15 Creepiest Places On Earth

Isla de las Munecas and Japanese Suicide Forest

There are dozens of places on Earth that, for whatever reason, tend to send shivers up and down one’s spine. Sometimes the reason is obvious, and other times it is not. Nonetheless, there are simply places a person doesn’t want to go, especially not alone. Here are 15 places to avoid going on vacation.

1. Takakanonuma Greenland Park

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There is an abandoned amusement park in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture on the outskirts of a section of the city of Date. It opened in 1973, only to close two years later. Why did it close? There were a significant number of deaths caused by the park’s rides. The park happened to reopen in 1996, but it struggled to compete financially and otherwise with bigger, better parks in Japan; it again closed—permanently—in 1999.

So why is it considered creepy by so many? In short, the park was left to rot and decay. There is a great deal of graffiti, and rides are covered in rust. Nowadays, almost two decades after it closed for good, the wilderness is reclaiming the park that was once supposed to be a fun place for families to visit and have a good time.

2. Actun Tunichil Muknal

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Also known as simply ATM, Actun Tunichil Muknal (or the Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre) is a creepy cave in Belize. So why is it creepy? Well, for one, the archeological site’as main chamber is the home to over a dozen skeletal remains. One of the skeletons, which belonged to a teenaged girl, is known as “The Crystal Maiden” because the bones calcified and now have a crystalized appearance. It is possible the young woman was the victim of a human sacrifice.

The site is also the home to a number of Mayan artifacts as well as bats and other creatures that typically inhabit river caves.

3. The Overtoun Bridge

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The Overtoun Bridge, which is located west of Glasgow, Scotland, is viewed by many as creepy for a very good reason. For reasons that will likely never be perfectly explained, dogs like to leap off of it, which typically results in the death of the canine in question. About one dog does so every year.

Why do our furry friends seem to choose the bridge when they’re feeling suicidal? No one really knows exactly. The dogs tend to do so when the weather is nice. They also tend to jump from one side of the bridge, and the dogs also tend to be breeds with long snouts. It has been suggested that the jumps are due to the fact that dogs are colorblind; it has also been suggested that there is paranormal activity in the area of the bridge.

The idea that there is paranormal activity in the area of the bridge seems sort of silly until you consider the fact that a man threw his baby son off the bridge in 1994 because he believed the infant was the Devil incarnate. Sadly, the infant perished. The man, who was clearly a bit off, tried to attempt suicide shortly thereafter by throwing himself off of the bridge.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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