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15 People Who Didn’t Need A Day Off From Being Amazing

Image Source: Reddit

What exactly do you have in mind when you say that someone was cool? You cannot really define it, right? Well, it is perfectly normal, because there is no exact definition! A person or an object can be cool in a lot of different ways and for a huge variety of reasons! This is why it is no surprise that sometimes ‘weird’ can be a substitute for ‘cool’. In fact, this is the best kind, and we are going to give you some great examples of that! The following list is full of images showing how people or objects can be cool in a curious and weird way. Enjoy them!

1. Here is how you teach your kid some marketing lessons

Image Source: Instagram

This post and the photos in it may be a bit too controversial for some people, but we guess that there is nothing wrong with it! Kim Kardashian is a money-making machine, and she uses almost every single photo she posts to promote some products. She decided to include her daughter in one of her posts. We think that it is a clever decision and it can teach the child some lessons. We bet that Kim’s fans found it adorable!

2. This is one clever commuter

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best places to find weird people is definitely the subway! Most commuters are used to seeing strange things there, and they seem to get used to it. However, some people can act weird while looking cool! This person uses a rather unusual way to secure herself from falling on the floor, and we love it! She looks really confident and acts like it is a normal thing to do. In fact, it is a life hack that is actually clever!

3. This is our new favorite type of prank

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably seen how some people prank their buddies with a cutout pizza delivery man. They cut out the image from the pizza box and tape it close to the peephole of the front door. However, the case is different here, although they used the same approach as the pizza man prank. Weirdly enough, it was a cutout of a cartoon character that is probably the last thing you would expect to see through the peephole!

4. You need to overcome everything life throws at you

Image Source: Reddit

People sometimes tend to focus on a problem instead of trying to find the solution of that problem! It does not matter what it is; if you need to deal with it, you better take your best shot as soon as possible. This person either had an accident or was born without a fingernail, but it obviously does not bother them. In fact, that person acted cool by turning the defect into an effect. We think that it was a successful decision and we love it!

5. Sometimes you just need to improvise

Image Source: Reddit

There are moments when you need some kind of help or assistance with a certain task but are on your own. Knowing that you are forced to deal with it alone, you better make the most of it. As you can, this person needed some assistance, but there was nobody there to provide it. So the person acted cool and after some quick thinking a solution was found! It may not be the prettiest one, but it works!

6. Here is one to show everyone how cool you can be

Image Source: Reddit

Most people probably throw the crab shells immediately after enjoying a lavish seafood meal. However, it is obvious that not everyone does that! It might look strange, but this robot was created by an unknown genius entirely out of crab shells! We wonder why this person chose an unlikely building material like that, but we love the end result anyway! It looks like a real action figure and seems to be constructed with great attention to details! We think that whoever made this thing is more than a cool person!

7. Gerbils this size do not exist, right?

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it is obvious that this photo was created using Photoshop, but this is not the important thing here! What matters is the idea! It may be weird, but it sure is funny! Just look at that person’s facial expression! We need to add that whoever created the image has some impressive Photoshop skills and it looks amazing. As you can see, it take just a small effort to look cool!

8. This is not your average balcony

Image Source: Reddit

Weird stuff is everywhere around us and all you need to do is just look around. This is especially true if you live in a neighborhood full of apartment buildings. If you take your time and look at all the balconies your eyesight could reach, you will surely find something interesting. Someone probably did exactly that and stumbled upon the thing you see in the photo. It is not a person in a costume, but some sort of an art installation. You need to be a really cool and open-minded person in order to come up with something like this!

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9. Would you ask this man for some pepper on your meal?

Image Source: Reddit

Some restaurant managers like to keep a few tricks up their sleeves in order to be able to please their clients. Sometimes all it takes to impress them is a good idea! This pepper mill was probably the last thing the guests expected to see when they asked for additional pepper. However, they were probably really amused by it and appreciated the effort! This is a nice way to keep your place’s cool image!

10. This is probably the best balloon action figure ever

Image Source: Reddit

Some of you may find this to be funny, but is actually not! We cannot even imagine the skill needed to create this thing! Keep in mind that balloons are hard to work with and it is even harder to replicate something using them. However, perhaps every game fan recognized Solid Snake! We guess that the character does not look as mean as usual here, but we need to give credit to the creator of this amazing thing! We like it a lot and we guess it takes a cool and creative person to pull it off!

11. Siblings’ love for each other knows no limits

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that growing up with a sibling can be an experience that lasts a lifetime! There might be ups and downs, but there will always be a ton of memories to cherish all your life! However, we guess that some of these memories are even worth sharing! We are glad that this person did exactly that. We can already imagine the sister’s face after seeing all of her posters covered in Shrek faces! It must have been a complete and utter shock! Sure enough, you might consider this to be a bit cruel, but it is just another day of the sibling life!

12. A pilot can be cool without even taking off

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely one of the funniest photos on the list! We laughed a lot when we saw it, but we need to make something clear. This person probably risked a lot of scolding from his superiors for doing it. It might look innocent to us, but there are strict procedures that everyone must follow without any exceptions. This means that he is even cooler than he seemed initially! Of course, no harm was done and this is what matters.

13. Here is the closest thing to alligator spa you will ever see

Image Source: Reddit

Most of you probably know how much dogs love belly rubs. We guess that what you see here is a similar sensation to alligators! Upon seeing the photo we thought that it was not a real animal, but it turned to be absolutely real! This automatically creates a cool status for the person with the broom! It takes a lot of courage to do that! However, it seems that the predator is not going anywhere. After all, who would want to quit something nice?

14. This is the ultimate relationship goal

Image Source: Instagram

Some people think that they always show enough love for their significant other. However, after seeing what this girl did, they will probably rethink that statement. She obviously loves her man more than anything! The reason is not the two hours she lost in picking out all the green bits. The actual significant thing here is that she listened to him and wanted to prove him what he meant to her! This is one of the coolest posts in the history of social media. We have a lot of respect for this girl.

15. The things people do for social media photos

Image Source: Instagram

Yes, we know – we are all trapped in the world of social media! This requires a lot of things that we didn’t do before. One of them is documenting literally every step of our vacation and uploading them online. The trick is to create cool photos, of course. From what we can see in the photo, this man is really giving his best in order to take the perfect picture of his family. He looks like a cool person because of his determination! We admire this quality every time we see it in someone.

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