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15 Funny And Relatable Photos That No One Saw Coming

Image Source: Reddit

Internet is full of things that you have never seen before. Of course, it also has a lot of relatable things to show you, too. Having this in mind, we decided that it would be a good idea to compile a list of such images, which are nothing but amusing. As you can see below, some of these situations are so funny that they would surely improve your mood. If you relate to them, then you might even recall some old memories, who knows?

1. Here is how these people kicked off the day

Image Source: Reddit

It is always nice when someone approves the work you do and supports you. A tap on the back or a kind word could literally transform your day! Of course, this does not happen every day, and it should! However, some people are more than lucky and they receive the best kind of encouragement! The photo shows a situation like that. If didn’t see it yet, the cloud in the sky is giving a huge like to everyone working below, which is super cool.

2. Yep, we’ve been there more than once

Image Source: Reddit

People’s schedules are extremely busy these days and there is hardly any free time left. This goes especially for the morning routines, which are scaled down to hurrying and worrying about being late. This leads to mistakes and even accidents. As you can see, this person was in a rush, too, because they have two different shoes on! We know how that feels and it is even worse when you notice it in the middle of the working day.

3. Here is a selfie like you’ve never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone is obsessed with selfies and what started as a trend years ago is now a huge part of everyone’s lives! Whether you are taking your own selfie or you are looking at the selfies of other people on social media, they take a huge chunk of your time. However, some selfies are really worth some attention, because they are truly amazing! This person was able to catch the perfect moment! His immaculate timing enabled him to boast with a whale selfie!

4. This is obviously not a licensed product

Image Source: Reddit

We appreciate everyone’s effort to create something from scratch, but it is just not enough sometimes. Unfortunately for some people, they put their heart and soul into a project or a task, but the end result is far from what’s expected. This is why photos like this exist! Someone photographed a failed attempt for a Sponge Bob-themed inflatable castle! Of course, there is a possibility that the initial design was meant to look close to the cartoon character and not exactly the same in order for any copyright claims to be avoided.

5. Please don’t let this turn into a trend

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone strives to be different from the rest! This is actually a good thing, because it brings the variety this world needs. Of course, standing out from the crowd also means that you can do something more than controversial! This hairstyle is definitely a weird thing to do, and we guess it is an improvisation! One thing is for sure, though. This person is definitely different than everyone else!

6. Some people take care of themselves better than the others

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that there are levels when it comes to self-care. You see, some people think that exercising and drinking water is enough to say that they can take care of themselves. We beg to differ, because there is one key component and it is called treats! Yes, you need to treat yourself as often as possible, because nobody else will! If you know what’s good for you, you should act like a spoiled brat from time to time. You only live once, right?

7. This is the most unusual use of wood we have seen in a while

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen wood and bricks before, but not like this! Someone actually produced wooden bricks! And they are not some kind of compressed sawdust! They are brick-shaped chunks of solid wood! We have no idea why they exist, but they are really cool! We guess that having them in your interior would be amazing and we also believe that it would become a trend if more people find out about it.

8. Here is a nicely timed random photo

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Image Source: Reddit

As you are about to see, even a random photo of something that is not special at all could be curious to see! Someone noticed the way this building cast its shadow over the parked vehicles and realized that it created a nice effect! It looks as if the shadow highlighted one of the cars for some reason! Some videogames used to have that function and the highlighted car was the one you needed to use for the next mission.

9. Sometimes plans are meant to be ruined

Image Source: Reddit

One of the most important lessons in life is that not everything is up to you! Once you let that sink in, you should be way more comfortable with the random events that come your way. Worrying or getting angry will not get you anywhere, so you might as well just accept the circumstances! The person who posted this on Reddit clearly mastered this skill. He wrote that he flew over 5,900 miles to the California State Route 1 just to enjoy the view! As you can see, he was kind of surprised to see that the view was missing!

10. Nature can be a pretty accurate painter

Image Source: Reddit

We love seeing nature doing its thing and creating beautiful sights for us to see. The most beautiful colors and shapes you could ever see were naturally formed. Humans can only replicate the beauty. However, in some cases nature pulls a sneaky one on us by creating something really unexpected! As you can see, this piece of seaweed stuck in the sand drew a perfect circle with the help of a few gusts of wind!

11. This is what it means to call out someone

Image Source: Reddit

In fact, this teacher had the courage to literally call out an entire state! As you can see, during his presentation he specifically mentioned Alabama in a way that its residents might find to be offensive. We guess that the presentation was maybe in Alabama and the whole thing was done with a lot of sense of humor and irony. If this is what happened, then we approve it!

12. Here is something like a piece of advice

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the message here is to never buy the typical Japanese ‘shoji’ doors if you have a cat that loves goofing around and climbing everywhere! As you can see, the doors did not last long, because the feline turned them into a playing ground! While it surely had a lot of fun, the owner probably lost a decent amount of money, because these doors were probably not exactly cheap! We guess that solid doors are the best option, because the wooden types will get thousands of scratches once the cat gets its paws on them.

13. This is the funniest wedding photo we have seen in ages

Image Source: Reddit

No bride would like to have a wedding photo in which the groom is focused on a man in a bathing suit at the beach! It is a bit disturbing and it makes you think about certain things! However, we guess that it was just a distraction, but the image is still really funny! We bet that there were more images like this one! We would love to see the one in which the bride looks at the groom with that typical look that asks a thousand questions at once!

14. Someone decided to boast in a weird way

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this is the equivalent of posting photos of expensive stuff on social media and bragging about them. As you can see, someone decided to make sure that the others felt bad about not having a plane on their disposal. Such bragging is not particularly nice, but people still do it! At least this person found a different way to do it, and it is amusing to see! Maybe this stunt was created just for the laughs and we appreciate the effort if this is actually the case.

15. The difference between the package and the real product is insane 

Image Source: Reddit

How would you feel if you buy something that turns out to be the opposite of your expectations? We know it is a frustrating experience because we have been there many times before. Even an ordinary thing like a box of cookies can disappoint you. As you can see, these pumpkin cookies appeared to be the perfect October snack, and their design looked exactly like a smiling Halloween pumpkin. However, the real product had nothing to do with the image on the package and this is the disappointing part. They literally made the cookies sad!

Written by Nick Martin

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