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15 Moments That Made Us Think ‘There’s Something Going On Here’

Image Source: Reddit

In a world full of deception, it is only natural for us to doubt literally anything that happens to us. We believe that those who believe everything they are told or anything they see are often taken advantage of. While that might not be a problem, it is not pleasant, is it? The following list shows how deliberate or unintentional deceit happened to people and animals, and these moments are worth sharing.

1. The edibles

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people should never trust their dogs if food products are left outside. Canines are always hungry and they will get their paws on whatever they can. The owner of this doggo thought it ate their edibles and you can see why they had such a suspicion.

2. The message

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something that we guarantee you will never see before. As the sign reads, someone stole clothes from a particular dryer. The person who the clothes belong to decided to have some revenge and set up this message.

3. The drink

Image Source: Reddit

Marketing experts are the people who actually sell us certain goods and products. It seems that the people behind this project had a certain goal when making it but we doubt they met it. The drink’s name makes you kind of suspicious and we guess it was not a good strategy.

4. The groomer

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that people will never have enough of seeing cute dogs and groomers make sure that dogs look their best for others to admire. In this case, one person noticed a strange detail in their dog’s style but the groomer said it was an accidental trim she tried to cover.

5. The sun

Image Source: Reddit

The heatwave in summer can cause a lot of trouble in certain parts of the globe. It appears this person was unfortunate enough to park under the scorching sun and their kayak melted. It appears to be impossible but the image you see disproves that. We guess there might be something fishy here.

6. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

There are things you see and you immediately feel suspicious about it. The image shown above is a good example of that, as it features a sign with weird quotation marks that should not be there. The detail completely changes the meaning of the sign and it looks creepy.

7. The ATM machine

Image Source: Reddit

ATM machines are some of the devices people use the most these days. They are much needs for the times when people need cash and we all use them regularly. This one, however, is one that suspicious people would never trust because of its name.

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8. The creepy sign

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of thing that could make you feel a whole lot of different feelings when you see it. It was probably intended to point something in particular but there is something about the way it looks that makes it look very creepy.

9. The neon signs

Image Source: Reddit

Those who offer a certain type of specific products or services need to be aware that they must use every opportunity to present themselves in the best possible way. As you can see, the people behind this neon sign business missed a nice opportunity here.

10. The SUV

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of those moments when you have no other choice but to doubt in the exact thing someone tries to persuade you in. The sign on this SUV’s door reads “legitimate business” but it sure does not look like there is anything legitimate about the vehicle or the people in it.

11. The protocol

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how a short report on police work can look like. It seems that whoever reported the suspicious person had no idea how a potentially dangerous person looks like. We are certain that the police officers were not happy to be sent to check someone for nothing.

12. The recycle bin

Image Source: Reddit

People all around the world give their best to recycle their garbage the right way. This means that you must separate the items you throw out and some cafeterias and restaurants have that option. This one, however, was created as deceit and we think it is not okay.

13. The van

Image Source: Reddit

You can immediately see why this person decided to add an unusual message to everyone who happened to drive behind their van. As you can see, the van is not in good shape and it looks as if it is used for illegal activities.

14. The pool

Image Source: Reddit

Here is why people sometimes hesitate to order something online. We also hesitate often because we are tempted by the low price but we also don’t want to end up being deceived. This person ordered a pool but it was a different size compared to what they expected.

15. The house

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one very suspicious house that was probably designed like that unintentionally. The roofline and the window placement make it seem as if the house was acting strangely or judging people who happened to pass by it.

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