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15 People For Whom We Should All Be A Bit Worried

Image Source: Bogout News

If you are a decent human being, you tend to worry about people you do not personally know. When you read or watch the news, you hear about people who are in awful situations. You want to help them, but you really can’t do anything.

That is, sadly, an unfortunate fact of life. No matter how great of a person you are—no matter how wealthy or talented you might be—you simply can’t save everyone. That is the sad reality of our existence.

Here are fifteen pictures of people we should probably be a bit concerned for, really. There is nothing we can do for them.

Let’s just hope that they are all alive and doing okay. Based on the images, there is a good chance one or two of them—at least—are no longer with us.

1. The Guy With the Fortune Cookie

Image Source: Reddit

The message from this fortune cookie is definitely pretty ominous. Most of us would be scared if we saw such a message. What sort of person actually possesses the ability to bore another human being to death?

There was a show called “Bored to Death” that aired from 2009 to 2011 on HBO, but that has nothing to do with the fortune cookie. The show was about a private detective played by Jason Schwartzman. It also starred the actor Ted Danson.

Strangely enough, while fortune cookies are frequently served in Chinese restaurants in the United States and elsewhere, they are not traditional in China. They were most likely popularized by immigrants from Japan—who ate them with tea. Until the 1940s or so, they were referred to as “fortune tea cakes”.

Regardless of their origins, they are extremely popular these days. Billions of fortune cookies are made every year. They are popular in Canada, France, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, India, and the United Kingdom.

2. The Guy Wearing The Elvis Face

Image Source: Instagram

There is just so much to be concerned about here. First of all, there are animatronic Elvis things out there? That’s weird. Why would anyone build such a thing? Elvis may be a cultural icon, true, but the thing that was built is just weird.

Who would disassemble one, though, and for what purpose? And why would anyone wear the face and post a selfie of doing so?

The person named “hickorysbane” is correct, honestly. The most disturbing thing about the whole situation is the fact that these images exist. It is definitely a bit creepy.

Elvis Presley, who died in 1977, is considered the “King of Rock and Roll” and one of the most influential artists of all time. His film debut was in 1956, starring in the movie “Love Me Tender”.

After a couple of years serving in the military, he spent most of the 1960s making films as well as soundtrack albums. He won three Grammys and is in several music-related hall of fames.

3. The Cloud in the Background

Image Source: Reddit

People can be and often are devoted to their sports. If this photo is real, everyone should definitely be very concerned for the person who was playing golf. If there is a cloud like that behind you, then you absolutely need to run away as quickly as possible. Ditch the golf cart and the clubs if you need to—you can purchase new stuff. You can certainly buy new golfing equipment, but you can’t buy a new life.

What exactly is that cloud in the background, anyway? Did a bomb go off?

As mentioned, there are a lot of people who are pretty devoted to the sport of golf—to a fault, really. The sport originated in the 15th century in Scotland. In the United States, it is believed that it was first played in the 19th century. One of the first golf clubs in the country—possibly the first—was in Yonkers, New York.

The sport is, arguably, most popular in Scotland. It is also quite popular in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Wales, and Sweden. In 2016, it was an Olympic sport. 120 athletes were represented by over 40 countries.

4. The Fake “Spider-Man” On the Bus

Image Source: Reddit

Most children would love to be Spider-Man, as he has many pretty incredible powers and is also a pretty decent guy.

Since his first appearance in the early 1960s, Spider-Man has gone on a number of adventures and saved a lot of people. There is a good reason most kids—and many adults—would absolutely love to be Spider-Man.

The ability to cling to surfaces, however, does not exist in real life—as far as anyone knows, anyway. Whoever is on top of the bus in this image is obviously putting his or her life in danger. It looks like a fun ride, but it could result in an unfortunate tragedy.

Spider-Man is one of the more popular superheroes out there. Technically, he is the mascot of Marvel. He has been portrayed by many famous actors, including Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland. The movies have made hundreds of millions of dollars.

There was even a Broadway musical about the character. He is widely considered one of the more popular superheroes ever. Only Batman, Wonder Woman, and Super Woman are considered more popular.

Whoever is on the bus, though, is definitely not Peter Parker in a Spider-Man costume, so he needs to be really careful. Let’s hope he is okay.

5. The Person In The Rock

Image Source: Reddit

This image was obviously staged, although it is not clear exactly how it was done. Even though you know it is a fake, you can’t help but worry for the person who looks to be trapped inside of a rock. Whoever edited this image really did a great job.

