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15 Obvious And Cool Simple Images That Will Definitely Amaze You

Image Source: Reddit

The definition of ‘cool’ is probably a lot different for every person, and there is a good reason for that. People have different interests, and they are all on a slightly different intellectual level from each other, which creates a rather wide variety of perceptions. If one thing is considered to be awesome by one person, the one standing next to them might consider the same thing to be stupid or awkward, for example.

However, there are certain moments when the majority of people would agree about a certain event, situation or an object, and the reason for that must be simple and obvious. The list you are about to see contains this kind of images; they are all simple and cool, and the reason for that is obvious to everyone.

1. Here is a rare sight for a start

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen a lot of weird things in the ocean, but most of them are just a result of the human activity, and we mean devastating results, of course. Every now and then the ocean washes the remains of different creatures on the shores, and some of those creatures are hard to identify. However, seeing a tree in the middle of the water is an eerie thing to see and it is definitely cooler than the other things we mentioned. We wonder how this is actually possible, but there is probably a reason for it to exist.

2. This image is absolutely real

Image Source: Reddit

We also thought that it just had to be altered in some way, but it turned out that someone was just lucky enough to capture the perfect sky. They say that nature is the best artist, and that is obviously the truth, because these amazing cloud formations are hard to imagine by any artist! They look like giant cotton balls, and the serenity of the whole composition is really satisfying.

3. This eerie sight can be easily explained

Image Source: Reddit

No, these are not some ghostly bricks that magically appeared behind the painted wall, and it is not some effect created by a layer of paint. The explanation is quite simple – the condensation in that room cause the gaps between the bricks to be covered by moisture, and the end result looks very interesting. Maybe this should be turned into a pattern to create an artificial effect.

4. This pair of shorts has a secret

Image Source: Reddit

When you look closer, you will notice that there is an interesting decoration on this pair of pants, but there is more to that than just a pattern. It looks that the effects were created to look the way they do now, but the truth is that the pants were previously dyed, and now they simply faded, revealing the original flower pattern. This is how a defect can be turn into an effect.

5. Sign are getting more and more specific

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that someone tried to do their job properly, but it is easy to overdo something that needs only a bit of effort. We guess that this sign was meant to warn people not to play with fire, but it literally says that pipes are not allowed in the area. You can be sure that some people would take this sign quite literally, and we are glad that there is a fire hydrant nearby, just in case someone misses the sign.

6. This is a weird stunt, but we like it

Image Source: Pinterest

At first glance you could be easily fooled that this is one really small classroom and the students are forced to be literally against the wall, but as soon as you see the middle of the photo, it becomes clear that the whole thing was a well-organized prank, and we like the fact that someone had a good idea and was able to pull it off.

7. Urban decay is mesmerizing to see

Image Source: Reddit

There are numerous examples of objects that are slowly decaying in the urban landscape, and sometimes these processes are truly amazing! The natural way that the elements leave their mark on different objects often creates a pattern that cannot be easily replicated by a human hand. This metal fence is amazing, and the way that the top coat is oxidized is absolutely stunning. The colors are also very nice, and it looks like a work of art.

8. This photo is fooling around with the laws of physics

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Image Source: Reddit

Here is another photo that looks like it was altered, but it is actually genuine. Someone was lucky enough to capture the light over this glass in the best possible moment. The light creates a stunning illusion and literally makes the upper part disappear into thin air. The end result is mind-blowing and you get the feeling that magic is a real thing.

9. Sometimes devastation reveals curious things

Image Source: Reddit

When this house caught fire, nobody probably thought that things are going to end well, but obviously the flames were extinguished quickly enough. By the looks of things the house must have been entirely engulfed in flames, and the outer shingles were destroyed. However, this revealed the original walls of the house, and even the old address number was still on them, which is very cool.

10. This is one confusing image

Image Source: Reddit

When you see this photo, you will surely be more or less confused about what exactly you see in it. This is not a sponge, and the colors are not what they seem to be. This is actually a block of cheese that is about to be shredded, and the colors are a result of the sunlight passing through a window. It is as simple as that, and we cannot believe how perfect the cheese looks. Someone needs to make this a reality, because we would love to buy rainbow cheese for sure.

11. This is like Dungeons and Dragons in real life

Image Source: Reddit

If you love discovering new things and adventures, you definitely had the dream of discovering a treasure map at some point. Well, it appears that this dream can become a reality! This huge map is mounted in an unlikely place, because it is not a treasure map. It is actually a map of the shopping mall you see in the photo, and we think that this was a great idea! Well, it looks quite complicated, but it is worth checking all the little details on it. Who knows, there may be a treasure hidden inside the mall waiting to be found by some curious visitor.

12. The owner of this shed is probably a master of disguise

Image Source: Reddit

Nope, there is no mistake here. This is actually a tool shed that was entirely engulfed by this enormous bush. It might look like an inconvenient solution, but it is actually the perfect place to hide your valuables, because nobody would suspect that there is a structure behind the bush. We don’t know if the owner planted the bush on purpose or just took advantage of the natural way it began to engulf the shed, but whatever the case is, we still think that is a neat thing to have, and it could even be used as a hideaway in certain cases.

13. The cutest piece of fruit you will ever see

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, it may not be much, but it is another proof that nature creates stunning things, and it works in mysterious was. This little raspberry boasts with the perfect heart shape, and it looks almost artificial, but it is absolutely real! It would be a shame if someone eats it, but after all, it is just a fruit. We hope that some guy deeply in love with his girl found it and gave it to her; it would be the most romantic use of this perfect little raspberry.

14. We have never seen a better carpet in our lives

Image Source: Reddit

Sure, it can give a blurred vision after a few seconds of staring at it, but that is actually one the good things about it. The pattern is absolutely stunning and it looks like a maze that is constantly moving. The other curios detail is the fireplace, which looks like a door to another hall. Of course, nobody would leave such a tiny door, and that is actually a mirror. The simple, but very clever illusion gives the whole interior a magical appearance, and we would love to visit an event in that hall.

15. This is actually an ordinary household object

Image Source: Reddit

You would probably never guess what this thing is, unless you have already replaced one. It is actually the bulb of a microwave, and it looks the way it does because it has already burned out. We are not sure how this effect was created by the end of the bulb’s life cycle, but one thing is for sure – it looks really cool and we would have never guessed what it actually was. It is a nice example that shows how a common object could look stunning without actually having much of a history or some special purpose.

Written by Nick Martin

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