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15 People That Failed So Bad, They Were Actually Good

Image Source: Reddit

One of the most entertaining things that we could find online is the unlimited supply of videos and photos of people’s failures; there’s absolutely no doubt about that. We get a kind of weird feeling watching them, because as hilarious as they are, we wouldn’t want to be in any of these people’s shoes, because a lot of the fails involve some minor injuries, humiliation and shame; this is why we more than often feel sorry for them.

However, this doesn’t mean that we are about to stop enjoying other people’s miserable fails, and you shouldn’t stop either. This is why we have selected these 15 photos. Have fun and choose your favorite.

1. We suspect that this person must have been drunk

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, there was only one way that you could mess this up, and this person absolutely nailed it! The disappointment after seeing this must have been huge for the wannabe-chef, because even we felt some of it, despite not being involved in this poor attempt to bake a pizza.

2. So much for the wedding cake

Image Source: The Chive

The fact that this cake cost a fortune is not the worst part of this incident. After all, this is a wedding cake, and presumably you only get to enjoy it once in your lifetime. Well, some people get to have it a few more times, but that’s another story. At least they have it on a photograph.

3. Can someone explain what happened here?

Image Source: Imgur

We were absolutely puzzled by this photo. There are so many questions to ask here? How exactly does a washing machine catch fire? If it was an oven, we would suggest at least a few scenarios. And why did this person decide that the best possible reaction was to Snapchat the story?

4. The pooch knows how they made him look like

Image Source: Instagram

Giving your canine friend a haircut is no easy task, and it definitely requires some skills. It seems that these people decided to shave the poor dog completely, just like a sheep, and we think that they shaved his head first with the intention of taking this photo, and the dog seems to know that.

5. You need to be careful when communicating with teens

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there’s no turning back sometimes, and this woman is fully aware of that. Just looking at her face makes us feel compassionate, but we just have to admit that it was probably hilarious. The teens would probably roast her every time they have a chance to.

6. We have all been there

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that we have reached the point when we accept someone’s bragging on social media as a completely normal thing, and we even do it the moment we have something to brag about, as if someone cares. This girl enjoyed her new toy for only a day, which is kind of sad.

7. This what a few glasses of wine would do to you

Image Source: Twitter

We tried to find another logical reason why someone would mistake a purse for a dog, but this was the most probable one. It doesn’t look as a doggy at all. Maybe the woman put the wrong glasses on and could not see it very well, but the situation is still hilarious.

8. These people need to get rid of that machine

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

What were they thinking? You have to be insane to put gum balls and rubber balls in the same container. We guess that if this warning sign exist, some unfortunate kid already swallowed a rubber ball without realizing it, but this is just a guess and we hope it didn’t happen.

9. This is why some absurd caution signs exist

Image Source: Twitter

The perfect warning sign on every oven should be: ‘Do not put plastic inside the oven’. It seems ridiculous, but as you can see, some people need these basic instructions. This person probably thought that it would be harmless, just like putting it inside the microwave.

10. This is considered as a tragedy by women

Image Source: Twitter

Keeping in mind how important is the appearance for any woman, this would be truly devastating, and not to mention that it probably hurt quite a lot. They say that beauty requires some sacrifice, but this is just too much.

11. This is why you need to avoid washing your car in the winter

Image Source: Acid Cow

This pick-up truck is going anywhere for a while. The person who thought that it was a good idea to give it a proper wash while the temperature outside was below zero surely regretted this decision. Nobody in their right mind would risk this.

12. The level of ignorance here is alarming and funny at the same time

Image Source: Twitter

Maybe the person who captioned this was joking, but maybe not. The person who made up this joke has a strange sense of humor, but in some weird way this actually turned out to be funny. Thank God that stuff like that keeps overflowing from social media and we can have fun.

13. Mistakes are not always a bad thing

Image Source: Imgur

We can all see that this guy looks pretty happy with his messed up order. We understand him, because we would be happy with that comfy bed, too. It looks amazing and it is a one-off item.

14. Most people have struggled with IKEA

Image Source: Imgur

Admit it – this happened to you at least once in your life time! Assembling a piece of furniture is not always a straightforward job. The regret this girl feels is totally understandable.

15. Some people need a slow and simple explanation

Image Source: Imgur

It sounds like a bad joke, but it obviously happened. What was the cashier thinking? This makes absolutely no sense, and we guess that the customer was just trolled, otherwise it would be ridiculous.

Written by Nick Martin

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