6. The Girl in the Cage

Image Source: Reddit

There’s a lot to question regarding this image. Obviously, you have to wonder why there is a cage in a Walmart store. Why is there a person inside of that cage? Was she being paid to be in the cage? If that was the case—why? Is she being sold for an extremely low price? Where did she get that ridiculous outfit? Why is no one watching her do whatever she is doing? Is a political statement being made?

Also, why is the product in the background being sold for over $300? Those look like batteries. What type of batteries cost so much money?

You really have to worry about the young woman in the cage. Hopefully she made the choice to get in that thing and wasn’t forced into it.

7. The Giraffe And the Car Window

Image Source: Reddit

This picture was taken at one of those safari parks you can drive through. The windows of the car were down, so the enormous giraffe decided to look down and peer into the vehicle.

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The female passenger was not quite sure how to fend off the creature, so she made the questionable decision to roll up the window, which actually caused the glass of the window to smash on the giraffe’s head.

The good news is that the giraffe apparently turned out okay, as did the humans. You do sort of have to worry about a person who leaves car windows down while driving through a safari park.

The car will probably never recover from the incident, sadly, and the owners will likely be out thousands of dollars. That’s the price you must be willing to pay, though, when you drive through a safari park.

8. The Person With This Windshield

Image Source: Reddit

The person who owns the car depicted in the image must be seriously ticked off. That is going to cost a small fortune to repair.

It looks like the sort of incident in which a person could lose his or her life, honestly—or at least sustain permanent harm to the body. Whatever the situation may be, let’s just hope everyone is intact and breathing.

9. The Person Being Terrorized By the Hovering Twins

Image Source; Reddit

You really have to hope this image is faked. Hovering twins are the creatures that exist in nightmares, and you definitely do not want to have to interact with them. The girl in the corner actually looks legitimately scared, and she was clearly on her way somewhere.

10. The Person In the Tub With the View

Image Source: Instagram

Honestly, it is hard to tell precisely what is going on in this image. The view does look nice, and the person is apparently alive, so apparently all was well. Let’s hope that it stayed that way.

11. The People Who Eat The Ice Cubes

Image Source: Instagram

We have all been in the position when we are expected to have people in our homes that we do not particularly care for. If you have ever hosted a holiday dinner, you know precisely what I mean. Everyone has a relative or “friend” that isn’t our favorite person on the planet.

You have to feel bad for the people who consume beverages containing ice cubes made from old hot dog water, though. That is just gross. I am not sure I would compare old hot dog water to spit, but it is almost as nasty.

Old hot dog water is gross, true, but hot dogs are definitely delicious. In the United States, hot dogs are associated with baseball and the cuisine of New York City—as well as Chicago. In the United States, the retail establishment 7-Eleven sells roughly 100 million hot dogs every year.

Hot dogs actually date back to the 13th century. The term frankfurter refers to Frankfurt, Germany, which is where similar sausages originated centuries ago. While delicious, hot dog ingredients are often sort of suspect. Furthermore, hot dogs are not the healthiest food on the planet. They are known to be high in sodium and nitrates.

That said, frozen hot dog water probably does not pose any health risk to humans. It probably makes a drink taste sort of weird, though.

12. The People Getting a Bit of Shade

Image Source: Reddit

While it is important to stay out of direct sunlight, the people in this image are doing so in a terrible way. Melanoma is dangerous, true, but sitting under construction equipment is a dangerous way of protecting your skin. If that thing falls, there is no way the people under it will survive. Looking at the image, it isn’t even clear how that bulldozer is being propped up.

Hopefully everyone in the image is still alive and well.

13. The Girl Hanging On For Dear Life

Image Source: Reddit

You really have to wonder how a person puts herself into such a situation. No matter how much you might trust a person, it is best not to put him or her in a position where you have to cling to them instead of falling to your death. Gravity exists, after all, and it can be a killer.

Falling is actually one of the leading causes of death in the world, and it also causes many injuries every year. Over 500,000 people die every year as a result of fall-related injuries. Typically, those who are injured as a result of falls are painters, builders, electricians, and miners. Obviously, there are also cases of people who intentionally fall in order to injure themselves.

14. The Guy With the Bags From Victoria’s Secret

Image Source: Reddit

You have to worry about the guy in this image. He does not look particularly happy to be carrying so many bags from Victoria’s Secret. In fact, the man looks very sad. He clearly wants to get out of the public eye as soon as humanly possible.

15. The Person With This Car

Image Source: Reddit

The owner of this car clearly has an animal with a grudge against him or her, which is scary. What point was that animal trying to make by crawling all over the hood? That is anybody’s guess. The animal might not have been trying to make a point—maybe it just wanted the owner of the car to know that it existed.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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