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15 Images That Could Easily Break The Ridiculousness Scale

Image Source: Reddit

What it takes for an image to be considered ridiculous? Well, the most important thing is for the photo to show an object, a person or a situation that appear to be anything but ordinary. Sometimes these images are puzzling while in other cases there are just plain funny! We did our best to compile a list of pictures that will top off every scale that could measure the ridiculousness of an image.

1. This feels wrong for a number of reasons

Image Source: Brightside

We avoid judging other because we never liked being judged ourselves. However, every now and then we happen to see someone or something that we just have to comment on. The situation in the collage above definitely needs a comment or two. We guess that the kid should ride in that stroller, and he looks a bit sad that his mom chose to put the dog inside. This brings us to the second main thing. Taking the dog for a walk means that the dog should be walking instead of riding in the stroller.

2. Here is a tattoo like you have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and we are convinced that people often decide to have one without thinking about how would they feel about it years later. Many individuals choose a certain tattoo because it represents their personalities or the images or words in the tattoo mean something to them because of a life event or a person of great significance to them. This man’s only intention was probably to confuse people with this weird tat.

3. This is a sure sign you need to go to a hair salon

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes you need a particular sign in order for you to actually decide to do something I have been postponing for days or weeks, maybe even months. Unfortunately, sometimes these signs come in a critical moment or when it is already too late! This woman’s hair was probably more or less neglected because it is basically the same color and has the same structure as this old paintbrush! This was probably the sign she needed to finally go to the hair salon.

4. Now here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Joyreactor

Bees can build their hives in the weirdest possible places sometimes. We have seen huge or smaller hives constructed in many different types of places, but we have never seen one constructed on a bicycle before! There is only one possible explanation – the bike was probably not used for months or even years! We nobody dares to ride it now with that beehive tucked just under the seat. It would be a bad idea to even try!

5. This is unbelievably funny

Image Source: Twitter

This person thought that he caught his brother doing something fishy. As you can see, he browsed through his stuff and decided to open a ramen noodles box for some unknown reason. This is when he found the sauce but it seems that he had never seen what the contents of a ramen noodles box looks like before, because he was obviously confused by the sauce packaging inside. He actually thought that these were condoms!

6. Photos can be deceiving sometimes

Image Source: Brightside

There are probably billions of images circulating online and in some cases even the seemingly ordinary and casual ones could cause some confusion. This picture is a nice example. There is nothing wrong with it on first glance but then you immediately see a man who appears to be sitting completely naked among people in bathing suits. When you take a second look, you realize that it is nothing more than an accidental optical illusion.

7. The odds of this happening again are slim

Image Source: Twitter

Most people have a smartphone in their pocket, and they often need to replace the device due to some kind of damage. As innovative these gadgets are, there is one serious problem when you use them in your busy day full of activities. That’s right, you guessed it – they are extremely fragile! If there is no case wrapped around your phone, chances are that it will break when you drop it down the stairs or push it off the kitchen counter. This person, however, experienced something a lot worse!

8. This is not the typical morning mist

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Image Source: Reddit

It is probably more than obvious that this is not the typical morning mist we are used to. This is one giant spider web full of eggs! The gigantic scale of this thing can really trigger those among us with a wild imagination! It looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie but it is a completely real and actually normal event. It is just the way it looks that causes us to think about horror movie scenarios and things like that.

9. Here is an obese kitty that needed a diet

Image Source: Pinterest

This is one thing that you better hope you never experience in your lifetime. Imagine how this poor cat feels after its owners restricted its access to food in the easiest possible way. The chubby feline definitely needs to go on a diet, but it still looks like torture to us to put its food behind a tiny opening. The cat would struggle to get some food every time it goes there. We guess it is better to just reduce the serving size instead.

10. This man needs to learn a thing or two

Image Source: Me Me

We often end up in a situation in which it turns out that we were not as hungry as we thought we were. The consequence of such situations is usually the fact that we need to carry takeout boxes with us, containing what’s left from our meal. It appears that this person was not able to eat that one last burger, so he decided to save it for later. Putting it in the back pocket of his jeans was definitely not the right way to do it!

11. Here is just another day in the subway

Image Source: Reddit

Strange things can be seen all the time if you use the subway often. Thousands of people who either look weird or act strange can be seen there on a daily basis. This photo shows one particular time when things got creepy and funny in the same time. The creepy part comes from the fact that you cannot see Chucky and his bride sitting next to each other in the subway car. The funny part is actually not about them, but about the man next to them, who tries to keep his best poker face on!

12. The genius plan here makes us envious

Image Source: Pinterest

Have you ever been in a situation where you see something that really captures your attention because of the brilliant idea behind it? You often think that you should have thought about that sooner, but someone already came up with it and pulled it off. The feeling you get is a mix between frustration and respect for the other person’s bravery to actually pull it off! This is how we felt after we saw this amazing idea! The man is a genius and his plan obviously worked like a charm.

13. Here is a sign that someone needs to reconsider their life path

Image Source: Reddit

People sometimes make mistakes and they face the consequences. Breaking the law can bring your way a lot of things you wish you never were involved with, but this is the whole point of the punishment methods used by authorities. However, some people seem to fail to understand the point of the whole thing and they continue to go downhill in life. As you can see, one of these girls has not one, but two ankle monitors, meaning that she did more than one mistake.

14. Body-shaming is not a nice thing to do

Image Source: Cosmic Keys

Unfortunately for many people who have something different about their physical appearance, there are a lot of body-shamers around. You might be overweight or too short and there will always be someone who will mock you about it, which is just not right! As you can see, this woman did not hesitate to demonstrate exactly how much higher she was than the poor person next to her. His face says it all! He was probably tired of being mocked about his height and he definitely did not expect for that to happen during a night out.

15. The nerve some people have is unbelievable

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of people who tend to avoid any kind socializing for a number of reasons, and we believe this photo shows one of them. This rude woman obviously had no intention to acknowledge the fact that there are other people on that plane, so she just let her ponytail hang behind her seat. We hope the person who took the photo told her to tuck her hair in, because this is simply unacceptable!

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