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15 People Who Are Definitely Having Worse Day Than Most Of Us

Image Source: Reddit

Disasters can strike at any given moment and often we can’t do a single thing to prevent these situations! Sure enough, precautions could be taken and the safety measures need to be on the required level all the time. Sometimes people forget about that and literally ask for a disastrous situation to happen. Regardless of whose fault a major fail might be, the thing that matters is that nobody gets seriously injured. All the damage in the world means nothing compared to people’s health and lives! The list below shows how people failed to take precautions or simply became witnesses of random and inevitable situations that ended up in a disaster.

1. This is actually kind of curious

Image Source: Reddit

Chances are that you have seen a lot of cars crushed by fallen trees. This happens often and in most cases the damaged vehicles are write-offs because no car could withstand the impact of a huge tree falling down on it. In some cases the owner of the vehicles are lucky to avoid impact. This person probably had minor damage to their vehicle but the interesting part here is the way the tree roots picked up the entire patch of soil around it!

2. Now this is a stunt you should never try

Image Source: Reddit

This photo is weird and we could not explain what happened in order for that kid to climb up there! It appears that the people below him are concerned and they probably wonder how to get him down. Of course, that barrier probably came down soon after the image was taken and the child was safe in the end, but if we see such a thing happen, we will probably be worried about the kid falling down. One tiny cramp in his arm would cause him to lose his grip! We hope everything turned out to be okay in the end.

3. This driver should have known better

Image Source: 40Ton

Professional truck drivers are different than the rest. They have a better judgment about every situation and a lot more skills than the average urban driver. However, they are still human and they make mistakes, too! This driver definitely allowed a huge mistake to happen by miscalculating the size of the semi and the approximate load capacity of the bridge. We guess it was obvious that the truck would not make it on the other side through that small bridge!

4. Here is something that could make anyone cringe

Image Source: Reddit

Going to the ATM can obviously turn into a real nightmare! We are so glad that this person was able to spot this huge insect before it was too late! We always go to draw some cash in a hurry and we slip the card without even looking! This is definitely going to change because we will not take any chances! Touching this thing is definitely the last thing we would like to experience! We are also sure that the person who took the photo will also check the premises during the next trip to the ATM.

5. This does not appear to be a drive-through

Image Source: Reddit

Well, of course that it is not – after all, it is a bank and there are no bank drive-through locations! Come to think of it, it would be a good thing if such facilities existed! The person who drove inside probably mistook the gas pedal for the breaks! Such situations happen much too often and we hope that there will be an end to them! Some sort of a low safety barrier needs to be installed between the parking lots and the buildings, perhaps.

6. Here is something extreme

Image Source: Reddit

Most people could probably recognize a bad idea when they see one. We guess that everyone will immediately realize that whatever the person in the photo had in mind probably ended in disaster! Using a ladder is dangerous enough, because losing your balance and falling off is literally one step away. This is why we consider that climbing a ladder in your roller skates can be considered as an extreme sport, but it is definitely not a bright idea!

7. Here is something you should never do

Image Source: Reddit

Some lessons are learned the hard way! But you know what they say – if you paid a high price for something, you will remember that moment for sure and you will remember the lesson you learned! We believe that the man who had the audacity to lock himself in the bathroom with his girlfriend’s phone will never do it again, because it is obviously not a good idea to provoke this kind of damage again! Imagine how fierce his girlfriend must have been in order to break that door!

8. These people are obviously reckless

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Image Source: Pikabu

This is the way you turn a circus act into an everyday job! These two men probably thought that they could handle the situation, but we believe that they are nothing but lucky to still be standing on this improvised platform they came up with! It is only one push away from falling apart! As you can see, they are one wrong move away from falling down! It would be a huge drop and we hope they got the job done without any injuries!

9. Here is another group of workers who seem to play with fire

Image Source: Reddit

Well, they are technically dealing with a river, but you get the point! Seeing how these people decided to do some repairs to that bridge made us cringe! They are literally pushing their luck, especially the worker on that ladder? What were they thinking, anyway? We guess they have the right skills to do the repairs but their approach is what looks worrying! Maybe it wasn’t their first time they use these means, who knows?

10. Someone tried to do the laundry for the first time in their life

Image Source: Reddit

We agree that there is a first time for everything and nobody was born with a specific skillset, meaning that mistakes will be made. While that is true, we need to specify that the mistake would probably be minor regardless of the activity we are talking about. When it comes to doing the laundry, we believe that the worst that could happen is for the person to forget to load detergent or to set a wrong water temperature. It seems that someone was able to mess things up and managed to set the washing machine on fire!

11. Here is something nobody would like to find in their home

Image Source: Pikabu

There are many creepy and strange things people find in their homes, but this is probably one of the worst, not to mention it could be dangerous, too! Seeing this giant hornet’s nest is actually kind of amazing, too, because the way the hornets crafted it is interesting to explore. It looks like something from another planet! We hope that the nest’s inhabitants were no longer there!

12. Now this is definitely not a good idea

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people will continue to do strange things that we have no reasonable explanation for. Regardless of safety issues and the potential danger, these people are dangling on a rope attached to this tree while a crane suspended it in the air! The whole stung looks extremely dangerous and we wonder why these people would do such a thing! Maybe it was some kind of a protest against removing the tree.

13. These are the risks of taking a selfie

Image Source: Imgur

People nowadays are willing to do anything to get a decent selfie. If they have the chance to make it more interesting or to add an exotic touch to it, then they would even put themselves in the face of such situation. This woman probably thought that getting really close to a huge porcupine for a selfie would be no different than taking one with a friendly dog. It is obvious that she was wrong and the animal was able to bite her arm because it was probably scared of the whole ordeal.

14. This was obviously a bad idea

Image Source: Reddit

Professional off-road racers often say that the bigger the SUV is, the bigger the tow truck would be! It is apparently true if we judge from this image. Someone decided that their luxury SUV is really an all-terrain vehicle but you can see that it is not! Driving on wet sand requires a specially-equipped vehicle and a lot of skills, and it appears that both of these things were out of the equation here! We hope they retrieved the vehicle and got it up and running shortly after this incident.

15. Cooking can be dangerous for your health

Image Source: Reddit

We are not too sure how ti situation really happened, but we bet it was a interesting one!

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