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15 Images That Need To Be Explained

Image Source: Reddit

We can never get tired of seeing images that definitely make you look twice at them! Strange and unexplainable things happen all the time and thanks to social media we get to see a lot of them. This is one of the best ways to have some fun and escape from the boring daily routine. We guess that we all need to do that from time to time and lists like the one you see below are the right way to do it! Check this one out and enjoy it!

1. This is not the typical sewer

Image Source: Reddit

It is not like we kneel down and check out every sewer we pass by on the street, but we can still tell you that we have never seen on that is on fire! As you can see, someone snapped a pic of a sewer that is literally on fire! We have no idea what was the cause of it. Someone probably threw a cigarette and it lit up the leaves and the other things that were probably at the bottom of the sewer. We guess that it could also be Pennywise having a BBQ night, but it is probably not the case here.

2. This is a weird thing to see on the stairwell

Image Source: Reddit

Like we already said, people can do crazy things for no reason. This is one photo that can be accepted as the definition of doing something crazy just for fun! This man pretends to be some kind of a lizard and he is crawling in the middle of a stairwell. We think that nobody would be scared if they stumbled upon him, because it is too obvious that he is human. The tape used to create the add-ons is also clearly visible! At least the man certainly had some fun.

3. Here is one photo that will send shivers down your spine

Image Source: Reddit

As much as we love cats, this photo made us really question these animals and their true nature. Could this photo be the explanation for their mysterious behavior? We all know that cats seem to be living in their own reality and they seem to act as if they are generous enough to share part of it with us. However, the reflection in that mirror suggests that the feline reality must be supernatural. This is one creepy photo!

4. This thing should not exist

Image Source: Reddit

The majority of people love cocktails, and we are also big fans ourselves! The variety of combinations and tastes are endless! The way that they are decorated is also mind-blowing and some cocktails really look like works of art. As you can see, someone obviously tried to create a cocktail that was never seen before. However, there is a reason that this thing never existed until now, and we hope nobody ever makes it again! It looks gross!

5. This is probably one of the weirdest images on the list

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of crazy things lately, but this one is definitely on the top places in our rating! The idea behind this stunt is unknown and there was probably never a particular reason to do it. We cannot call it fun as well. It is just plain weird! Taping an insect to a flat surface and putting earphones on it is not going to lead to certain result, regardless of the music or the conversation that someone might play.

6. Here is one unusual pet

Image Source: Reddit

People love to take care of different kind of pets. Cats and dogs are probably the most common choice for most of us, but some individuals want to stand out from the crowd. It is one thing to have a python or an iguana, but having a horse inside the apartment is borderline crazy! Just look at the size of the animal! The space inside would never be enough for the animal to feel happy! The other problem would be getting the horse up and down when the time for a walk comes. There is hardly an elevator big enough to fit that horse!

7. This is one curious setup

Image Source: Reddit

We love tech gadgets, especially the DIY ones! However, sometimes we find it hard to explain the things we see, and this photo is the perfect proof for that! As you can see, someone created a strange device that probably has a purpose. This purpose is unknown and the cutout face of Shaq that it features makes it even a bigger mystery! It has something to do with that laptop but we cannot be sure. The only certain thing is that it is really strange.

8. Now this is something really frustrating

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Image Source: Reddit

There are things that should never happen. One of these things is definitely deceiving people with food! This pre-made sandwich is the perfect way to describe what we mean. The top photo shows one yummy-looking sandwich that we would definitely want to have for lunch. However, one look at the second photo will make you feel frustrated and even disappointed! How could someone be so despicable?

9. We are pretty sure that this is not a good idea

Image Source: Reddit

Decorating different areas with plants and trees is admirable. Every urban area will look much better with a lot of vegetation in it, not to mention that it has a number of other benefits, too. However, sometimes people try to step up their game and do things in a different way. This is not always a good idea! As you can see, this tree appears to be floating in the air! Its roots are wrapped and there is probably some soil, but it would probably not last long.

10. We hope this never becomes a trend in car tuning

Image Source: Reddit

Upgrades are one of the best things you can do to any vehicle. There are numerous ways to improve any vehicle’s performance and appearance. These modifications are huge business worth billions of dollars. Of course, some people choose to do things their own way. Instead of leaving their car at a specialized shop to get proper upgrades, this person decided to let their imagination run wild! The end result is more than controversial!

11. Here is one curious damaged vehicle

Image Source: Reddit

This Mercedes-Benz suffered what we think is the most unusual type of damage we have ever seen on a car. It looks like a huge werewolf ripped the right side of the vehicle! We have no clue how this happened and what was the real cause, but it is definitely not something you see every day. Something probably fell on the car and ripped the body panels in this weird way.

12. You know when something is not a good idea when you see it

Image Source: Getty Images

Sometimes one look at something is enough to tell that it is either a good or bad idea. This photo definitely suggests a bad idea! As you can see, this kid seems really enthusiastic about drinking from a toilet! The weird part is that the toilet features a faucet like the ones you put on a sink. There is something going on here and we would like to know what that is. We hope that this is not an actual sink designed to look like a toilet!

13. This is so appropriate for the end of October

Image Source: Reddit

Since we all get carried away with preparations for Halloween, we thought that posting this photo would be more than appropriate! As you can see, someone created a rather spooky setup with a Furby doll and a bunch of other things. The end result is a mix between the Grim Reaper and an angry Furby! It looks disturbing and the clever caption of the photo is really good! We also tend to be suspicious whenever there is one of these little toys around.

14. Here is another DIY attempt for a car upgrade

Image Source: Reddit

This Volvo is definitely the craziest modified vehicle we have seen in a long time! We are not even sure that we can call everything that someone did to it a modification. As you can see, some DIY genius decided to turn the Swedish car into some kind of an ant farm tribute. Maybe it was used for some kind of contest or a show. It looks like the person who did all the work on it loves ants because even the license plate is related to the main theme.

15. Phone accessories are crazy

Image Source: Reddit

People want to stand out from the crowd in any possible way! As you can see, this woman found a unique way to do it by using the most insane phone case we have ever seen! It is absolutely massive and we guess it is not really convenient to use. Of course, nobody cares about convenience when the main goal is to be different. It is more than obvious that this case is different than any other case out there! Good luck with fitting it inside your pocket.

Written by Nick Martin

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