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15 Common Every Day Things That Are Actually Genius

Image Source: Reddit / Hashbringingslasherr

Chances are that you will be very surprised to find out that some pretty common everyday objects and items we are used to seeing all the time are actually genius! In fact, some of these things are so obvious that you would start thinking about how is it possible that most people haven’t figured this until now. The simple trick is that a common object can be used in a different way, thus providing a genius solution to a problem.

We have selected some good examples for you to enjoy and adopt in your daily routine, or simply to admire the genius ideas.

1. Don’t throw away the cereal container

Image Source: eBay

We have all thrown away dozens of those plastic containers, but they can be very handy! You can put one in your car and use it as a trash bin, instead of making a total mess inside. It will not cost you money and it is highly effective, too.

2. This is the best sauce bottle ever created

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a proof that the simple decision is often the best and most brilliant one. Someone came up with the idea of an adjustable hot sauce container, and it works in a simple way, providing different levels of heat depending on how much you would be able to handle, which makes it perfect for family use, aswe well as for restaurants.

3. We are all tired of pulling the wrong cord all the time

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe most people have the same experience every time – switching the fan instead of the light bulb, or the other way around. This can be really annoying, and we are glad that someone figured out the best and probably most elegant solution to this problem, and we like it a lot!

4. The containers from Kinder Surprise eggs are reusable in many ways

Image Source: Instagram

Someone found another clever way to use the plastic yellow container, and it seems that it serves its purpose well!. The container was turned into an ear buds holder, and it also received a full makeover and now represents a pineapple.

5. Coffee cubes are both elegant and brilliant

Image Source: Reddit

Not many coffee shops offer this, but it should be available everywhere! This is the perfect way to keep the taste of the coffee beverage you ordered even after the ice cubes melt. It might seem as a small touch, but it makes a big difference for sure.

6. A clever solution to an unpleasant problem

Image Source: Reddit

We all know how much bacteria and potential diseases are lurking in any public toilet. Keeping that in mind, we try to avoid touching anything, but it is inevitable sometimes. Putting the toilet flush levers down to be feet-operated is a simple and very effective way to solve that problem.

7. These ingenious little things make all the difference

Image Source: Reddit

We like to see small touches like this one which are elegant and functional. Someone was obviously fed up with walking in the shower and waiting for the water to warm up. The simple trick is to leave a small space in the shower door through which the shower can be turned on without stepping inside, and this is something that every home needs.

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8. We could all use this one

Image Source: Reddit

This cap is probably one of the coolest things on the list. We have never seen a cap that can actually remind you when you took your last pill, and this is a problem for most people, because they often forget when they take their medications. We think that every bottle of pills needs to be equipped with such a cap.

9. You may call this a dream come true

Image Source: Reddit

Measuring cups are a must for every kitchen or lab, but the annoying part in using them is that you need to stop pouring numerous times until you get the measurement right. This will become a thing of the past if you find one of these genius measuring cups.

10. Senior people would be delighted to use these

Image Source Reddit

Here is something that every store needs to have! There are a lot of people that struggle to read the tiny lettering on some product labels, and thie simple solution is the magnifying glass mounted on the shopping cart; it would not cost much but it would be greatly appreciated by most customers.

11. Your trash can basketball skill would be improved with this

Image Source: Reddit

The majority of people probably do the same thing – tossing a piece of trash while pretending that it is actually an attempt to score a point in the basketball net. Keeping that in mind we think that combining the two things is the best decision ever, because it will bring a moment of fun and joy each time you throw something in the trash.

12. This is very thoughtful and we salute the idea

Image Source: Reddit

Some people need their glasses on in every situation, because their vision is too poor to use without them. However, sometimes it is difficult to do so, because of certain factors, and one situation is dying your hair. This is why one company decided to include plastic glasses protectors in the package, while the others only put gloves.

13. Beef jerky with dental floss included is the best combo ever

Image Source: Reddit

Anyone has struggled to get something out of their teeth after eating a portion of beef jerky, and it could be quite annoying, because in most cases you wouldn’t have dental floss, but this beef jerky manufacturer includes dental floss inside the package of jerky, and we cannot begin to describe how genius this is.

14. This brilliant safety feature is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

This hotel decided to install exit signs close to the floor in case of a fire. This way anyone who would try to escape the smoke and flames by crawling could make their way around the hallways. Simply brilliant!

15. Say goodbye to wasting food

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody likes to throw away food, and we sometimes do it because we forgot when we bought it. However, there is a solution and you see it pictured here. It tells you exactly how much your chicken breasts can be stored before going bad.

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