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14 Weird Images That Will Require Some Time To Process

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes images can be so strange that you would definitely need some time to figure them out! It seems that in certain cases you might even think that your eyes just failed you and what you see is not possible. There are also photos that show objects or events that you have never seen before and this is when it gets interesting. Such images might be awkward but they could also teach you some facts. The best part about the weird stuff you can see on internet is that it is amusing and the following list proves it!

1. This is something really disturbing

Image Source: Reddit

The reasons why this photo is weird are more than obvious! We guess that this is the first time we see storks inside a bathroom! The way they got inside remains a mystery! Maybe someone let them in on purpose, but it is still a weird thing to do. Even if they were sick or needed a shelter, the bathroom would be the last place where they would feel comfortable. The disturbing thing about this photo is the way the storks look at the camera. It is definitely kind of creepy!

2. Here is one unusual pick-up truck

Image Source: Reddit

Pick-up trucks are among the best-selling vehicles in the U.S. and that’s no secret. There is a good reason for that, too. They are versatile and durable. Most models can be used even as a family car. People also love the endless customization options in the pick-up world. There are so many aftermarket kits, parts and gadgets that you can easily transform any pick-up truck into a unique machine. However, some people obviously consider those options to be limited so they go their own route. As you can see, someone spent a lot of time and put in the work to create a crocodile skin for their truck. The reason why they did it remains a mystery.

3. This is one creepy find

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we stumble across items that seem way too creepy to explore. This mask seems to be one of those things. We have no idea where it is or who found it, but it sure looks familiar. If you have seen ‘The Mask’ movie starring Jim Carrey, then you would easily make the connection between this photo and the main character in the movie. Sure enough, movies are nothing but fiction. However, this photo has a very realistic vibe to it and we guess that leaving the mask where it is would be the best idea.

4. Here is something that looks impossible

Image Source: Reddit

This photo really puzzled us and got us thinking about it. We were unable to figure out what were actually looking at. As you can see, it looks like a ghost is wearing a school girl uniform. Either that or the uniform I living a life on its own! Maybe the whole thing was a setup just for the photo to be taken, but we guess that it could be an altered image. Someone really skilled probably took a photo of a school girl and made it seem like the uniform was floating in the air.

5. This is definitely not something you see every day

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that every walk in the wild could offer you some amazing views, but this photo is more than that. It shows something that nobody would expect to see! It looks like a sinkhole in the middle of a lake, and the curious part is that it has a perfect square shape! It looks like a man-made thing but there is no reason for it to exist in the middle of a lake! The curious photo does not feature a caption and we were unable to figure out what the hole actually was.

6. Now this is what we call funny content

Image Source: Instagram

Some people would probably think that the photo is perfectly fine if they take one quick look at it. However, it definitely needs a second look in order to see what someone did with it! Yes, it is a face swap, and we definitely love it! Whoever thought about this is a genius, because the swap is extremely clever and well-made! It seems that Kevin Hart’s face suits Shaq’s body and he seems to enjoy his new height unlike the player who looks disturbed to be so short!

7. Here is an add you can skip

Image Source: Reddit

We often wonder why people bother to create something when they know that it would not be accepted well by the others. We guess that they simply don’t care about anyone’s opinion, which is actually a good thing. However, we think that whoever created this creepy toy should never attempt to make one again. It is definitely not suitable for children and the ad even says that kids don’t like it. Well, adults don’t like it, either! In fact, nobody would probably want to own this thing.

test ad

8. This was probably supposed to be a lever joke

Image Source: Instagram

Well, we need to say that we have seen all kinds of Halloween-themed jokes and pranks, but sometimes even we are left stunned when we see something. As you can see, someone acted dumb and pretended that this was a Halloween joke. The idea is that someone put fake Oreos as giveaway treats and the filling was replaced by this huge knife. Of course, the knife is too visible to be ‘sneaked in’, which makes the joke not as funny as these people probably expected.

9. Perfect photos require perfect timing

Image Source: Reddit

We love accidental photos which reveal curious things! There are thousands of such images on internet because people upload them on social media all the time. As you can see, someone snapped a photo of their wife making dinner, but a clever illusion was created by accident! The way that the dog stands behind the person creates a funny effect and she looks like a centaur! They probably noticed this funny detail only after the photo was taken. The illusion is absolutely perfect and the dog was in the right place at the right time.

10. Sometimes things happen in an excessive way

Image Source: Reddit

Have you ever been in a situation in which something happens in a far too excessive way? For example, you can spill a glass of juice, but in some way you are just able to make a mess over half the kitchen counter and cabinets. This is probably how this person felt. As you can see, the tire of this vehicle is totally busted and it is definitely not the common case of a flat tire. It looks like huge pieces of it are missing and it is more like an exploded tire rather than a punctured one. We are glad that this accident was not the cause of something much worse. Flat tires can cause really bad crashes and fortunately this was not the case here.

11. Here is one lunch offer we would definitely refuse

Image Source: Instagram

Most people love pasta and spaghetti but there are certain situations that you are just forced to refuse to eat it no matter how hungry you might be. The photo above shows such a situation! This is the first time we see someone carrying a serving of spaghetti in their shirt! It looks absolutely disgusting and we cannot believe it! There is no excuse for such a thing. Even if that person was really hungry, there would be a plate, a box or even a cup to put the food in! This way of carrying spaghetti looks gross and unhygienic.

12. This is what we can call photobomb art

Image Source: Instagram

We have never thought about this, but photobombing is a really cool way of ruining someone’s photo! It often requires a lot of skills! You need to be in the right place at the right time! You also have to pull off something rather than just sit there. As you can see from the post above, the people in the back were able to photobomb the others’ photo attempt and they stole the show while doing it! They wee able to time their jump perfectly!

13. Here is one really controversial thing to do

Image Source: Instagram

We have seen a lot of weird things done by people, but this one takes a really high position in weird ranking. This is a public restroom with a woman on the floor! She is just chilling, enjoying herself and scrolling on her phone! It seems like she likes how she spends her time there! We guess that this is a really inappropriate behavior and we would never act the same no matter the circumstances.

14. Not everyone has baking skills

Image Source: Instagram

Cooking is not for everyone. It requires skills, patience and love! Of course, this does not stop people from doing it all the time and even experimenting with new ideas. Someone decided to bake a pie with a smiley face on, and it was actually looking good until they pulled it out of the oven! We guess that the disappointment must have been huge!

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