15 Images Showing Us A Different Side Of Our Wonderful World

Technology really brought us together and the world became even smaller than we thought it was! Regardless of that, we are still more than 7 billion people on this planet and this is why it is so diverse! Thinking that you have seen it all would be a mistake, because you can see new things every day for the rest of your life and this is the beauty of being alive. Thanks to social media and other means of communication, people often share the things they see here and there, and this is why internet is currently the best source of knowledge and amusement. The list below contains random images from the world we live in, and chances are that you have never seen these things before, or at least not in such a way as suggested here.


1. This is a nice piece of engineering

Image Source: Twitter

We have seen a lot of clever ideas engineers came up with, but this is definitely on another level! It is actually a special piece that astronauts use for scratching their noses. We have never thought about this problem before, but it is definitely a brilliant idea, because it would be impossible to do it with the helmet on!

2. These penguins keep this man company

Image Source:

We believe that wildlife photographers have one of the best jobs in the world. However, it is not an easy one! You need to lead a constant battle with the elements and the dangers are lurking on every corner. But it is all worth it when you experience moments like this! These penguins look really curious and they are super cute!

3. Here is a beautiful view from the Monastic Lake

Image Source:

This lake is definitely one of the most beautiful locations you can see! The Monastic Lake is in the Beshtau City region and it offers spectacular views, especially when the sun sets! The blooming bog flowers are definitely contributing to the perfect scenery!

4. Here is something we have never seen before

Image Source: Facebook

Most people love coffee and chances are that even now most of you have a mug of delicious coffee next to your breakfast. But not many people actually think about how coffee is grown and selected! It turns out that it is a beautiful process, especially when the coffee plants bloom!

5. Dog groomers can make wonders sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that one of the essential ways of caring for any dog is grooming. Of course, most people decide to leave this to professionals and this is the right thing to do. They know exactly what to do. As you can see, they can turn  any dog into a mesmerizing creature! This cutie looks like a cartoon character!

6. This is one realy clever idea

Image Source: Twitter

When it comes to working out, people have really different ways of doing things. Some are easily motivated and they stay focused, while others need constant motivation on a daily basis. This is why someone came up with this clever shirt! It can indicate when you did a good enough job in the gym.

7. Doing yoga with a horse is apparently a thing

Image Source: Instagram

Now this is something new! We have seen people practice yoga alongside their dogs, but we have never seen a horse doing it! We have no idea how this woman trained the horse in order for it to be able to do that, but it is impressive to see!

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8. Cameras built in smartphones became really good

Image Source:

It appears that smartphone manufacturers really developed the technology they use and the cameras they put in their devices are currently offering amazing quality. This is a good example and we loved it. This phone camera was able to blur the top part of this glass and blend it with the background.

9. This is a snake like we have never seen before

Image Source:

We have never seen an albino Californian Royal snake before! This one is even more amazing than usual because it has two heads! We believe that nature has ways of its own and it offers extraordinary things for us to see.

10. Here is what happens when you combine Supernatural and Scooby-Doo

Image Source: Twitter

This is not the typical car meet! We believe that it is no coincidence, either. Seeing these two legendary vehicles parked next to one another is really exciting. We guess that something really bad must have happened in order for these characters to be all in one place.

11. Here is one adorable creature

Image Source: Instagram

This cute image is one of the best wildlife photos we have seen before! It shows a tiny sea turtle getting its first taste of life! The sea water foam is the first difficulty the tiny creature faced and it was beautifully captured.

12. This kitty literally morphed into liquid

Image Source: Twitter

Cats love lounging in all kinds of places! These two images are really funny and they show how a cat can really relax like no other animal. The glass bowl allows for us to see how the feline literally morphed into the same shape.

13. This is what we call a dinner party

Image Source:

You probably already knew this, but horses love carrots as much as rabbits do! The only difference is the quantity needed to feed a horse! These beautiful animals literally received a truck load of carrots for dinner.

14. The lump in the middle of this snake is curious

Image Source: Facebook

Now this is something really curious! This snake was misfortunate enough to swallow a shoe, and we have no idea how that happened. Maybe the show smelled in a certain way, who knows.

15. The beauty of nature

Image Source:

This is not some abstract sculpture or other piece of artwork. It is just a mandarin duck pictured from above! The stunning animal proves that nature is the best artist!

Written by Sven Miller

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