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15 Images That Definitely Require A Second Look In Order To Be Understood

Image Source: Reddit

You are about to see another great portion of photos that need a second look in order for you to understand them. Some of them even require a third one! These unexpected objects and events are the best thing to challenge your mind and amuse you during a short break. Sit back, relax and enjoy the list. You can thank us later!

1. This is something really unexpected

Image Source: Instagram

As much as we love eating citrus fruits, we have never seen anything like this before! It looks like lime on the outside, but inside it looks like a tangerine or an orange. We are really confused! Maybe it is a tangerine that was not fully developed yet, thus the green color. We doubt that someone would put pieces of tangerine inside a lime peel. The other funny part is the caption. We immediately remember the predecessor of iTunes and the good old days.

2. The ghost leg is a brilliant feature to this photo

Image Source: Reddit

We simply love photo fails! There are tons of them on the internet and you could spend countless hours looking at them for amusement. This example is really neat, because it shows one really common mistake that most of us have done when taking a panoramic photo with a smartphone camera. The woman in the photo took a step just when the frames were transitioning from one to another and the effect you see was created.

3. Here is one really funny post

Image Source: Instagram

We all have out weird habits. It seems that some people adopt them at an early age! This cute toddler obviously decided to sleep in a position that probably not everyone would consider to be comfortable! Of course, it may just be a child thing and eventually it will pass, just like everything else. The funny part is the comment someone left below the photo. We cannot help but laugh, because it is so accurate and in the same time probably nobody noticed it at first.

4. Star Wars fans, you will get this one immediately

Image Source: Instagram

If you told us that a simple purse could look like a 3D portrait of Jabba the Hutt, we would never believe you. However, it turned out that it is possible! The discovery was made by accident. After a woman left her purse on the chair, her husband noticed what is obvious to most Star Wars fans! The purse was upside down and it caught the attention of the husband, who is probably a fan of the Star Wars universe, too! We are glad that he shared the photo.

5. This is one curious photo

Image Source: Instagram

Well, you probably wonder what’s wrong with this image. The answer is that nothing is wrong with it. The thing that puzzles us is that these kids are in their pre-teen years and they should be a lot more excited about doing whatever they on that laptop. As the caption correctly suggests, they look like corporate employees who are fed up with their work. We hope that this was only a moment in time and her dad caught them with those serious faces on at the perfect time.

6. Here is one crazy optical illusion

Image Source: Reddit

We love photos like this one! It really makes the cogs in your head spin fast! We spent a lot of time observing this photo! We zoomed in and tried to see if it was altered or not. It seems to be genuine, but we are not sure about that. As you can see, the back wheel is severely damaged, but the reflection in the puddles suggests otherwise. As they say, the truth is out there! We believe that the photo was taken from the right angle and this created the effect of a perfect mirror image.

7. This is a funny and a bit deceiving post

Image Source: Reddit

This post took us some time to figure out, but eventually realized what was going on after reading the caption. As the comment suggests, it appears that someone was able to capture the moment when a white substance from a cup was spilled all over the vehicle. However, this was not the case at all! The photos only show a dog whose head was stuck in that Starbucks cup! The pattern on the canine’s fur created the illusion of a spill!

8. Effect can really change any photo into a dramatic masterpiece

Image Source: Me Me

Now this is what you can call a breathtaking photo! It shows the McDonald’s logo in a whole new light, quite literally! It looks like the Holy Grail of something. Most people would add that it really is the Holy Grail of fast food. The pillar with the huge logo was shot at the right time and the image was edited. The effect that was crated really brings out the best in that logo.

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9. These are some insane make-up skills

Image Source: Reddit

Make-up artist are able to create stunning pieces of art sometimes. In this case, the work that this artist created really made our jaws drop to the floor with a bang! As you can see, the optical illusion she was able to create is out of this world. It took us several minutes before we realized what was going on! This is a very complicated and also flawless piece of work. We have never seen anything like it and we guess that it deserves a lot of admirations for the creativity and talent it required.

10. This is art and skill multiplied by creativity

Image Source: The Chive

We always stop by when we see a street artist do their magic. In most cases we are not disappointed, because these people have talents that are one of a kind! This is the case with this self-taught street painter. We guess that he is not actually a painter. He is like a combination between an artist, a craftsman and a genius! The giant lens he is holding is his brush! Yes, he paints with concentrated sunlight that burns the top player of the wood! This is a mad skill and we wish we could do it, too.

11. Your phone camera can turn you into a real artist

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that sometimes you can fail at the right time and in the right place. This photo proves it! As you can see, someone attempted to make a panoramic shot of the surroundings. It was a fail, but the end result looks remarkably similar to a Pablo Picasso painting! We are glad that whoever took this photo did not delete it and decided to share it on social media. It would be interesting if someone actually turns this into a Picasso-style painting!

12. Here is a glitch in the matrix

Image Source: Bored Panda

Photos like this one support the matrix theory! We are not entirely sure what to believe, but consider that theory plausible. The photo you see really suggests that something similar is going on. The two set of twins on the subway is a rare thing to see, but there is more than just their presence there. As you can clearly see, they even made the same facial expression, which almost makes us believe we have double vision! The photo is definitely a one-off and we like it a lot.

13. Since we are talking about glitches in the matrix, check this one out

Image Source: The Chive

Well, we need to admit that we were suspicious about this one! There is just something wrong in this image’s perspective! We suspect that the top vehicle is the same as the one in the bottom, because it appears to be bigger than the middle one. We guess that even if the image featured only the bottom two cars, it would be still be a weird coincidence. Of course, there is not a full coincidence here, because the middle car is a saloon, and the bottom one is a two-door coupe.

14. This is one puzzling image

Image Source: The Chive

Someone please explain this image, please! We tried and we tried, but we just couldn’t find a rational explanation. Let’s say that this person was not interested in the race. If so, why did he bother going there in the first place? Second, he even got a front row seat where the noise would be really loud, sure enough, he has headphones that probably protect his hearing from the revving engines, but the question why he chose that place to read a comic book remains unanswered. Maybe he likes to do things differently and that’s the only explanation we need.

15. Here is another thing that needs figuring out

Image Source: Instagram

Every now and then people stumble across the weirdest things and they always take photos! We are glad they do it, because they later share the weird things and events we get to see them. In certain cases we are talking about amazing things, but this is not the story here. The object someone photographed in the middle of the desert is just curious, nothing more! Maybe there used to be a diner there some time ago and this was left behind.

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