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15 Amazing Images That Will Definitely Teach You Something New

Image Source: Twitter

The internet provides endless opportunities to have fun. Everyone needs a break from time to time and one of the best ways to do that is to check out some interesting photos. Of course, the funnier the content, the better, but there is another kind of images that is equally satisfying! You are about to see some examples below. We are talking about historical or other type of fascinating pictures which tell a story. There is nothing better than learning something new while having fun. Enjoy the compilation and the facts that you will learn.

1. Einstein apparently refused to spoke before American universities for two decades

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really curious photo! The story behind it is what makes it interesting. As you can see, Albert Einstein is talking before a group of people. It happened in 1946 and the place is Lincoln University. This was actually his first visit to America in twenty years! He was determined to never speak before an American university, but he broke the rule for the visit you see pictured above. The weird part is that Einstein’s attempt to speak about the segregation in education was almost completely ignored by the media.

2. These bricks are actually made of tea

Image Source: Reddit

These black bricks look nice but most people would never guess that they are made of tea leaves! The bricks in the photo are identical to those thrown in Boston harbor during the infamous Boston Tea Party. It may appear to be strange, but it was a common practice back in the day. The tea leaves were compressed into similar shapes in order to be transported. It would be interesting to see these tea bricks and hold them.

3. The high and low tides create a huge difference in the water level at this location

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of places where the high tide increases the water level, but the difference in this photo is nothing like we have seen before! The place is in Canada and it is called the Bay of Fundy. Both photos were taken at the exact same spot during low tide and high tide. As you can see, the landscape transformed completely when the high tide came. In some parts of the bay the water can rise with more than 50 feet during high tide, which is insane!

4. Here is one fascinating city feature

Image Source: Reddit

Our lives have changed a lot in the past couple of decades. Changes can be found in just about every aspect of our daily routines. The main factor is technology, of course. People are obsessed with their smartphones and other gadgets, which calls for other kinds of changes as well. Some cities already began the journey to adapt their infrastructure to the new habits people have. These clever traffic light are a really nice way to make all the pedestrians pay attention.

5. This is more than just a piece of rock

Image Source: Nature

There is nothing special about this piece of rock at first glance. However, if you look closer, you will see that there are a few lines on it. The special thing about this rock is that it happens to be the oldest canvas known to mankind. It is approximately 73,000 years old and it is actually a fragment of a much bigger composition. The drawing on it was done in red ocher. It may not look like much, but after all it is the first piece of art in history.

6. This is the oldest customer complaint

Image Source: British Museum

This is one really weird piece of writing, but it is also one of the earliest in the history of mankind. Specialists have determined that it is approximately 3,800 years old. The Mesopotamian tablet actually holds a customer complaint which is believed to be the oldest ever found. It reportedly says that a customer was not happy with the copper ore he received. It sounds amazing and it actually is! Even back then the customers demanded to speak with the manager!

7. There is no harm done to this butterfly’s wings

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons

Nature will always amaze us with something that we haven’t seen before. It is an endless source of fascinating examples of the flora and fauna. The butterfly you see here definitely qualifies as one of nature’s most beautiful creations! The butterfly’s wings are transparent, which is a unique feature! We have never seen such a creature before. We wonder if there are other similar creatures out there with other interesting features.

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8. Meet the Aerotrain

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one really unusual and totally cool way to travel! This is the Aerotrain, a futuristic jet-powered hover train! It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. However, the impressive machine is absolutely real and it was considered to be the future of transportation in France back in the 60s. It proved to be the fastest overland air cushion vehicle and it even set a speed record. All of this was apparently not enough for the Aerotrain to become popular and it was never used for its main purpose.

9. Clever marketing ideas have been around for decades

Image Source: TwitterThis is one really unique photo! It was taken in the 60s and shows a rather interesting event at the St. Patrick Square in Venice. The marketing specialists back then were extremely limited compared to nowadays. They did not have internet and computers on their disposal, so they had to be creative! We guess that some clever thinking was enough to create the effect you see! The Coca-Cola lettering was created using pigeons! Maybe they poured birdseed on the ground and the pattern was done!

10. This is not some crazy new hairstyle

Image Source: Reddit

People are capable of doing a lot of crazy things with their hair! It doesn’t matter if they want something unique or they follow a certain trend, the results could still be ridiculous! However, this is not what the photo shows! What you see here is a chicken which is in the process of growing feathers back after molting! This is the first time we see such a thing and we really like the way the feathers grow back. They look like miniature paint brushes.

11. India’s Rajgad Fort is mesmerizing

Image Source: Twitter

There are a lot of popular tourist destinations around the world and the majority of them are well-maintained. However, there are some locations which are left to deteriorate and they still attract a lot of visitors. The Rajgad Fort in India is in a state of disrepair which really gives the place an enchanting and eerie look. It is too big to be seen in a single day which is why people are allowed to stay overnight and continue their tour the next day.

12. This is the strangest amusement park we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

The image you see looks like the décor of a really futuristic movie, but it is a real location which can be visited by everyone. It is an amusement park located in Romania. The extraordinary thing about it is that all the attractions are at the bottom of a spooky salt mine! Salina Turda is about 400 feet down the 2,000-year-old mine, which is a mind-blowing fact. The park features an amphitheater and even a Ferris wheel! This is one place we would definitely like to visit.

13. Here is the Rock of Guatape

Image Source: Reddit

This is also a place we would definitely want to visit some day! It looks out of this world and we are glad it exists! The only problems we see are the countless stairs to the top and the altitude on the top! We are sure that the view is worth the effort! There are exactly 659 steps to the structure you see. We guess that it would take a lot of energy to climb on top of the rock. Those who are out of shape would need to rest every few turns!

14. This is how luck looks like

Image Source: Reddit

Many people would like to have a clear definition of the word ‘luck’. We give that name to a lot of situations that probably have nothing to do with luck, but sometimes you come across something that really changes the meaning of that word. When you take one careful look at these three cards, you will see that the owner of all of them is extremely lucky! He worked at the WTC towers and had to visit his dentist on the 11th of September in 2001.

15. These two paintings are absolutely mind-blowing

Image Source: Reddit

The story behind these two paintings is amazing! The left one is called Vive l’Empereur and it is a real masterpiece created by Edouard Detaille. The talented artist created a magnificent battle scene with crazy details. However, his assistant painted the artist while he created that same painting! Both masterpieces are now next to each other as it should be!

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