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15 People Who Failed Big Time

Image Source: IMGUR

People often do all kinds of things without putting some thought first. This kind of behavior can lead to a lot of difficult situations. There may be a lot of explaining or apologizing to do if you mess up bad! These situations are not rare and most of them are nothing but funny. This means that we get to enjoy them and have a few laughs.

If you are enjoying a lazy Saturday, this list will definitely amuse you. Enjoy the images and choose your favorite!

1. This is the last thing you would like to show your mother

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that it is so easy to embarrass yourself! All you need to do is send your mother a selfie that includes one detail that she would consider inappropriate, to say the least. Unfortunately, this is exactly what this girl did, and she regretted it immediately. However, it was too late! The reasons for that rope to be there were obvious. The mother probably never said a word about it. However, the next meeting between her and her daughter felt pretty awkward for sure!

2. This McDonald’s location needs to rework their job ad

Image Source: Tumblr

Well, we are really puzzled about this one. It seems to be too much to be a joke, so it must be a huge mistake. This ad must be dating from the time when the official slogan of the food chains was ‘Put a smile one’. However, things obviously backfired for this particular restaurant. Their idea for a job ad that was in compliance with the company slogan was good. Unfortunately for them, only one letter ruined the whole thing. The new meaning is definitely not what they wanted to have on their sign.

3. Here is something that you should never do

Image Source: Instagram

Bad ideas are all around us, but we realize they are bad only after we go for whatever it is! In most cases, it is too late to go back. This person realized this the hard way! Even worse – his idea was obviously bad in the first place. Going inside the ladies’ bathroom is a huge no-no for a number of reasons. Such a behavior is childish and inappropriate. However, we are convinced that this jokester would never do it again. It is always good when someone learns their lesson.

4. When you enter a competition, make sure you give your correct details

Image Source: Tumblr

Most people like to enter different competitions because they are tempted by the prizes. However, if you bother to enter one at all, you should provide your correct details. Otherwise you might end up like this person. As you can see, one man decided to have some fun and registered for the competition under a fake name. The name itself is witty, but it cost him dearly. You see, he actually won the big prize. The problem was that he could never claim it, because the winner is a fictional character.

5. Miscommunication can lead to weird things

Image Source: Tiwtter

When you are communicating with someone, you need to pay attention to the conversation. This is crucial because missing a tiny detail could mean everything. This woman was clearly distracted by something, because she failed to realize who the dentist was talking to. This resulted in the most awkward thing you will hear all they. She actually sucked the dentist assistant’s finger! We cannot believe this happened, because it is too funny!

6. There are things that you should never forget

Image Source: Reddit

Most people have extremely busy schedules. Their daily activities are just too much to cope with sometimes. This often results in distractions, which can lead to disaster! Something similar happened to an unknown person and we can only see the consequences. This is not an isolated case, because we have seen similar photos before. It is a dangerous mistake, because there is a risk of fire. We advise everyone to be careful when going to the gas station.

7. Misinterpretation is funny in most cases

Image Source: Tiwtter

This particular example of a misinterpreted message is both funny and awkward. When the Uber driver notified the passenger that he was outside, the passenger obviously decided that it was a friend that wanted to show some support. It was actually a bit sad to read someone was going to a tough time. However, this situation definitely brought a smile to the faces of both people involved. It was also a bit awkward, but we are sure they quickly got over that.

8. Prepare to burst into tears of laughter

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen hilarious things, but this one tops most of them! How could someone approve this text without realizing the meaning behind it? Even those without a dirty conscience would raise an eyebrow after reading it! Just imagine how Mr. Brownridge felt after he saw this! We hope that everyone involved showed a sense of humor. We also appreciate the fact that there was an apology posted after the publication.

9. Pizza fails are the worst

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is equally funny and bad! On one hand, you need to admit that this pizza looks so ridiculous that it is actually hilarious. On the other hand, the disappointment of receiving this instead of a typical Domino’s pizza seems to be too much to handle. The lady that tried the new Domino’s app probably laughed about it, because there was nothing else to do. We wonder if she and her family ate the pizza after all.

10. Now this is what you call a fail

Image Source: Imgur

When you are among other people, you need to consider all the circumstances and behave accordingly. This is especially important when there is a disabled person around. You could offend such a person without even realizing it! Thankfully, most people with certain disabilities are open-minded and have a sense of humor. However, this is no excuse for what Ryan Seacrest did! We guess that he apologized later, because he did not do it on purpose.

11. The body posture of this man says it all

Image Source: Imgur

When you face defeat, you will likely have a hard time hiding that feeling. This painter obviously just realized what he had done, and his posture is the proof. He probably has an equal facial expression as well. After all the hard work he did, being stuck into the corner like that is the worst thing! However, we are sure that he eventually found a way to cope with the situation. We hope he was able to get out without ruining some of the nice paintwork.

12. Here is something you don’t see everyday

Image Source: Imgur

Fooling around is not a joke! You have to be careful even when you do something for fun! This person learned this the hard way, as the photo suggests. We have no idea why would someone try to stick their finger in that wall. However, the consequences are clear to see, and we believe it was embarrassing, too! It is important to keep your cool and even laugh in this kind of situation. We believe that this jokester’s pride was okay after he got out of the situation.

13. This is the funniest short story ever

Image Source: Imgur

It is always nice to experience a nice day at the beach. Most people would like to capture the moment. This would be hard to do without a selfie stick. However, you could always ask someone to assist you. This sweet old man tried to help a couple with their photo. He offered his services himself, and the couple was more than happy to accept. They later saw that he did take a photo of them but it was not what they expected for sure! The whole story and the photo are really nice and now the couple has a sweet memory to cherish from that day.

14. Photoshop fails are often turned into hilarious memes

Image Source: Instagram

Most people would never notice such details in random photos. This is why these memes exist! They always put to shame those who try to outsmart the others. It is clear to see that this photo was altered. This made one person’s leg appear to be badly broken, showing exactly where the photo was changed. As you probably guessed, it was all in the name of fake good looks. We understand some people’s desire to look their best. However, it is not an excuse to try and fool everybody.

15. This is the most appropriate meme caption on the list

Image Source: Instagram

First of all, we need to say that nobody got hurt in this accident, except for the Lexus, of course. The car was totaled, and we can see why. We guess that the person behind the wheel hit the throttle instead of the brake pedal. Unfortunately, there was a pool behind that solid wall. We guess you could call this a ‘carpool’, but we all know what that really means. It seems that the girl behind the wheel got lucky this time. The only thing that matters here is that she walked away from the crash.

Written by Nick Martin

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