child.

10. This overhead projector is a thing of the past now

Image Source: Twitter

If the things you saw on this list so far did not make you feel old, this one would probably do it! In fact, we cannot remember the last time we saw one of these in person! We have used this type of projectors multiple times and they were always fun to work with. It is normal for a teenager today to not be able to identify such a device!

11. Here is why we ‘roll the window down’

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Since it’s 2019, there are hardly cars with manually operated door windows around, but you could still find these around. Cheaper cars have these on the back doors even when new, but there are many second hand vehicles that could buy that don not have power windows even in the front. When a kid asked their dad about this device they found to be strange, and this is just plain weird to us.

12. This must have been a funny situation

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Kids today are more or less spoiled when it comes to having and using different devices and gadgets! There was a time when we could listen to music on the go only if we had a Walkman! Today, however, there are many different ways in which you could do that. The iPod was more or less a revolutionary product and it was introduced to the market not long ago, but it is apparently obsolete now because it does not feature a touchscreen display!

13. This is just absurd

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We are not sure if this is some kind of a joke, but let us assume that it is something that happened for real! It is hard to believe that someone would believe that an old car stereo system would serve as a docking station for a smartphone! If someone actually believe in this, then they need to learn a few things about the recent past. There used to be audio cassette players installed in vehicles straight from the factory, and this is obviously one of these vehicles!

14. This one is similar to ‘rolling down the window’

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one really good example of why people use a certain term for something that involves a completely different action. Well, in these cases the action used to be same as described. There were times when we had to literally hang up the phone in order to end a phone call, and it has been a while since we last did that. It is understandable why a today’s kid would ask such a question but we felt old just like this person did.

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