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15 Of The Most Dramatic Cats Out There

Image Source: Reddit

Most people who love cats know how surprised or overwhelmed they can be. Many individuals believe that cats are not interacting with humans as much as they should but that is not true. In fact, cats are all about interaction, and sometimes they even act like drama queens. The compilation below shows such moments: they are all hilarious and definitely worth sharing!

1. The grip

Image Source: Reddit

it seems that cats are always aware of what they are supposed to do when they need to act fast. They just get a grip on themselves but they sometimes literally need to have a grip on something. This feline obviously hesitated for a second and is not happy about it!

2. The trip to the vet

Image Source: Reddit

We have always believed that pets are perfectly aware of the moment they need to enter the vet’s office. They might not remember the place but they probably sense some smells. This cat named Porkchop was happy to go for a ride but you can see its reaction on the way back.

3. The baby

Image Source: Reddit

Pets love human babies and we have all seen how protective they can be. We guess that the tricky part of such a relationship is the first time the pet and the baby meet each other. In this case, the owners of the cat forgot to inform the animal about the new addition to the family.

4. The bath time

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that cats and dogs have more in common that one could presume: baht time is definitely on top of that list! There is nothing to dislike about a good bath but pets are not that keen on getting wet for no reason. This cat’s reaction tells us more than words could.

5. The grumpy cat

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to figure out how your cat feels is often far too easy. This is exactly the case here: the feline pictured above is not happy about being left outside and definitely wants to go in. we would let the animal inside immediately!

6. The bond

Image Source: Reddit

They say that strong bonds know no limit and we believe that is true. When you think about the lengths some people go to be close to their loved ones despite the difficulties, you should remember this image. It shows how two cats are inseparable in one dramatic moment.

7. The look

Image Source: Reddit

There was a funny picture featuring a cat reading a book about ways to plot revenge on humans and we laugh every time we see it. Looking at this image, however, made us think if we should laugh at such images at all.

8. The move

Image Source: Imgur

We have all seen hundreds of movies and therefore we all know how professional actors do their magic. The difference between good actors and great actors is the way they can perform every move they are supposed to. This cat is a great actor!

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9. The betrayal

Image Source: Imgur

The best part about the relationship between a pet and a human is the trust they have between each other. Earning an animal’s trust is truly a great feeling but you need to be careful. This cat reacted as pictured when it felt betrayed by a human.

10. The beggar

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another cat that knows how to act dramatic! As you can see, the cat was left outside and it clearly wants to be let in. A regular “meow” would not be enough and the cat knew that. It chose a different approach to attract human attention.

11. The nap

Image Source: Imgur

We think that pets and people are very different but we need to change that perspective. We have a lot more in common than most people would think! As you can see, this cat naps just like a grown man and it is adorable to see its body language.

12. The stare

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that cats are not always the cute furry friends we take them for. They have feelings and need to be respected just like any other family member. In this case, the owner kicked the cat’s bowl of milk and you can tell the cat was not happy about it.

13. The statue

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is not a statue, of course, but we appreciate the effort of this cat to act as one. The photo is yet another proof of the fact that cats are great actors and drama queens but they are not that keen on showing their acting skills most of the time.

14. The rescue

Image Source: Reddit

It is not that hard to imagine what happened prior to taking this picture. The fireman looks relieved after rescuing this cat but the feline’s facial expression tells the whole story! As you can see, the cat really played its part and looks terrified.

15. The trip

Image Source: Reddit

There is not much to say about taking your pets for a road trip except one thing: it is super hard and challenging. In this case, the dog and the human seem calm but the cat reacted in the most dramatic manner possible.

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