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14 Witty Children Who Will Definitely Show You Who’s The Boss

Image Source: IMGUR

Not all kids are the same. They might be the same age, they might be in the same class or they could even hang out together, but they could still be like two different galaxies! This is the beauty of our world! We all have one thing in common and that is the fact we are all unique! Sometimes it is easy to tell that a kid stands out from the rest and this is what the list below is all about. Check it out!

1. This toddler got things a bit wrong

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is more than enough to make your day, and this cute toddler looks like a living angel! But the photo suggests that the child has yet to learn how headphones are used. However, this is not the point here. The photo also shows that the kid is not just ready no try new things but also shows a creative side that we like to see in people. It may also mean that this kid is a rebel. Whatever the case is, this kid will probably strive for greatness.

2. Here are two kids who have the right attitude

Image Source: Imgur

These beautiful young people are definitely going places in life! Just look how determined and confident they appear to be! They look like they are in the process of making the cover for their next music album! Maybe their destiny is to become fashion icons or some other kind of influencers but we are more than certain that they both are looking towards a bright future! Congratulations to their parents for putting enough effort to make their kids look dope.

3. Now this is a cosplay like no other

Image Source: Reddit

Every Breaking Bad fan would simply fall in love with this photo! Everything about it is perfect, starting from the idea. The execution is flawless and upon taking a first glance you immediately recognize Walter White! We are more than sure that if Brian Cranston sees this photo, he would comment that these kids will end up in Hollywood someday! We guess they will, because developing a love for acting at an early age is crucial!

4. This little graduate is ready to tear up the whole world

Image Source: Imgur

You have probably heard of the uplifting and motivational quote that simply says ‘stay hungry’. Well, here is a perfect visual representation of that quote! This girl seems kind of proud to be there but it is her facial expression that really sets her apart! She looks like she is completely ready to take on the whole world! The determination that she definitely has is more than obvious and we are sure that she will not stop for a single second until she gets what she wants.

5. To mess with this kid would be a mistake

Image Source: Reddit

It is definitely nice to be underestimated because it leaves the opponent thinking that they got the better of you while you actually have a lot more to show. We guess that the boy in the photo above is a pro when it comes to letting people underestimate him. Judging by the audience around him, he is probably notorious for his skills and the unsuspecting souls standing against him for a game of chess are likely to be surprised when they see what the boy is made of.

6. Knowing what you want is a must

Image Source: Imgur

One of the most important things in life is to always be aware of what you want to do ahead. And we do not mean to just have an idea, but to make certain steps towards a goal. As you can see, this kid obviously wants to follow his dad’s footsteps and there is one really obvious thing that indicates such a decision! Maybe the boy accepts his dad as the one true idol in life and we guess that it is a good thing. That little boy will definitely persevere and accomplish his goals.

7. Having a dream is how you start doing great in life

Image Source: Reddit

All children love to play, especially if they have the chance to do it outside! However, sometimes it is more than just child’s play and this photo proves it! Just look at the boy and his costume. The attention to the smallest details, the body posture and the determination that radiates from the whole setup suggest that this is not just child’s play. This kid definitely has a dream and we admire him for that. Of course, it is hard to become a superhero, but the attitude the boy has will probably get him close to such a status.

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8. Having the right approach in business is everything

Image Source: Imgur

When you decided to launch a startup company, in most cases it is a small business that need regular attention, just like watering a flower or nursing a small kitten. What you would also need is focus, determination and the right skillset, all sprinkled with the right amount of attitude. As you can see, these boys have it all figured out and they immediately proceeded to meet the expectations of the adult clientele. The boy in middle appears to know what he is doing and there are no coincidences in this image!

9. This girl knows how to handle multiple tasks

Image Source: Twitter

People become good at multitasking after they practice that skill for a long time. This is why adults can do it better than teenagers. It really takes patience to be good at it. Most people thing they are multitasking while in reality they only procrastinate! As you can clearly see, this little girl already knows how things are done! She is able to feed her much younger sibling while she is still able to spend some quality time reading or browsing. She appears to be really confident, too!

10. If you bend the rules without breaking them, then you are going places

Image Source: Smore

We are certain that people are more than capable of doing their own thing without facing any consequences. All it takes is to have the right approach and that’s about it! As you can see, this girl was able to bend the rules and still get what she wanted in the first place. She did not violate the ban her mom issued on touching the cake! We guess that such problem-solving skills would definitely come in handy when she grows up and that means she would be able to achieve anything.

11. Here is a young man who knows how to do business

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that businessmen are born, not made! You need to have it inside of you if you want to be successful! Sure enough, you might go to a business school and learn all the tricks of trade, but having the right intuition is more valuable. As you can see, this entrepreneur definitely knows how to launch a product range and directly attacked the growing organic products market. The only thing that might be considered a concern is how he wastes the product, but he will learn in time.

12. These kids are about to take over

Image Source: Pinterest

This photo is really curious and funny, because it looks like some sort of mutiny on board this ship! The kids showed the man on the right who was actually in charge! Of course, this was probably a demonstration or an educational event, but it appears that these children learned some of the tricks quicker than expected. The timing of the photo was also perfect and it is definitely one of the best entries on the list!

13. Different kids try to make money in different ways

Image Source: Imgur

Selling cookies and lemonade is one thing but performing on the street is definitely a much cooler approach to make money! We admire all the effort any kid would make to earn their own allowance. We have mowed lawns and shoveled snow as kids and we know it pays good money! However, we never looked nearly as cool as this kid! It seems that we have a rising rock star here and we guess that such a professional approach will definitely be rewarded. The cool outfit and the setup mean that this kid is determined to show how things are done!

14. This is what it means to think outside the box

Image Source: YouTube

We are more than certain that every success is based on a few key factors. One of those factors is the mindset of the person behind a project or a company. Having the right attitude and the vision is sometimes not enough to reach the goal. What it takes is some unconventional thinking! When you think outside the box, you are always able to find solutions to a problem that many people would fail to solve. As you can see, some smart kid was able to nail the answer to this question in the most brilliant way! We simply love chatting with people who are different and the kid who wrote this answer definitely is not an ordinary person!

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