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15 People Who Decided To Show Things As They Really Are And It’s Hilarious

Image Source: Reddit

Social media took over people’s lives and it is pretty much the meaning of many individuals’ existence! They always try to look their best and share every step they take in an attempt to impress their friends. Of course, this often means that they are not entirely honest about the lifestyle they really have. While you can definitely tell that by looking at the social media profile of someone you know in real life, in other cases it is even easier – some people are just not trying to hide their personalities and they show their true selves! We admire that and this is why we compiled the list below!

1. Not trying to hide your imperfections means you keep it real

Image Source: Instagram

We imagine that the majority of girls who attempt to take a photo like that would spend a lot of time cropping and altering the image in order for it to look immaculate! It seems that girls who have body imperfection often try to hide them instead of just embracing their true selves! As you can see, this girl never tried to hide anything, although it seems she felt a bit embarrassed when her man asked her a simple question.

2. Well, apparently people do that

Image Source: Instagram

We never knew that someone would date another person because they like that person’s pet! But hey, who are we to judged, anyway? We believe that the person who posted this probably exaggerated things a bit, but we can accept the fact that one of the first things you might like in a person you started dating is their pet. If the pet is cute and well cared for, this means that the person is probably worth getting to know.

3. We all know how this feels

Image Source: Instagram

How many times have you said to yourself that you will never order another junk food lunch again? We have been there quite a lot, and it does not take more than a couple of days to get to a McDonald’s drive through. The problem is that if we had cravings and we suppressed them, as soon as we walk into the place, we order half the menu! As tasty as it is, we always feel kind of guilty after devouring half a dozen burgers! It is not a nice habit to have.

4. Here is how a legend can show everyone she is a normal person

Image Source: Instagram

Jayne Fonda is a Hollywood legend! Apart from being a stunningly beautiful woman, she also has a great personality and she showed it with this hilarious post. She shared a couple of photo that shared a common detail but they are also entirely different from one another. As you can see, she looked fabulous as she attended a gala night, but things are quite different the next morning! She actually had to sleep in that same dress because she failed to unzip it!

5. Prom night can be really special if you start it right

Image Source: Instagram

Looking at these images got us thinking about the level of sarcasm these people used. They either made this as a joke or they are completely serious about eating at an Ikea diner before attending prom night. We know that the food there is not bad, but seeing this couple dressed sharp and driving to Ikea to grab a bite just does not add up! Maybe they used to go there often and now they just decided to make it a bit more official than usual.

6. Here is a weird thing to do

Image Source: Instagram

People often do the kind of things that can make you raise an eyebrow or two. This post suggests something that makes no exception! The girl you see seems to be proud of her decision to print her thesis on a huge scarf! Doing it was probably not that complicate, but the real question here is why she did it in the first place? When it is completed and evaluated, most people probably throw it in the bottom drawer and hope they never read it again, but this person obviously decided to do a different thing.

7. This cat probably did not realize the party was about its birthday

Image Source: Instagram

As we just mentioned, people do weird things sometimes as we guess this is more or less such a thing. Of course, showing your pet the love and affection you have is a must, but throwing such a huge party for a feline that does not even understand it was all in honor if its 15th birthday is a bit too much. We understand that some individuals like to feel extra, but it seems that the cat was rather annoyed by all the unnecessary attention.

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8. It is very sad that people do this

Image Source: Instagram

Well, most of you have probably seen such images. Some of you have probably even taken similar ones before! As you can see, the first one looks super realistic and nobody would have guessed that it was a setup! As you can see, it is a very carefully planned process and there is even a wig involved which seems kind of creepy. The second image reveals how things are actually done and we just stood there looking at it with a blank expression.

9. This is something most smokers can relate to

Image Source: Imgur

All the smokers out there would be delighted to know that at least one person is out there to avenge the loss of their lighters! It happens much too often and if you smoke, you are probably pissed every time you realize that someone stole your lighter! This person had enough of this and decided to do what the other did! As you can see, the person had a lot of success and ever arranged a color palette with the stolen lighters.

10. Here is the most despised person in their gym

Image Source: Instagram

If you are an athlete and you frequently visit a gym, you know that there is at least one person that everyone else considers to be annoying! The reasons for that might be different, but in the end this person gets despised and sometimes even trolled! However, this woman was able to turn things around and occasionally trolls the other fitness enthusiasts with this water bottle! Her idea is simply amazing and we bet that the majority of people fall for the prank when they see it in action.

11. These people took dating to another level

Image Source: Pinterest

Whoever says that romantic people no longer exist, show them this image! This couple was able to take dating to another level by preparing in advance. They obviously chose a spot with a nice view and brought a lot of food, and they even chose a specific movie. As the caption suggests, this is far more than just a date. It definitely shows that these people are into each other and they have common tastes and interests, too! Whoever thinks that this is something extra is simply wrong.

12. Here is a girl that will probably have a headache the next morning

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, the image pretty much sums up everything that could be said about it! It speaks louder than a thousand words and we believe that some people would relate to it! Admit it – you have been that drunk at least once in your life! Well, having a huge slice of pizza as a pillow and the sidewalk as a bed is definitely a bit extra, but the important thing is that there were probably no regrets. A night that ended like was surely a lot of fun!

13. Bathing time is not only for showing off

Image Source: Twitter

It is true that most people use social media to demonstrate their ability to relax in cozy or luxurious places. They often turn a rather ordinary activity into a post about their lavish life. The picture on the left shows that, but the other one shows how things really are! In our busy everyday life we really don’t have the time for a relaxing bath, regardless of how much we would like to! We salute this girl for being honest and we guess that there is nothing wrong in showing things for what they are!

14. Sometimes people are a bit too honest, perhaps

Image Source: Metdaan

We believe that sometimes people should actually restrain themselves from sharing their thoughts and feelings because showing a sign of weakness is not that bad, but it may become a habit. It is better to share what troubles you with a close friend. You don’t need to take your frustration to social media, because people there could hardly do anything to comfort you.

15. Now this is a bit too much

Image Source: Reddit

This person shared something they purchased that really made our jaws drop! Someone actually designed a flask that looks exactly like a bottle of sunscreen! We cannot believe that this is an actual product, but we guess that it takes courage to admit you are actually intending to use it!

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